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(ESPN)   Buffalo Bills snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Luckily, the Arizona Cardinals kicked victory right back   ( divider line
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2012-10-15 10:23:55 AM  
2 votes:

Jack Lambert's Missing Teeth: IAmRight: Great, Cardinals and 49ers stories, when there was an awesome beating of the Patriots AND a "u mad, bro" Twitter comment that got damn near all the Pats' fans panties in a twist.

Who, on this site, would want to read about good teams and internet trolling of Tom Brady?

It's because no one cares about the NFC West.

Was a great game though. Brady did an excellent job passing the ball to receiving Seahawks players.
2012-10-15 10:49:13 AM  
1 vote:

IAmRight: This Looks Fun: In all sincerity, I'm certain that I would.


If you check out his mentions on Twitter, it's even funnier, since he occasionally clowned on the buttmad Pats fans with their "three rings" and "yeah, but we lost the Super Bowl last year! You didn't make the playoffs!" or "I've never heard of you!" (which just goes to prove that they're ignorant about the NFL).

That link was fricking awesome.... thank you for sharing! (seriously)

/on the Brady hater bus.

//Patriots = 3 super bowl wins before getting caught cheating; Patriots = 0 super bowl wins after getting caught cheating.

///Even if the cheating had nothing to do with them winning their super bowl rings, I still think it's fricking funny the patriots will go down in history as the team who (currently) couldn't win a super bowl without cheating.
2012-10-15 10:20:46 AM  
1 vote:

qsblues: scottpilgrimreaper: I got dumped by my gf during the game. Thankfully the Bills didn't break my heart on top of that.

Sorry to hear that, man. But in all fairness, doesn't being a Bills fan sort of set you up for shiat like this?

Haha more like being a Bills fan helps me cope with it. Used to being disappointed and such.
2012-10-15 10:10:51 AM  
1 vote:

RickyWilliams'sBong: So, as expected, the AFC East is a 4-way tie. (Whuuuhhhh?)

Does anyone actually want to win this division?

Josh McDaniels is poison to the Cheatriots (in fact wasn't he at the center of spygate?) and BB needs to get a real defensive coordinator, any other coaching staff would have this talent-soaked team at 6-0 (also Brady is old, send him to his to childhood team SF so he can teach Alex Smith how to not choke at least until the super bowl)

the Jest are injured on defense and have been schizo on offense, they should be 1-5 so Tebow can become starter (as was foretold in the prophecies)

the Lolphins are a poor man's trap team, Tannehill is decent but their coach is so bad there's no way they end the season above .500

the Bills are still a mess, they're just plain lucky really, how's that giant Fitzpatrick contract working out for 'em?
2012-10-15 09:45:39 AM  
1 vote:
So, as expected, the AFC East is a 4-way tie. (Whuuuhhhh?)

Does anyone actually want to win this division?
2012-10-15 09:44:00 AM  
1 vote:
So we're now saying Arizona is a good team, good enough that they can even have a "trap game", a term that can only be reserved for good teams?

Also, Buffalo in 1st place WTF BW3.
2012-10-15 09:36:58 AM  
1 vote:
Trap game
2012-10-15 09:23:16 AM  
1 vote:

Nadie_AZ: scottpilgrimreaper: I read reports saying Alex Carrington tipped the 38 yarder

I haven't seen any video of it, but seen plenty of the miss. I don't know. All I know is, I figured us good and dead when he lined up and took the kick. What a great game to be at. I finally saw them win, in person.

I got dumped by my gf during the game. Thankfully the Bills didn't break my heart on top of that.

/really jealous I would have loved to be there in person
2012-10-15 09:11:54 AM  
1 vote:
So Skelton and Kolb are just going to rotate all season as one fills in for the other when they're injured. Brilliant
2012-10-15 08:58:10 AM  
1 vote:
The Kevin Kolb Era
The John Skelton Era

The....Ryan Lindley....Era?
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