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2012-10-11 11:21:16 PM
"The Golden Stair" by Euthanasia Pass
It was their only double album. Critics raved about it, but sales were disappointing.

/I tried to get the name positioned correctly to appear in 3D, but with my eyes I have a hell of a time seeing 3D, so I'm not sure.
2012-10-12 12:20:48 AM
Debut album by "Swelling Pickle". Lizard Lick, NC's only punk band.
2012-10-12 10:37:43 AM
2012-10-12 02:12:35 PM
Coarse Joe Biden And The Dyslexic Beat

2012-10-12 04:48:47 PM
2012-10-12 08:16:55 PM 

Pedo Bear Deck and The Decent Adhesive
2012-10-12 08:18:35 PM
I took the liberty of adding punctuation to make it sound slightly less J-pop. I think it no super fantastic helping.
2012-10-12 09:22:02 PM

For some reason, the major label debut by Superficial Pope didn't sell well in Italy.
2012-10-13 03:33:02 AM 

First Babies Chop and now Uninvited Foetus? Is this to be meaning of somethings?
2012-10-13 05:44:07 AM
2012-10-13 10:52:20 PM
/Act Shatner is a pretty good band name.
2012-10-14 03:09:16 AM

Aggressive Squirrel only released one album before the original vocalist got the chair.
2012-10-14 06:18:46 AM
Atomic Muffin was a pioneering psychedelic group from Roswell, NM
2012-10-14 11:44:16 AM  
Introducing... Ring Portal...
2012-10-15 02:02:26 AM
Dead Banker had all their instruments repossessed just after this was released.
2012-10-15 11:22:16 AM

/I wasn't happy with my selections, but you gotta go with what it gives 'ya.
2012-10-17 08:27:12 AM  

Big and Beefy Mayhem Boner 1280x902
2012-10-17 02:04:55 PM
Okay...I went for J-Pop.
2012-10-17 04:35:01 PM
2012-10-17 07:15:19 PM
2012-10-17 11:03:54 PM
2012-10-18 12:35:21 AM

Goddamit.... when my computer buggered up I had a really good 'shop in progress.
I need you to envision this pasted over the above image...
The group is called " DISAPPOINTED HOBO" and the album was titled "Can I Bum A Smoke?"
With the tracks: "Spare Some Change?"; "Help A Guy Down On His Luck?" ; "Can Ya Give Me Some Money To Buy Some Lunch?" (aka .."Buy Some Ripple") and many more.

/yes, it was a good one.
//yes, I am pissed off.
/// Vote for me....
2012-10-18 02:37:52 AM
2012-10-18 07:34:07 AM  
The debut album from the band World Arse And The Deeper Amplifier!
2012-10-18 09:16:36 AM  
I don't have a shoop, but I really liked the top result I got:

The Nipple Clamps Collective
2012-10-18 09:20:53 AM
2012-10-18 09:40:08 AM
2012-10-18 09:42:12 AM
2012-10-18 09:51:15 AM

2012-10-18 09:55:08 AM
2012-10-18 10:07:39 AM

2012-10-18 10:31:31 AM  
Feral Grape and the Obscure Sword. I took farkistic license and made that the name of the album.
2012-10-18 10:46:13 AM

Beloved Banana and the Mistake
2012-10-18 11:00:16 AM  
Government of Obsession

The single, "Homeland Insecurity" was GoA's only release. The B-side was "Grift of the Magi."
2012-10-18 11:04:32 AM
2012-10-18 11:12:28 AM
2012-10-18 11:15:15 AM
Beach Chair Sphincter
cd- Erection of the Romney Pulp
/both taken from generator
2012-10-18 11:32:14 AM
2012-10-18 11:32:54 AM
Neverending Canticle

The self-titled debut album of a failed 70's Prog-Rock band
2012-10-18 11:40:10 AM
2012-10-18 11:49:06 AM

Mixed reactions to Song Cycle's second album, To See The Good. Created in only three days, thanks to a near-fatal indulgence in LSD, Merlot, and reruns of My Little Pony, this supposed nine-track opus repeats track one as track four, and track nine is merely the sound of Rodney Hillfriegger (synth and vocals) retching. Song Cycle's approach can be roughly compared to Sigur Ros pumped full of nitrous oxide and attempting to cover Californian deathrock whilst strapped to the wing of a 747 cruising at 30,000 feet.
Widely celebrated amongst the faux-new wave-anachronists culture, To See The Good has not achieved recognition in the mainstream - and is unlikely to, as nearly all production copies have been bought by the US Military as part of it's Aural Warfare program, and the sixteen members of Song Cycle have all been incarcerated in The Hague for multiple violations of basic Human Rights and the Geneva convention.

2012-10-18 11:53:29 AM
2012-10-18 12:02:29 PM
Think of this as a 7" hardcore EP from the late 80s.
2012-10-18 12:16:45 PM
2012-10-18 12:24:20 PM">
2012-10-18 12:55:09 PM
2012-10-18 12:57:02 PM
2012-10-18 01:26:23 PM  
Scissors Dungeon Of The Libido Mob

Their latest album, "Wots All This, Then?" has gone multiplatinum in Cuba!
2012-10-18 01:31:50 PM
2012-10-18 01:32:08 PM
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