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(Pravda)   Radio presenters on terminally ill children: 'There's salt right on their skin, so it's good to drink tequila with them'   ( divider line
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2012-10-22 04:03:35 PM  
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Radio hosts are like trauma ward doctors - they have to see so much negativity and sorrow that jokes are the only thing that can get them through the day. I remembering interning at NPR in the late nineties. They had a fish bowl with all of the on air personality's names in it. Every day, there was at least one heart wrenching story that had to be read on air - that number grew to three or four just before pledge drives and major elections where the Democrats trailed. None of the voice talent wanted to do it - they were just over it, having reported countless stories of deaf children and blinded soldiers and poets with terminal illnesses. So they resorted to the name draw from the fish bowl to assign that days most depressing scripts.

Terry Gross was the funniest about it. I remember a story on a guy who'd lost a fortune in the housing crash and then developed brain cancer which he didn't have the money to treat. She pulled her name from the fish bowl and was like "OH MOTHERfarkING NO farkING WAY YOU COCKSUCKERS ARE GOING farkING PAY FOR STACKING THE BOWL WITH MY NAME YOU PIECES OF DICK shiat!" She swore a lot in between drags on a menthol 200, but she went off the charts on that one.

I remember Bob Edwards having to turn his mic off while he was doing an on air interview with a survivor of a Russian chemical attack in Chechnya. We'd all had fried chicken for lunch. He didn't eat the crispy skin, so it was all piled up on a plate on the desk in front of him. Every time he'd ask a question, he'd hold the microphone out to this deep fried, oil soaked chicken flesh as though it were the one answering the questions about how badly the experimental chemicals burned. Everybody was cracking up.

I never thought their callousness was that funny, but if you showed any compassion there, they'd find a reason to push you out the door. At first, I really wanted to fit in because they seemed like intelligent, worldly people with deep social consciousnesses. Then about fifty Kai Ryssdal farts onto David Folkenflik's microphone, I sort of lost respect for the whole charade. Despite all the serious voices you hear on the radio, they're all a bunch of immature, self important voice actors who'd laugh at a fetus who'd just gotten its arm pulled off in a botched abortion.
2012-10-22 04:38:04 PM  
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2012-10-22 04:36:50 PM  
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2012-10-22 04:20:37 PM  
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Some people drink vodak, some people drink Coke
The wacky Ruskie DJ says democracy's a joke
2012-10-22 03:40:22 PM  
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2012-10-22 08:50:56 PM  
1 vote:
The thing about it is - the offense is the onus of the offended.

(dusts hands and saunters off)
2012-10-22 04:15:07 PM  
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Public floggings,followed by a personal apology to each and every child,would be the perfect punishment.
2012-10-22 04:10:48 PM  
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ultraholland: Electric_Banana: I'll thank a window seat

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You're welcome.

President Obama, shown here on Air Force One, thanks Electric_Banana for his support.
2012-10-22 03:49:39 PM  
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Electric_Banana: I'll thank a window seat

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You're welcome.

2012-10-22 03:45:05 PM  
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2012-10-22 03:39:19 PM  
1 vote:
I'm not Russian to judgment, but talk about rubbing salt in the wound.
2012-10-22 03:37:42 PM  
1 vote:
And this is different from any US shock jock show how?

Oh, right, it's funny.
2012-10-22 03:36:14 PM  
1 vote:
Morning zoo DJs making a lame joke taken from a similar joke in a movie released some 15(?) years ago? Good to see the US and Russia aren't that different after all.
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