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(Daily Mail)   Personally I would rather pay the baggage fees than look like 'Mrs. Potato Head'   ( divider line
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2012-10-29 01:43:09 PM  
Memo to self: Halloween Costume Ideas: Medieval Dilbert and Wally.


Lots of room for candy in pockets


May be hot and uncomfortable
May have to dig really deep for candy at bottom of pockets
Lynching likely, especially if you try this crap out on an airplane
2012-10-29 01:46:30 PM
2012-10-29 03:45:48 PM  
That outfit just screams, "Please give me a cavity search."
2012-10-29 03:52:12 PM  
Because there wasn't already enough chance of being squashed up against an obese passenger for a flight, now we have sumo suits for passengers as well. Grand.
2012-10-29 04:29:49 PM  

BarkingUnicorn: That outfit just screams, "Please give me a cavity search."

The 'brown bag' lady (see my posted image) looks like her legs are being shiat out of a distended anus.
2012-10-29 04:32:33 PM  
I'm pretty sure that woman would look like Mr. Potatohead regardless of what she's wearing.
2012-10-29 04:36:26 PM  
Reminds me of the guy from the Seinfeld episode who said 'I hate checking bags' while holding 5 bags on his lap.
2012-10-29 04:39:26 PM  
Old bags can now look like old bags!
2012-10-29 04:40:29 PM  
The thing is that once you board the plane, you can do whatever you want.

Way back in the day (pre 9/11) I had a pair of shoes in a grocery bag in addition to my carryon and personal item. Nobody said anything at check-in but the boarding guy gave me a hard time saying that I couldn't take it on with me. So I literally stuffed the shoes in a bag and moved a couple of things from the bag into the pockets of my coat (right in front of him) and he let me board. 2 minutes later, I got to my seat and repacked everything as it was.

So really you just have to put this getup on when they start boarding, and undo it when you get on the plane.
2012-10-29 04:40:37 PM  
I was wondering if she was fat under the outfit.
2012-10-29 04:47:52 PM  
Flying is starting to look a lot like Greyhound traveling did when I was young.
2012-10-29 05:02:01 PM  
You know what? If you're that goddamn cheap, take the train or drive.
2012-10-29 05:03:35 PM  

Cythraul: [ image 620x448]

2012-10-29 05:14:05 PM  

Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: I'm pretty sure that woman would look like Mr. Potatohead regardless of what she's wearing.

Yeah, I look like that in my swim suit. Good thing I don't wear it to the airport, then!
2012-10-29 05:23:31 PM  
I think airlines should also have a "Must be able to walk between these posts to go on this ride" rule.
2012-10-29 05:30:56 PM  
How come the only time you ever see the word "costly" used it's in connection with someone trying to sell you something dubious?

/Lillian Vernon catalogue, I'm looking at you
2012-10-29 05:42:48 PM  
I told you kids to stay outta my butt!
2012-10-29 05:47:38 PM  
Slowing down everyone is the security, in boarding, in disembarking, taking more than their share of seat and overhead compartment space...basically saying "screw everybody else on the need to save $20 dollars is more important than all of you seven times over."

I guess this answers the riddle when does a hat wear a coat? When an asshat flies.
2012-10-29 06:13:52 PM  
if this invention convinces airlines to start charging by weight... i'm all for it.
2012-10-29 06:19:22 PM
2012-10-29 06:22:18 PM  
That looks like a really good way to make an invasive patdown part of your flying experience.
2012-10-29 06:30:33 PM  
Alriiiiight... Stickin' it to the man. You show 'em, you giant leather pear.
2012-10-29 07:17:19 PM  
She looks like Scout dressed as a turnip in To Kill A Mockingbird
2012-10-29 10:52:57 PM  

pdrake: [ image 319x500]
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