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(The New York Times)   As usual, Democrats use questionable loopholes in the law to unfairly raise a lot of money in their fight against Republicans and Patriotic Independents   ( divider line
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2012-10-20 06:09:13 PM  
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2012-10-20 08:50:48 PM  
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shotglasss: GodsTumor: [ image 370x273]

Classic Rove tactic...accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of

You're kidding, right? Obama is using welfare to buy votes
2012-10-20 07:18:31 PM  
1 vote:

Delay: Mrtraveler01: Can I just say that selling the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune to News Corp sounds like a terrible, awful, and horrible idea?

Very good, Mr Traveler. Apparently, you can stand erect among other older men. But, there is too much honesty in your post. This is a troll thread.

But you're missing the point.

We're about to sell 2 of our most prestigious journalism a foreigner.

/duh duh duhhhhhh
//How was that?
2012-10-20 07:07:56 PM  
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Delay: fusillade762: TROLL THREAD.

Yes, Number One. We all understand that. You have noticed how this particular website makes its money. Good.

So, since we all recognize the financials, how about just playing along?

2012-10-20 06:35:26 PM  
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Hurrr Democrats are so corrupt...hurrr let's defund PBS like we did ACORN.
2012-10-20 06:30:44 PM  
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The Great EZE: In fairness to Mr. Living-Proof-That-Money-Buys-You-More-America, I don't know how much he actually makes. But isn't it a good guess that if he just saves his $20 million he'd end up paying less in taxes than what he'd end up blowing on somebody else's campaign?

Does a man with twenty million dollars consider what might make him more money? Hmmm. Can he do a basic cost-benefit analysis? I'm going to guess he can and does.
2012-10-20 06:02:37 PM  
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2012-10-20 06:01:54 PM  
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The solution is unilateral disarmament by the Democratic Party. What was the question?
2012-10-20 04:48:38 PM  
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GAT_00: How dare Democrats play by the same rules as Republicans! This is an outrage!

Well, it shows that libs are total hypocrites!! If they weren't they wouldn't accept any SuperPAC money!!1!
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