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(Fark)   I'm thinking of leaving sticky notes for people in returned Redbox movies. What would you write on them?   ( divider line
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6186 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2012 at 3:02 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-16 03:06:28 PM  
"no film will ever alter your pathetic existence"
2012-10-16 03:06:34 PM  

Tziva: I would just leave them little doodles.

[ image 217x190]
(btw, I believe that is KotC there)

Doodles win!!!!
2012-10-16 03:07:38 PM
2012-10-16 03:07:46 PM  
Leave an actual sticky note.
2012-10-16 03:07:47 PM  
I want my two dollars!
2012-10-16 03:08:40 PM  

Jekylman: "This note is from Future You. Five years from now, you will meet someone and have a detailed and intimate discussion about this movie. As a result of this, you will date for a while and get married after a few months. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE."

2012-10-16 03:09:08 PM  
All you 'Be Kind, Rewind' people beat me to it.
2012-10-16 03:09:45 PM
2012-10-16 03:09:55 PM  
Make it as official looking as possible but glue to the inside:

"Thank you for renting Up. People that have rented this movie have also rented:

Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Free My Willy
Monster's Inc
Behind the Green Door
Womb Raider
Sorest Rump
Cars 2
Throbin Hood
2012-10-16 03:11:01 PM  
What exactly is a "Redbox"?
2012-10-16 03:11:15 PM  
Not a bad movie. Gave me something to watch while I was waiting out my Ebola treatment.
2012-10-16 03:12:05 PM  
Random quotes from Clerks.
2012-10-16 03:12:33 PM  
"The Dog Dies."

Especially effective in movies without dogs.
2012-10-16 03:12:58 PM  
This would be for a small target audience but still worth it. - I told you I'd find you Karen!
2012-10-16 03:15:53 PM  

Rev.K: On a scale of Matrix Reloaded to Ishtar, this movie is Battlefield Earth.

Have to love the nonsense...
2012-10-16 03:15:59 PM
2012-10-16 03:16:14 PM  
"Dear Red, If you're reading this, you've gotten out. And if you've come this far, maybe you're willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town, don't you? I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels. I'll keep an eye out for you and the chessboard ready. Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this letter finds you, and finds you well. Your friend, Andy Dufresne"
2012-10-16 03:16:15 PM  
"Find special features Easter Egg by setting player to Region 2"
2012-10-16 03:16:23 PM  
Stick a picture of Goatse in the case under the spindle. Size the picture just right so the spindle barely covers the hole and you can see the hands.
2012-10-16 03:16:25 PM  
I'd give this film two thumbs up if my wrists weren't so sore from the masturbating!
2012-10-16 03:16:56 PM  
'You know what would make a really good movie? People that rent the movie (insert title here) from Redbox are found mysteriously murdered within minutes of returning movie. That would make a good movie'
2012-10-16 03:17:06 PM  
"I'm watching you, you biatch! You're gonna die tonight!"
2012-10-16 03:17:09 PM  
Couldn't fap to this
2012-10-16 03:17:22 PM  
fark you
2012-10-16 03:18:18 PM  
"This note intentionally left blank."
2012-10-16 03:18:59 PM  
Pricipal . Caught sayof school that has stoped Handstandsing " See, told ya so" Is He dead or not. CNN Says yes. St. Pete Times Looking for chads -OR- "hello, I am write single to salute and wait for answer again"
2012-10-16 03:19:12 PM  
It'd be more fun to tyler durden it, recode then print a new label.
2012-10-16 03:19:59 PM  
Key. 4th & Vine, under post box.

(then, just for kicks, actually tape one of those quarter locker keys under the post box)
((really for kicks, put something hilarious in that locker))
2012-10-16 03:20:32 PM  
I've actually done this to warn viewers not to watch the movie because it was SOOOOO Bad.
I wrote "90 minutes you will never get back, return it now and thank me later."
I affixed it to this "film":

I have since used this movie as a measuring bar for terrible movies, and wish that Redbox had a movie review feature.
2012-10-16 03:20:46 PM  
"DVD would not play"
2012-10-16 03:21:07 PM  

hugheric: This would be for a small target audience but still worth it. - I told you I'd find you Karen!

Nice XKCD reference
2012-10-16 03:21:19 PM  
2012-10-16 03:21:45 PM  

SFSailor: [ image 247x247]


"Too much is always better than not enough."
"Thank-you for reading this notice."
"Do not eat."
2012-10-16 03:22:26 PM  
How about a simple "Guess what I did with this case?"
2012-10-16 03:22:39 PM  

DeltaPunch: What exactly is a "Redbox"?

It's the condition that your Mom suffers from, after I've had my way with her... enthusiastically.

/sorry, had to
2012-10-16 03:23:17 PM  
LyrialZander , as long as they didn't put the review feature ON the vending machine. Lord, people are slow enough just picking out a movie there without a review to thumb through.
2012-10-16 03:24:01 PM  
"We know."
2012-10-16 03:24:02 PM  
7 days
2012-10-16 03:25:18 PM  
"I masturbated to this."
2012-10-16 03:25:29 PM  
You will find happiness with a new love.
2012-10-16 03:26:12 PM  

Precious Roy's Horse Dividers: It was his sled from when he was a kid. There, I just saved you two long boobless hours

that spoiler burns!
2012-10-16 03:26:12 PM  

Ba'boon: Look behind you.

Alternatively -

Pay no attention to the man hiding outside your window.

Do this with a few dozen movies, and make notes with some sort of vague continuity ("This time I'm in the backyard.") Eventually someone's going to get like 3 of these in 3 weeks, and then HAW HAW, AWESOME!

/Except for the part where someone lives in abject fear for weeks
//And the part where they find a way to make a charge of "domestic terrorism" stick
2012-10-16 03:26:34 PM  
What's that on your shirt?
2012-10-16 03:27:15 PM  
Apply directly to the forehead
2012-10-16 03:27:19 PM  
"Guess why this note is sticky."
2012-10-16 03:28:02 PM  
The ending to a different movie
2012-10-16 03:28:02 PM  
How is babby formd
2012-10-16 03:28:50 PM  

pute kisses like a man: Apply directly to the forehead

Apply directly to the forehead
Apply directly to the forehead
Apply directly to the forehead
Apply directly to the forehead
2012-10-16 03:29:00 PM  
"help me "
2012-10-16 03:29:19 PM  
"look behind you."


"nobody will believe you, slut"
/wrong thread?
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