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(Cincinnati Enquirer)   Red Cross to Mitt Romney campaign: "Uh, thanks, but we don't actually need all of this stuff you just dumped at our doorstep"   ( divider line
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2012-11-05 12:46:33 PM  

brigid_fitch: dantheman195: Why do we care that a bunch of wealthy people lost their 2nd or 3rd home in a strong windstorm? I mean, Coastal NJ is nothing like New Orleans, you can't even buy a crap shack on the shore for less the $750K or rent one during the summer for less than $5K a week (5K would be cheap) so again, why are we donating items or money to people who have this stuff or even better stuff. Maybe if Romney would send the property owners 100K checks to cover their rental income losts for next year, that might be useful, but jars or peanut butter or mash potato mix, they probably wouldn't eat that crap in the first place.

While that is true of some areas (Spring Lake, Mantoloking, Bay Head, Lake Como, Island Heights) it is NOT the case in most of them. Seaside Heights is mostly tightly-packed apartments & bungalows with many year-round residents. Even the rentals you're talking about are used as Section 8 & winter rentals Oct-May (winter rentals are usually around $600/month). Many people there lost everything. Other towns, like Belmar, Asbury, Point Pleasant, Toms River, Neptune, Long Branch, New Brunswick--too many to count, really, are mostly middle-class/blue collar. There are some McMansions peppered throughout there but, on the whole, there are "regular" people who desperately need help. My niece lived in Normandy Beach (winter rental) and her house burned to the ground. Friend of mine in Bound Brook got flooded out--water level reached 4 feet and everything in her apartment was destroyed. She's an admin asst. for a landscaping company--not exactly the type to have a 2nd home somewhere. I'm near Mantoloking, about 1 1/2-2 miles away from the bridge that got washed out & hit by a house. My neighborhood is about half year-round residents & all of us are either office workers of some sort (I'm in sales) or blue collar (neighbor owns a construction company). These are our only houses and they're not mansions by any stretch of the imagination. ALL of th ...

Nah. I was told the other day that if the lower limit of a set is 100k it's completely unpossible for the average to be more than two or three times that.

/This was someone's serious attempt at addressing a tax policy discussion.
//I weep for our country.
2012-11-05 01:23:07 PM  

G.I.R.B.: PsiChick: randomjsa:
You ever actually look at a donation box? Not only is it cheaper to buy wholesale, people who donate are sometimes farking morons, and giving some poor shmuck food poisoning because you didn't realize that can of tuna was out of date helps no one.


I work with the local food-bank, mainly upkeep on freezers/refrigeration (Pro-Bono of course)
I see a lot of what goes on there.

Do you know how many people it takes JUST to sort through donated canned goods, let alone "day-old" bread/unsold baked goods?

Also, I'd like to imagine that someone who wants to be the President can follow basic farking directions.

I see lots of clothing, toys, etc. piled underneath the sign which reads:

Please leave only Canned or Packaged Foods.
Donation bins for clothing, toys, and other non-food items are located in front of
The St. ...

When I see that stuff I'm always torn between 'aww, humanity has a soul!' and 'oh dear god learn to follow directions and use your brain'.
2012-11-05 09:30:26 PM  

A Terrible Human: The Lone Gunman: Yeah, just like how a Tea Partier I know (who has two kids by two different women, is on food stamps, lives with his rich parents, and hates the government, but that's another story) who said that Rush Limbaugh has a 'documented' 99.7% accuracy. Normally, I wouldn't have bothered with it, but I was particularly rankled by the word 'documented' so after MUCH pressing, he finally sent me to the site where it was documented.

It was

Lol puts me in mind of my sister. She's on food stamps,tried to get a disability check,is a rabid Glenn Beck fan,gets most of her from Fox News but at the same time she believes those on public assistance shouldn't get to vote, except her. Apparently since she lived/lives/stores stuff for free at my house while stressing our mother out to the point her blood pressure was so high she could've had a stroke and she had constant panic attacks,being absolutely rude and horrible to everyone who came here while her husband drives a flatbed and she's oh so much better. They're Mormon and she's told me more than once I'm going to hell more than once,she spouts the most hypocritical insane bullshiat but she's no farking better than me. At least I have a place to live and I take care of my mother. I've been there through all the surgeries,doctors appointments,the bills and all that shiat while she does fark all.

/Whoooo rant over sorry.
//Terrible story sis.

Ah yes, the old 'Cut all government spending but you better not touch mine' argument.
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