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(Impact Wrestling)   WHO will challenge Jeff Hardy for the World Title? CAN Zima Ion regain the X-Division crown from RVD? WILL ANYONE loan Subby some Kleenex for the Knockouts Title match ? THIS is YOUR TNA/Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread (8 pm ET on Spike)   ( divider line
    More: Cool, Charismatic Enigma, Rob Van Dam, Kleenex, World Heavyweight Championship, TNA, world championships, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle  
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2012-10-25 02:15:28 AM  

Thursday has arrived, meaning the Global Legendary Television Championship of the World is on the line once more!
Currently held by RevMercutio

Whoever posts Shooting Star Staple Super Press for the 150th post (and ONLY the 150th post) wins the title. A miss, botch, or time-limit draw, and RevMercutio retains until next week.

Good luck, FARKers! :-)
2012-10-25 02:26:07 AM  
Ah, needs more spandex crotch.
2012-10-25 02:42:22 AM  
when ZIma first came out, me and a buncha friends were all over them. It was 7up with a buzzz.
But they were too gassy, so much belching and farting ensued.
And then they totally farked up the brand and the style that Smirnoff took the lead and still holds it.
I still miss that first gen of Zimas though. 7up, with a buzz.
You could drive walk down the street with this in a cup as a soda.
Good times
2012-10-25 09:28:15 AM  
you can HAVE the Kleenex dude, because no one wants them back after you are done with them.

Is Jeff Hardy still showing up to the ring drunk/stones/farked out of his mind?
2012-10-25 01:37:10 PM
2012-10-25 04:58:58 PM  
The World Health Organization is going for a title?
2012-10-25 05:26:43 PM  
Zima? Hahaha.
2012-10-25 06:32:24 PM  
I'll lay down five bucks on it being a sausage fiesta.
2012-10-25 07:05:34 PM  
Will Zima Ion win back his worthless strap of simulated leather from Rob Van Dam?

Who could POSSIBLY care about this match?

Zima's Mommy who sews his goofy-ass looking wrestling gear even has better things to care about
2012-10-25 07:22:13 PM  
Gryphon Sil has entered the impact zone
2012-10-25 07:22:42 PM  
Here, subby, tissues (NSFW) will be needed...and you can keep them.
2012-10-25 07:25:54 PM  
Checking in, see another 1990 AWA gredunza champion was crowned. Here's your belt, 10 time LARP champ.
2012-10-25 07:30:53 PM  

Droog8912: Here, subby, tissues (NSFW) will be needed...and you can keep them.

This... is the greatest moment... in the history of our sport. O.O
2012-10-25 07:33:32 PM  

Droog8912: Here, subby, tissues (NSFW) will be needed...and you can keep them.

Tess has a major pair of's
2012-10-25 07:37:24 PM  

Disappointed my geek-sports-entertainment tab thread failed
2012-10-25 07:41:25 PM

"Oh hi there. I was just recording my follow up to my smash hit, "With My Baby Tonight." No roadies to help out on vocals this time, heh heh. So you probably haven't wondered, "Where is Ol J-e-double F, J-a-double R, e-double T? I don't blame you, Karen doesn't miss me half the time. Ah well, but anyway, here at TNA we care about separating ourselves from the competition up North. We want you to give us a chance. Again. Yes, I know, we screwed up bad by having wrestling penises, half-assing half the Monday Night Wars, constant screw-job finishes, me as a multi-time NWA World Champion, recruiting every used gum wrapper WWE threw out, letting Vince Russo use black magic on our CEO, Dixie, and then letting the two guys who ruined WCW run our company into..well, the same amusement park where WCW used to tape."

