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(Help Homeless Animals)   Jamie has Autism. We were told that he wasn't capable of doing things 'normal' kids do. At 17, he's a straight A student, and working on his Eagle Scout rank. He'd like to help the Homeless Animals Rescue Team. Can you help Jamie reach his goal?   ( ) divider line
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2012-10-31 05:23:53 AM  
2 votes:
I have empathy for kids like your son, Subby. Hell, I am one of those kids.

Born of a healthy weight and length, doctors informed my parents that because of some unusual characteristics, no development should be expected of me. No hearing, no sight, no movement, nothing beyond crapping myself and laying down for my "life" (if such an existence can even be called such).

26 years later, here I am. I can walk (albeit with a cane), I can see pretty damn well, and I've been told I'm pretty damn smart, too: I scored the highest gifted/talented testing marks for the 2000-2001 school year in the state, plus I graduated college on time with two degrees and managed grad school. What I'm trying to say, Subby, is that no matter what the doctors say, nothing is out of the question.

I can't offer monetary support, but please rest assured that your son is awesome.
2012-10-31 01:30:20 PM  
1 vote:

kokomo61: seventypercent: kokomo61: If you donate, thank you very much - make sure that you tag the donation as 'Jamie Eagle Project', so we can see how much of a difference FARK can make....

I'd be glad to help. If I donate via PayPal, how do I tag the donation? Add instructions for HART?

When you follow the link, after you sign into PayPal, you can click on "instructions for HART". That's where you would put "Jamie Eagle Project" in there. Thanks for your support!

Will do during my lunch. Cool kid and good cause. This is the stuff Fark should be getting behind instead of mega-stupid crap like GJTB.
2012-10-31 01:27:52 PM  
1 vote:

herrDrFarkenstein: Another Government Employee: Captain_Ballbeard: There are homeless animals called homo sapiens who need help.

Hey, find a worthy Eagle candidate and pitch the idea. Nothing wrong with it.

Can't. The Boy Scouts of America is a Homo-phobic organization.

Oh for farksakes. Lighten the fark up. Does not necessarily follow that OP and his awesome kid agree with it. Why don't you ask him what he thinks about the policy directly instead of assuming? Because it's much easier for you to sit around and biatch on your keyboard.
2012-10-31 08:26:53 AM  
1 vote:
Well, I strongly disagree with the Scouts...but your kid seems to be doing it for the right reasons. Plus Holly and Molly, both rescue dogs themselves would be very upset if I didn't chip in a few bucks.

Good luck!
2012-10-31 06:48:44 AM  
1 vote:

herrDrFarkenstein: Another Government Employee: Captain_Ballbeard: There are homeless animals called homo sapiens who need help.

Hey, find a worthy Eagle candidate and pitch the idea. Nothing wrong with it.

Can't. The Boy Scouts of America is a Homo-phobic organization.

As I said in the OP - I have very mixed feelings about the Scouts' political stances. As Jamie's grown, we've tried to teach him that all organizations have their flaws, and you have to make decisions based on your own moral compass, and not blindly follow someone else's. As a kid who's been a target for bullies at one of his earlier schools, he knows what it's like to have to struggle based on who you are, and is one of the most caring, non-judgmental people you'll meet. Scouting was the one organization that, despite its flaws, was completely open to Jamie, and accepting of his differences. If the US Military can change their view, maybe the Scouts can eventually get there, too. For now, this is the time that Jamie has to make a difference through Scouting, so he's doing what he can.
2012-10-31 06:24:16 AM  
1 vote:
Kindly tell Jamie that, while we (my wife and I) can't afford to donate to HART at this time, we're still doing our part to help animals in need.

Two of our dogs were rescued off the street and two were adopted from the city pound. (And two were raised from pjppies, and one was given to us by a neighbor that didn't want her anymore.)

I've also rescued two small kittens and raised them into healthy, friendly adult cats. We have two more cats that we've adopted (also rescues, but by other people.) I've even raised a baby chick that I found, abandoned by his mama.

Up until a few weeks ago my wife ran the local animal rescue organization's shelter, and I serve on its board of trustees.

We're feeding 4 or 5 stray cats, two of which have become friendly enough to be petted and picked up. We also feed stray dogs (and even dogs with owners if those dogs are neglected and hungry.)

