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(Today)   Bryan Cranston was taught how to make meth for Breaking Bad. It's nice to see Hollywood preparing its actors for the day when they can no longer get acting jobs   ( divider line
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2012-10-11 07:52:03 PM  

modesto: Crudbucket: modesto: What's the big-ass gun for?

Shooting people.

Ahh. But whom? And why?

Vince Gilligan has said they don't really know who or why yet (or, at least after the last 8 episodes) and were basically writing a setup to fill in later. They also don't know how Walt got out of the business. So everything is open to speculation now.


Todd was Walter's new assistant, but seems untrustworthy. He's OK with shooting a kid, but won't take Walt's money until he knows how to cook? That's shady. He also seems new to crime and doesn't seem to be too well respected with his skinhead uncle.

Jesse is obviously not cooking with Walt anymore, and didn't start again, since Walt gave him his $5 million from the giant pile.

Skyler shows Walt the cash, prompting him to quit.


Walt finishes training Todd. Todd learns the business, and when it's time for Walt to get out, Walt vouches for him, either to Declan (the guy who wanted to buy the methylamine) or to the Nazi uncle. Todd, who has otherwise done great for Walt, cannot handle the pressure, or perhaps just caves because his bosses make it too stressful, and produces an inferior product. So they are forced to either sell a bad product (after being used to making mountains of cash) or to get Heisenberg back in the kitchen. Walt refuses, as he no longer cares. Walt's pride tells him he made the best meth, and now that him (and Jesse) are out, no one can touch that. His refusal results in people close to him being kidnapped so they can force him to do it. I think they won't take his family (I think they're in witness protection after Hank finds out, which explains the hair grown in and the fake name from the diner). If they take anyone close to him, it'll be Jesse. And so Walt will have to sneak away from his witness protection handlers and free Jesse from the neonazis that Walt got into business with.

Of course, that's all speculation and doesn't account for Hank. So yeah that's a really big hole.

/Breaking Bad has the most fan-fiction writers of any show. They just don't know it.
2012-10-11 08:32:58 PM  
Cranston was making the publicity rounds this week. His interview on The Howard Stern Show was excellent.
2012-10-11 10:05:15 PM  
I sang Crystal Blue Persuasion at a karaoke bar last night while wearing a Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt.
2012-10-12 09:25:34 AM  
why didn't they just supply him the meth i'm sure they have plenty of it
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