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(Newsweek)   "Mitt Romney was not a businessman; he was a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses," says noted liberal pinko former budget director for Ronald Reagan   ( ) divider line
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2012-10-16 12:51:35 PM  

Cpl.D: Just a point of advice from a "liberal" Republican: Challenge the guy's facts, if you can. Don't make the guy or his life your target, it looks desperate and doesn't tend to convince people.

The headline here is all "says . . former budget director for Ronald Reagan", and you want to pretend the point was Stockman's facts, not his resume?

Stockman's whole pile of shiat here boils down to, "Babe Ruth wasn't a great player. He played baseball instead of football, most of the time he got an out instead of a hit, and most of his hits were singles." And yes, when you quote the numbers, you will prove, in fact, that Babe Ruth had a batting average under .500, and most of his hits were indeed singles, and he indeed didn't play football. So we must conclude Babe Ruth wasn't a great player, right?
2012-10-16 01:13:26 PM  

SkunkWerks: Karma Curmudgeon: Percentage of Democratic lawyers presidenting us into a financial collapse - 0%

Barney Frank wasn't a lawyer? I mean, I suppose he wasn't a president, but a lawyer? Yes. Very yes.

Why this focus on people's professions before public service?

Like. Really. What the fark is the point you people are trying to make? We should stop nominating lawyers or MBAs to office? I am struggling to see what it is you are seeing. Lincoln was a lawyer. Coolidge was a lawyer. Meanwhile, HERBERT FARKING HOOVER was a MINING ENGINEER. Grant was a soldier.Rutherford B Hayes was a lifer. Leaving city politics to join the military and further his political career. He was also a professional beard-owner. Taft wasn't just a lawyer but a judge. Teddy was a firefighter, militia-man, sheriff, historian, and rancher.

These points are interesting, but have next to no common bearing on the quality of the president.

So again, I ask, what in the flying fark are you people arguing about?
2012-10-16 02:25:24 PM  

geniusiknowit: gameshowhost: Did you really just type that?


It seems incredulity the best you can muster.

My reaction to your claim that economics - a social science - shouldn't be empirical (despite the fact that social sciences are empirical) was quite worthy of incredulity, if not dismissive laughter.
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