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(The Sun)   Cupcakes designed to look like symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases go on sale. WARTS ALL THIS THEN?   ( divider line
    More: Sick, Emma Thomas, gonorrhea, doses, cupcakes  
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11430 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2012 at 12:27 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-23 12:18:58 PM  
NSF... everything!

Does that cupcake have gonorrhea?
2012-10-23 12:28:30 PM  

Can't be said enough.
2012-10-23 12:30:25 PM  
I presume this is how you tell someone you're sorry for giving them an STD. Oh, and that they need to go to the clinic.
2012-10-23 12:30:51 PM  
Don't stick your mouth in crazy cupcakes.
2012-10-23 12:32:42 PM  
That is wrong on so many levels.
2012-10-23 12:33:24 PM  
What a f*cking horrible thing to do to perfectly good cupcakes.
2012-10-23 12:33:54 PM  
Your mom baked these.
2012-10-23 12:34:57 PM
2012-10-23 12:35:34 PM  
Maybe they could make a special HIV cupcake that looks all delicious but every 20th one of them has spoiled custard filling inside.
2012-10-23 12:37:15 PM
2012-10-23 12:38:21 PM  
Those lips remind me of Angela Jolie. There's a joke or pun in there somewhere. C'mon Fark, help me out.
2012-10-23 12:38:28 PM  
Regretsy featured these weeks ago. Nauseating then and nauseating now.
2012-10-23 12:38:58 PM  
Do not click this link.
2012-10-23 12:39:13 PM  
Headline is awesomeness.
2012-10-23 12:40:45 PM  
I can't find the priapism jelly roll.

2012-10-23 12:43:33 PM  
Gross. Where's the feces?
2012-10-23 12:47:34 PM
2012-10-23 12:52:15 PM  
Happily can't identify any of those.
Almost never get laid.

Chose my comment for yourself.
2012-10-23 12:52:54 PM  
or Choose your choice.
2012-10-23 12:52:55 PM  
Is HSV-1 really considered an STD?

I mean, come on, it's awful enough getting those things without people thinking you're getting them from risky sexual contact.
2012-10-23 01:01:28 PM  
"It's like having unprotected sex with a stranger. You never know what you'll get!"

Okay, now I like the idea. That's hilarious.
2012-10-23 01:06:41 PM  
Muffins. They should be muffins.
2012-10-23 01:22:37 PM  

darth_badger: [ image 537x402]

Well now I've totally forgotten what this thread was about.
2012-10-23 01:29:48 PM  
Cupcake wars have now gone biological. God have mercy on us all.
2012-10-23 01:35:23 PM  
Damn, thought that there was a Fleshlight mixed in there.
2012-10-23 01:51:57 PM  

SMB2811: [ image 350x304]

Came here for Pikamina, running for my life satisfied.

And I'm not clicking on that link but is there a blue waffle cupcake?
2012-10-23 01:52:03 PM  
2012-10-23 02:03:44 PM

That's definitely NOT a sexy cake!!!
2012-10-23 02:03:57 PM  
Pinkemia says "Amature"
2012-10-23 02:31:24 PM  
Finally, something to go with my cards.
2012-10-23 02:45:05 PM  
Cupcakes, inspired by your mom

/32 posts before it??????
2012-10-23 03:44:10 PM  
Let´s hope this puts an end to the cupcake craze once and for all...
2012-10-23 04:21:25 PM  
Whatever you do, do NOT order the Blueberry Waffle cupcake!
2012-10-23 04:22:53 PM
2012-10-23 04:28:46 PM  

No, seriously, WTF?
2012-10-23 05:22:37 PM

2012-10-23 05:25:23 PM  
Tried really hard to read only text and skip the reference to cream filled cakes, thank god.
2012-10-23 06:28:22 PM  
Eww, I'm sorry, at Happy Bakery, we don't happy things to make us happy. We eat things we want to get rid of to make us feel better.
2012-10-24 10:29:50 AM  
Another fine product of the Whizzo Chocolate Co.? Clickety goodness
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