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(Daily Kos)   Mitt Romney: Russia is our #1 foe. Matt Romney: Hey Russia, can you invest capital in my California real estate venture?   ( divider line
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2283 clicks; posted to Politics » on 02 Nov 2012 at 1:09 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-11-02 01:48:45 PM  

Mentat: How many farking sons does her have? So far I count Matt, Mutt, Brap, Bapp, Trip, Torg, Ford and Stewart.

You missed Tagg, Fizz, Yakk and Josh.
2012-11-02 01:49:21 PM  
I think the only safe places to go in the world are where English is spoken. And maybe Japanese.

Anywhere else, you are likely to get murdered or robbed at some point.

English speakers steal from you in small amounts over a long period of time. But hey, you hardly notice.
2012-11-02 02:03:14 PM

Matt Romney?

He's honestly partyin.
2012-11-02 02:08:42 PM  

Jackson Herring: DirkValentine: i think you need to try harder

nah I think it worked

You had me at hello "fartbama".
2012-11-02 02:10:38 PM  
Mitt Romney: Russia is our #1 foe. Matt Romney: Hey Russia, can you invest capital in my California real estate venture?

Mutt Romney: Get me down off this car roof.
2012-11-02 02:31:44 PM  

AnotherBluesStringer: [ image 410x343]

[ image 410x150]

[ image 410x311]

Matt Romney?

He's honestly partyin.

2012-11-02 02:36:21 PM
2012-11-02 02:39:52 PM  
You libtards are too dumb to see how brilliant and cunning Romney's plan is.

By making Russia economically dependent on us, they'll be unable to bomb and/or invade the USA for fear of damaging their investment.
2012-11-02 02:47:06 PM
2012-11-02 02:50:02 PM  
2012-11-02 03:04:14 PM  
I wanna party with this Matt Romney guy...
2012-11-02 03:38:36 PM  

mekki: So would you say he is a greedy SOB or a psychopath?

I certainly would.
2012-11-02 03:41:18 PM  

sweetmelissa31: [ image 403x215]

[ image 399x126]

Man, that is deeeeeeeep.
2012-11-02 03:56:07 PM  
Seriously, why does this guy need to make any more money?
2012-11-02 04:13:01 PM  

vernonFL: Russia is not our enemy, but they aren't our friend either. Also Russia is very corrupt, and any company that does business there or wants to partner with a Russian business had better beware. Extremely shady.

I'm sure the Romneys know how to screw over any partner or venture for their own profit.

/Unfortunately, the russkies aren't so forgiving when they get screwed over. Expect more than a Rafalca's head at the foot of the bed the next morning, chump.
2012-11-02 04:23:37 PM  
Business is business. But going to Russia looking for investors, Matt better be careful. Wonder what the background and nature of these investors will be.
2012-11-02 04:25:42 PM  

sweetmelissa31: [ image 403x215]

[ image 399x126]

I think I love him. I hope he keeps this going for a while.
2012-11-02 07:35:19 PM  
The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
2012-11-02 10:12:00 PM  

sweetmelissa31: Soviet Dressage Horse, and current Olympic champion, Konstantin Pavlovich Loshadev

Pavlov's Loshad?

2012-11-03 09:05:46 AM  
The only thing that surprises me about this is the timing.
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