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(Telegraph)   Stay classy NYC Marathon runners   ( divider line
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2012-11-03 10:56:12 PM  

lelio: I read one story where a runner from Europe said that it will take some time for her to regain trust in the NYC marathon. Yeah okay lady the worst storm of the century (centuries?) comes through a town flooding the subways and you're unsure if you can trust the NYC marathon for being canceled? DIAF.

But the mayor screwed up by announcing far and wide that the marathon would go on regardless. So people booked hotels, paid for flights and arrived in New York only to have him change his mind a few days later.
2012-11-03 11:22:28 PM  
Endive Wombat

Meh, I understand the frustration...but I also own a TV and have access to the internet, so one could pretty easily predict that this was gonna get canceled.

THIS. I would have cancelled going after seeing the destruction. How embarrassing would it be to run past newly homeless New Yorkers in your new Nikes and silk shorts?
2012-11-03 11:37:20 PM  
It sucks that the marathon was cancelled, and it sucks that the mayor's hubris prevented the cancellation from happenIng in a more timely manner.

The runners' responses are a greater measure of their worth than their finish times would have been. Losers whine about their inconvenience and book the first flight home. Champions use the time they would have spent running to do some good.
2012-11-04 12:31:42 AM  

hackhix: biatch at 1:44 can EABOD!

she lives in Connecticut Texas for pete's sake

From TFA:
However, thousands of runners who have spent months training for the event, like Teri Butler from Houston in Texas, have been left disappointed: "We spent thousands of dollars to bring our family here, paid for hotel rooms, airline tickets. Cancel it before we come.
"Cancel it two days ago when everyone had an opportunity to not spend all that money. We understand and we're so sorry for the people who've suffered and a natural disaster is a terrible thing but we can't change that. So let us run, and we were donating so much to the cause. We were helping people through our running."
2012-11-04 04:18:17 AM  
Sorry about that woman, world. We produce them by the truckload. I'm thinking Memorial or Piney Point.

2012-11-04 10:35:50 AM  
Speaking as a person who generally finds NYC marathoners (and the NYRR organization itself) annoying in the best of times, If this video was taken less than 12 hours after the announcement, she gets a pass.

But the level of self-delusion among the runners is a bit amazing, and the self-delusion between Bloomberg & the NYRR is historically epic. BECAUSE a few months ago, the NYRR said the finish area of the marathon was such a clusterfark they were doing away with bag checks. That is, with everything running smoothly in NYC, we can't really get your sh*t from Staten Island to Upper West Side to your hands without it being a clusterfark. And now they think they could have pulled it off when NYC is one step above Mississippi!?
2012-11-04 08:45:27 PM  

Eat More Possum: They have a very valid complaint. The marathon should have been cancelled on day one, not several days later.

I tend to agree on this.
2012-11-05 01:27:47 PM  
Should have cancelled it soone.... Nope, I tried, but I cant care about this.

Running for fun, just cant get into it. Tough Mudder is a little more interesting, buts its still too much activity, not enough drinking.
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