"But enough about that. We have made some changes, real changes, I tell you! For one, you haven't seen me in almost a year! (Though, ah, yeah about that...) And we totally worked even the hardest core smarks by revealing Devon as Aces and Eights' Sergeant at Arms! Nobody saw that coming (Though admittedly, nobody cared either, so it's a wash.). We got Open Fight Night! Wrestlers calling out wrestlers! And yes that while Claire Lynch angle went to the dogs, but hey, we got an awesome series of matches out of it, right? World Tag Team Champions of the World! Appeltinis! Frazzledaff! C'mon, there's lots to love here. So give us a second - er, third - no wait, um, TENTH chance! We won't let you down this time, I promise!"

"Oh what's that, Eric? You want me to try on this leather cut that says 'President' on it? Guess it's almost time for one of our patented swerves! See y'all Thursday!"
2012-10-25 07:46:25 PM  
Love James Storms beer hunter shirt
2012-10-25 07:55:58 PM  
2012-10-25 08:00:06 PM  
wooohoo it's go time
2012-10-25 08:01:18 PM  
It's WCW vs NWO all over again
2012-10-25 08:01:51 PM
2012-10-25 08:01:57 PM  
Why does Jeff have two belts?
2012-10-25 08:03:12 PM  
Voiceover. Serious.
2012-10-25 08:04:25 PM  
WTF? Borash and... some guy I've never seen before? o_o'
2012-10-25 08:04:37 PM  
WTF who are those announcers
2012-10-25 08:05:29 PM
2012-10-25 08:06:19 PM  
New announcers?!!

Actually, it's TNA, so yes. Fix old. Fix ALL the old.
2012-10-25 08:07:08 PM  
Sweet moonsault. o.o
2012-10-25 08:07:24 PM  
Wait, who is this with Borash?
2012-10-25 08:07:54 PM  
Hey announcer guy. Zima put one guy out of action, not several
2012-10-25 08:07:54 PM  

Droog8912: Here, subby, tissues (NSFW) will be needed...and you can keep them.

Bring her to my chambers. Don't even worry about bathing her.
2012-10-25 08:09:26 PM  

robsul82: Wait, who is this with Borash?

No one knows.
2012-10-25 08:09:47 PM  
Zima was a horrible beverage...
2012-10-25 08:10:01 PM  
I like new announcer guy
2012-10-25 08:10:16 PM  
RVD wins! :D
2012-10-25 08:10:45 PM  
How come Daniels and Kazarian are not going for the X-Division title? RVD is possibly the most boring guy in the company (yeah, I'd rather watch the two Robbies) and they've still got some healthy guys who could do some good stuff.

Save us Joey Ryan.
2012-10-25 08:11:04 PM
2012-10-25 08:11:47 PM  
LOL Thunder in Paradise.
2012-10-25 08:11:51 PM
2012-10-25 08:12:16 PM  
"'Oh, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Nanny was so much better than Mrs. Doubtfire.' That's not true!"
2012-10-25 08:13:04 PM  
"I don't think you should go to Silent Hill."

No s**t, Sherlock!
2012-10-25 08:13:14 PM  
And how come the new Silent Hill movie is skipping ahead to Silent Hill 3's story? Silent Hill 2 had the best story!

It's the best one! You don't have to do a lot of work here, just use the best one!
2012-10-25 08:14:22 PM  
RVD must have been trying to sell expensive auto insurance again. That silly guy.
2012-10-25 08:14:52 PM  

Representative of the unwashed masses: RVD must have been trying to sell expensive auto insurance again. That silly guy.

That was Matt Morgan
2012-10-25 08:16:49 PM  
I farming hate that shop zone commercial.
2012-10-25 08:17:00 PM  
Boooo no appletini
2012-10-25 08:17:07 PM  
Kaz & Daniels are in the hizzy! :D
2012-10-25 08:18:08 PM  
"And since that's kind of a big word..."
2012-10-25 08:18:33 PM  
Two of the best in the company.

Push these guys more!!!
2012-10-25 08:18:35 PM  
Trilobites (play /ˈtraɪləbaɪt/, /ˈtrɪləbaɪt/; meaning "three lobes") are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that form the class Trilobita.
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