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(Politico)   Sarah Palin compares Ryan's performance to watching someone being trampled by a musk ox   ( ) divider line
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2012-10-12 05:05:08 PM  

mrshowrules: fqhollis: So they're calling Biden an "angry white man"? Is this prep work for the (presumably) more aggressive President Obama that will show up next week? If the President is aggressive towards Romney, what will they call him?


If Obama acts like Biden, debate security will tazer him and tackle him to the floor even if he isn't wearing a hoodie.

That would be awesome! Then we would get to watch the Secret Service beat the ever-lovin' piss out of a couple of Rent-A-Cops. Now that's good TV!
2012-10-12 05:41:13 PM  

Agneska: Biden was like an unhinged crazy old coot. Lying, giggling, eye-rolling, and deceiving. Democrats sure know how to pick 'em.

Like Rmoney was last week, right?
2012-10-12 05:45:02 PM  
You whiny thinned-skinned wimps. Romney leaves tire tracks on Jim Lehrer and he's declared a hero. Biden beats The Fresh Prince of Wisconsin and he's the most evil human being since Hitler.
2012-10-12 05:48:22 PM  

Cpl.D: Kenny: Looks like he'shiatting on some fat chick in the audience.

As filterpwns go, this was a nice one
2012-10-12 05:53:13 PM  

Agneska: Agneska: Mugato: Agneska: Biden was like an unhinged crazy old coot. Lying, giggling, eye-rolling, and deceiving. Democrats sure know how to pick 'em.

If that's how you really view that debate, what does it say for "your guy" that even the liberals are (generously) saying that it was a tie?

Post debate polls were more favorable towards Biden, sonny boy. Read them and weep.

I meant to say "favorable towards Ryan."

Biden wouldn't let Ryan talk about the issues and the moderator was a librul, so of course the polls would favor the Party of Personal ResponsibilityTM.
2012-10-12 06:22:35 PM  
The part that angers me is that when Romney did something similar, they viewed him as being the better debater. At least the Democratic side can still blame their candidate when they lose a debate.

Also, to be fair, Ryan was way outmatched, experience-wise.
2012-10-12 06:37:18 PM  
That was really funny! Thank you Sarah for the wildlife imagery.
2012-10-12 07:57:45 PM  

Servocrowatian: What's wrong, never learned how to lose gracefully?

Last week, plenty of Dems showed that they can do it. Why not you?

Conservatives are a top-down bunch of sheep. The day they lose gracefully is the day they are told collectively to do so.
2012-10-12 08:12:20 PM  
As much as I hate Sarah Palin, I must say, she did better against Biden than Ryan did.
2012-10-12 10:19:13 PM  

Tamater: Has anyone pointed out that "verbage" isn't a word?

This woman truly is like Shakespeare.... Coining new words left and right...

It is when the article spells it correctly.
2012-10-13 04:40:23 AM  

LatamaCoricama: As much as I hate Sarah Palin, I must say, she did better against Biden than Ryan did.

How could anyone have ever imagined such a thing? And yet, yes, you are right.
2012-10-13 10:42:19 PM  

Bleyo: Wow, I thought subby was talking about musk oxen as a joke. She literally said that.

My favorite part of the debate:

Ryan: "The stimulus was a failure!"
Biden: "I have two letters from you asking for stimulus funds where you say it creates economic growth and jobs. I hope you enjoyed those millions I sent you."
Ryan: "Uh... err... shiat." 
Biden: "Feel free to send more letters any time." *Biden debate grin*

That was my favorite part as well. Was watching it with a bunch of people. The room looked like the crowd at one of those and1 games back in the late nineties.

/Ohh DAAMMNNN!!!!!!
2012-10-14 04:31:40 AM  
Fourteen minutes and 54 seconds,
Fourteen minutes and 55 seconds,
Fourteen minutes and 56 seconds,
Fourteen minutes and 57 seconds,.....
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