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(Yahoo)   Shaq fined for his baggy shorts   ( divider line
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4904 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-21 12:03:06 AM  
2001-11-21 12:15:58 AM  
Sure he really noticed that $5000... one less ivory backscratcher I suppose
2001-11-21 12:16:39 AM  
Y'all wouldn't understand why he needs shorts that hang past the knee, it's a Shaq thang.
2001-11-21 12:17:10 AM  
All NBA players in hot pants! That'll solve the problem...

On second thought... gyaaaaahhhhh!!! Scratch that thought to a bloody friggin pulp...
2001-11-21 12:22:53 AM  
If you dare wear short shorts, Nair wear short shorts!
2001-11-21 12:30:52 AM  
nod- i'm sure he could tie it in a couple knots...
2001-11-21 12:41:58 AM  
"We just passed a new tax on poofy directing pants."
"But I'm not wearing poofy pants."
"Yes, a tax on not wearing poofy pants."

-Sorry, but i had to get that out of the way
2001-11-21 12:42:49 AM  
Remember the shorts the NBA players wore during the Seventies?
2001-11-21 12:43:59 AM  
"The Lakers' center then pulled his shorts up so high they covered the bottom half of his No. 34."
I'm assuming the '34' refers to the number on his jersey and not a part of his anatomy (in centimeters).
2001-11-21 12:47:00 AM  
I agree that the NBA's priorities are misplaced.

Is there a rule regarding how short your shorts can be? These players should wear some 70's style nutcutter shorts in protest. The NBA fashion police will become laughingstocks.
2001-11-21 12:49:54 AM  

stupid farking homeboy farkwads.
2001-11-21 01:22:47 AM  
If I put on his baggy shorts they'd probably fit me like a pair of pants.
2001-11-21 01:36:07 AM  
this just in..

I dont care
2001-11-21 01:46:19 AM  
I don't either.
2001-11-21 01:58:45 AM  
Shaq fined for his baggy shorts,
Doo-dah, doo-dah.
2001-11-21 03:06:16 AM  
If we don't keep the players from wearing their shorts so low, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-21 07:23:40 AM  
Epsilon: What a fantastic idea. Perhaps someone should pitch that to an NBA affiliate or team-member, if anyone knows how to get in touch with one. It's time to go retro!

Seriously, folks....why the fakr can't NBA players wear longer shorts? Is it a safety hazard? Are other players going to step on their shorts? I mean, I might understand that they can't be too baggy, for fear of other players catching their limbs in the shorts, causing unnecessary fouls. But too long? When I ball, I play in whatever I'm wearing: pants, shorts, combat boots, sneakers.

It's true...size doesn't matter.
2001-11-21 07:25:16 AM  
34 centimeters is 13.4 inches. I'm no penis expert, but if you're trying to accuse Shaq of having a small one, I think you missed the mark.
2001-11-21 08:07:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-21 08:07:53 AM  
"They're treating players like children"

Well gee, could that be because the players ACT like children?? Choke a coach, curse at the camera, whine about your contract that pays you more in a year than most honest people make in ten years...
2001-11-21 08:15:36 AM  
Ok, Shaq, Kobe, T-Mac, Van Excel, these I can accept. But Andrew Declerq?!?! One of these things is not like the others.
2001-11-21 08:38:37 AM  
A thread about some giant black man's shorts. People, people get a hold of yourselves.
2001-11-21 10:05:13 AM  
So, to Shaq it's really all about being a "fashion statement" and what "the kids" will want to wear? Kewl. Because regular season NBA is so farking boring that perhaps we should turn it into a fashion show. That might make it more interesting.
We could have an MC, maybe John Ritter, and he could introduce the players and as they come out tell "the kids" where they can buy shorts-shorts-shoes, JUST LIKE the big guys! And if you can't afford them? Fark it, mug someone
2001-11-21 10:37:38 AM  
Turn it into a fashion show? Great! We can finally get the real Manute Bol in panties!
2001-11-21 11:19:18 AM  
Shaq is a joke anyway. Did anyone hear his rap album? How about that movie 'Kazaam!'?
2001-11-21 11:44:51 AM  
Flakeloaf hit it on the head. Especially with drafting out of high school and early out of college, these guys ARE children. Shaq cracks me up though with his wit and smashing grasp of the English laguage. He could give a fashion model a run for her money in stupidity.
2001-11-21 12:26:09 PM  
Response to shaq's quote (below): I kick your ass shaq!!!you disgrace to all living mankind!! your hair's TOO short, and your shorts are TOO long!!!

``Would all the kids then wear John Stockton shorts? No, they wouldn't. They would laugh at me, and I wouldn't be their favorite player any more. I'd be the laughingstock of big men,'' O'Neal added, dabbing his eyes with a paper towel to pretend he was crying.
2001-11-21 12:39:43 PM  
They're called "Honkey shorts," Shaq, not "John Stockton shorts."
2001-11-21 12:45:13 PM  
"Excuse me sir, but are you wearing a grocery bag?"
"... I have misplaced my pants."

Needed to get that one out of the way too
2001-11-21 01:25:10 PM  
Get over it, he should play in a clown suit for what they pay his fat, out of shape, non-free throw hitting, cry baby ass!!!!

2001-11-21 02:27:46 PM  
If Shaq can get fined for baggy shorts, then the Clippers have already won.
2001-11-21 03:29:14 PM  
Hiphopanonymous: Not a short-penis joke. Just a penis joke.
2001-11-21 04:44:57 PM  
It never fails... every time there is an article about Shaq, somebody mentions Kazaam.
2001-11-21 04:45:05 PM  
Im sure that "big, fat, stupid, out of shape ape named shaq" really gives a rat's ass what you whine-os think, last i checked he's still making millions and is still leading points scorer in the NBA. I'd love to see him 'in shape' *rolls eyes*.
bamf75 - boo, hissss. those knick fools arent going anywhere ;)
2001-11-21 06:47:28 PM  
Go swing on shaqs dick sim.
2001-11-21 09:58:04 PM  
John Stockton shorts. Ahahaha.

But seriously. You can criticize Shaq all you want for his apparent lack of intelligence, etc.

One thing is for sure though. The guy can play a mean game of basketball. Also, I found that "out of shape" comment geniunely farking hilarious. Shaq is in far better shape than 95% of people.

Also, did anyone see that movie "Steel?"

That was quite possibly the stupidest movie I've ever seen. In it, people are in an uproar because of these new high-tech weapons on the street. In one part of the movie, Shaq gets shot twice in the chest with one of them. And beyond being a little stunned, he's fine.

What the hell kind of super-duper high-tech all-powerful gun doesn't kill somebody if you shoot them twice in the chest? And it shot glowing red orbs of all things!

Also, you've gotta love the suit they make. It shows them making this helmet out of steel, and then Shaq puts it on, and when he talks, it bends.

Must be Afghani steel or something.
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