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(Salon)   New poll: More than two thirds of Republicans believe in demonic possession, while less than half believe in climate change. Well, that explains a lot   ( ) divider line
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2012-11-04 11:42:48 PM  

Dion Fortune: Demonic possession is no joke. There are plenty of books on the subject for anyone who is genuinely interested in the truth. The rest of y'all, I respect your illusions. Having it really sink in that there are intelligent conscious forces out there bigger and badder than humans can be very disturbing, and sobering, and trigger a deep existential crisis.

Where's the evidence?
2012-11-04 11:48:30 PM  

GeneralJim: It's actually fair. As unlikely as demonic possession seems, it has not yet been scientifically falsified, as "global warming" / "anthropogenic climate change" / "climate disruption" / "climatepocalypse" / "global pants shiatting" has been.

It hasn't been put forward as a hypothesis backed up by at least one viable research paper either.
2012-11-04 11:51:07 PM  

Christian Bale: 2/3 of Republicans and 1/2 of Democrats. Not surprising, since we basically inherited every country's stupidest people. From the Puritans all the way to the Mariel boat lift, every nation has disgorged its largest supply of idiots and sent them our way.

There was of course a very small minority of smart people who were opressed by their home government for being too smart and liked the idea of living somewhere totally new, and that's why we aren't completely hopeless, and against all odds we've done a fairly decent job of educating our idiot masses. But idiots tend to raise idiots, and that's kept the idiot majority going strong.

Well, you have been attracting the best and brightest as well during most of the 20th century. That may have tapered off now with all the noise your religious zealots have been making.
2012-11-05 12:11:41 AM  

I sound fat: Folks, evil is REAL.

Just because you don't believe in evil, does not make you immune to it.

/ I believe in demons, and I am a man made climate change doubter, mock all you want, reality does not change.

No one is saying evil is not real. We are saying demons are not real. Or angels, fairies, elves, goblins, etc.

Examples of Evil              Examples of Demons

Adolf Hitler
Benny Hinn
Chairman Mao
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph Stalin
J, Edgar Hoover
King Henry VIII
L. Ron Hubbard
Pat Buchanan
Rush Limbaugh
2012-11-05 09:05:46 AM  

kg2095: CapeFearCadaver: jasimo: /Raised Catholic, but at around 11 I realized, "Hey, this stuff doesn't make a damn bit of sense, any more than Norse or Greek gods do."

At Catholic Sunday School when I was about 5, I made the mistake of asking where Cain's wife came from.

What was the answer?

Didn't get an answer, was sent to sit outside as punishment. I did not understand why I was being punished.
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