That's why we don't have extra money to donate. :)
2012-10-31 02:05:38 AM  
1 vote:
I have to tell you -- straight A's, Eagle Scout, and altruistic really are far from 'normal'.

/But in a good way ;-)
2012-10-31 01:02:20 AM  
1 vote:
Here we go:

Homeless Animal Rescue Team, Inc. in Fairfax Station Virginia (EIN 54-1564904) is a no kill animal rescue organization.

They are properly registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization and donations to them are fully deductible in accordance with the tax code.

They have ~150 volunteers and 4 paid staff. The 6 board members receive no compensation.

The organizations financial statements are audited by an independent CPA.

Their primary fund raising events are an art auction and a dog walk from which they raise approximately $40K after reasonable expesnses.

There most recently available 990 shows support (through donations and fund raising events) of $638,992. $659,578 was spent on program expenses with the bulk of the money being spent on Veterinarians ($304,412) and Boarding fees ($181,762). A surplus of approximately $24K remaining at the end of the year which is carried over as cash on hand for the next year (there was cash on hand from the previous year as well in case you're doing the math along with me).

In my opinion the ratio of program expenses to funds raised is excellent. The low rent, salary, and fund raising expenses are remarkable and to be commended.

I can recommend this charity without reservation. I will personally indemnify every contributer from Fark against any misuse of their donation.

I have no affiliation with the organization and make this indemnification after careful review of the publicly available tax returns filed by the organization, their website, and information gathered from various news sources using Factiva.
2012-10-30 11:36:47 PM  
1 vote:
My son, Jamie, is 17, and a Life Scout - working towards his Eagle. I know the BSA has had its faults and shortcomings, and many may disagree with their political stance(s), but here's why I'm posting on FARK. I've been on FARK for a while (since 2004), and have a whopping total of SIX (count 'em!) green lights. I can't Photoshop to save my life, and I've never had the chance to attend a FARK party. Still, I check FARK almost every day, and try to make a pithy comment now and then....but this isn't about me, it's about Jamie. My son was born in 1995, and by all accounts was in good health...but by the time he turned 3, we knew he was different than a lot of other kids. He would have sensitivity to any loud or repetitive noises, hated any change in routine, and had a lot of difficulty connecting with other kids.

A lot of tests and doctors later, we got the diagnosis - Jamie had Autism. Today, it may seem like every other kid is on the spectrum, but in 1998, it was a huge blow - we were told that Jamie wouldn't ever go to a normal school, wouldn't advance, wouldn't ride a bike, wouldn't yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, that future wasn't good enough - Jamie had his issues, but when he wanted to do something, he learned how to do it. His sense of balance was pretty poor.....and it took two solid summers to teach him how to ride a bike. We went through years of having to prepare blander food for him, just because he couldn't tolerate stronger tastes or spices. We worked endlessly on speech therapy, fine and gross motor skills, and put him through more than most kids could ever think of....

.....but here's where he is today - Jamie loves dogs and loves helping them, too.

As I said before, Jamie is a Scout. He's been in Scouts since being a Tiger, and he's grown tremendously as a result. He read the Pinewood Derby rule books endlessly, and built cars that won every race they ran. He won District 4 years running. The last one he built was a replica of an iPod. When he moved on to Boy Scouts, he took on the Cycling merit badge - now, this was the kid who took two years learning not to fall down....but completed the badge, including the 50-miler at the end. In fact, he's done the Seagull Century (102 miles) the last 3 years. He's learned to drive (and is a better driver than his mother). He is a straight-A student, and a huge Pathfinder fan. As his final hurrah in Scouting, he decided to skip the typical landscape / clean-up projects the other kids do, and wanted to help rescue animals. He's doing a local supply drive for the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART), but I also wanted to reach out to FARK to challenge them to help, too. If you'd like to help with Jamie's Eagle project, please consider donating to HART. The donation link is here and in the main post. You can donate via PayPal or I know there are lots of deserving people and organizations, but if you'd consider donating to HART, Jamie and HART's dogs and cats would very much appreciate it.

If you donate, thank you very much - make sure that you tag the donation as 'Jamie Eagle Project', so we can see how much of a difference FARK can make....


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