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(Boston Globe)   Remember those Mastercard ads with the baseball fans going to all the stadiums? Turns out the ad agency stole the whole idea.   ( divider line
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2001-11-20 01:53:25 PM  
I'm Lonesome Cowboy Burt.

Speakin atcha!

2001-11-20 01:56:37 PM  
This is nothing new, people have been doing this for decades. Road trips to see every major and minor league ball park in a season have been a common thing. I remember when TWIB has a show about an old couple that did it about 15 years ago.
2001-11-20 01:58:33 PM  
How do you copywrite a road trip?
2001-11-20 02:05:14 PM  
When you make a documentary about it and it just happens that the commercial uses almost the identical car and someother stuff I forget.
2001-11-20 02:07:45 PM  
No Wippuh, that's how you copyright a road trip. I have no idea what that other guy's talking about.
2001-11-20 02:09:46 PM  
This is how you copywrite a road trip:

VOICE: "Bob and Jim set out to see if they could hit all 174 baseball parks in 4 days using only a pogo stick."
2001-11-20 02:14:10 PM  
Kicking MASTERCARD's ass in court.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lots of it.

Actually winning the case.

2001-11-20 02:19:22 PM  
Yep, I also remember seeing a couple guys doing this a few years back. The fact that it's a VW Van in the documentary and in the commercial I think is irrelevant. Mastercard wins.
2001-11-20 02:21:13 PM  
I always thought the one with the bad mustache looked a little "slow" if you know what I mean.
2001-11-20 02:25:53 PM  
A group of meddling kids who shot a documentary of themselves traveling the country solving crimes with their dog intend to sue Hanna Barbera.
2001-11-20 02:30:26 PM  
When I submitted this link, the headline was Documentary Video: $20 Shipping: $4.50 Plagiarising Your Ad Campaign: Priceless. IT WAS FUNNY!!!
2001-11-20 02:37:25 PM  
The same thing happened to Taco Bell. That annoying rat dog ad campaign they had was ripped off wholesale from another agency. Court case on the way, hopefully Taco Hell will soon be bankrupt.
2001-11-20 02:43:18 PM  
Much better tagline then teh posted one...
2001-11-20 02:54:42 PM  
Misha --

Don't say that! If Taco Bell goes under, where are we all going to get authentic Mexican food? Huh?

2001-11-20 03:22:29 PM  
Pound for pound, no better bargain than Taco Bell.

Except maybe some chinese takeout.
2001-11-20 03:36:21 PM  
Next someone will sue Tom Green and say their idea was stolen for a road trip. They'll even say a mouse pizzed in their mouth
2001-11-20 03:36:47 PM  
If you don't mind eating grade D beef. They even use discount bandaids and frozen pubes in their burritos for god's sakes.
2001-11-20 03:37:06 PM  
Taco Bell = good

There's a pizza joint up here called CiCi's Pizza. I don't know how many there are or how much of the country they cover but you can get an all you can eat buffet for 2.95. I shiat you not. It's decent too.
2001-11-20 03:38:52 PM  
"Pound for pound, no better bargain than Taco Bell."

Right! Cause after you crap it back out, you can eat it again, and it'll still taste the same! Lots of pounds that way.
2001-11-20 03:51:28 PM  
Ci Ci's is vile. It gives cardboard a bad name.
2001-11-20 04:53:56 PM  

By the way, on that mastercard commercial:

Who the hell would pay $119 for a baseball jersey?

2001-11-20 04:57:03 PM  
But the bigger question is, Who would go from stadium to stadium following any baseball team, much less the Twins? It might be cool if you just went from city to city and looked at the stadiums without watching shiatty baseball. b/c there are some cool cities that just happen to have baseball teams (ie San Fran, Houston, NYC, etc.)
2001-11-20 05:22:06 PM  
Wouldn't it be hilarious if those guys paid for their lawyers with a Discover card? HAW-HAW!!!
2001-11-20 06:28:09 PM  
No, it would be ironic.
2001-11-20 06:39:09 PM  
There is no way this case will stand up in court. The real tragedy here is that the original dorks that did the road trip actually are admitting to doing the road trip and suing the new dorks. You'd think that those two could mix in a hotel or a shower with their mastercard, and some dental work to boot...dude looks like steve buscemi with those chompers of his.
2001-11-20 07:09:30 PM  
If it can get those goddamn commercials off the air then I'm all for it.
2001-11-20 08:51:43 PM  
Not surprising at all. When was the last time you saw an original idea in a commercial?
2001-11-21 06:26:59 AM  
"there are some cool cities that just happen to have baseball teams (ie San Fran, Houston, NYC, etc.)"

Labelling Houston as cool as SF or NY is an exercise in getting bashed.
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