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(New Musical Express)   To the left, 50 songs that give you goosebumps. To the right, reasons why 25 of those are crap and 50 more that are better (Warning: slideshow)   ( divider line
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6094 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 10 Oct 2012 at 3:41 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-10 08:29:25 AM  
I don't know about the rest of you, but the one song that always gives me the goosebumps is the Barney theme song.

♫ I love you, you love me...♫

You are now hearing it in your head.

And you now have the goosebumps.
2012-10-10 08:29:43 AM  
Lots of good ones mentioned by you guys.

But, list fails without: Arriving Somewhere - Porcupine Tree.
2012-10-10 08:31:59 AM  
If we're talking goosebumps from the creeps here are a few:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Song Of Joy"
Scott Walker - "Cue"
Pretty much anything by Diamanda Galas
2012-10-10 08:35:46 AM  
That list smells like a European.
2012-10-10 08:36:23 AM  

stupiddream: Lots of good ones mentioned by you guys.

But, list fails without: Arriving Somewhere - Porcupine Tree.

I agree. Intense song.

And I should also include, to my list above, Robert Plant's version of "Darkness, Darkness."
2012-10-10 08:40:41 AM  
Can't access the list from work, is just a tiny sampling of songs that "do it" for me.

The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel
A Soldier's Poem - Muse
All Dead, All Dead - Queen
O, Superman - Laurie Anderson
Cryptorchid - Marilyn Manson
Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saens (when performed *perfectly*)
On Golden Pond (Theme Song) - Dave Grusin. DON'T JUDGE ME
Moon over Bourbon Street - Sting
Waltzing Matilda - Tom Waits
What Have I Done - Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas score). DON'T JUDGE ME
Under African Skies - Paul Simon (with Linda Ronstadt)
Opening Theme (To Kill a Mockingbird) - Elmer Bernstein
Suite Modale - Paul Gilbert
Marijuana - Reverend Horton Heat

Those are just a few that have "gotten" me recently.
2012-10-10 08:48:25 AM  
South Side. Chilling.

2012-10-10 08:53:05 AM  
The Clash - Train In Vain
2012-10-10 08:53:19 AM  
I always get goosebumps when Frampton's talkbox notes coalesce into words in the live version of "Do You Feel Like We Do?"
2012-10-10 08:54:20 AM  
No pictures of you?

/List wont loa.. Oh who am I kidding. I am not clicking on a 50 page slideshow
2012-10-10 08:56:19 AM  
Elbow - Grounds for divorce
2012-10-10 08:57:14 AM  
Oh, and Comfortably Numb should have been in there.
2012-10-10 08:57:37 AM  
Well at least they decided to include Jefferson Airplane,but it really should've been Embryonic Journey and then White Rabbit. Why the fark did that list include so much farking Radiohead though? Also no Tool at all?
2012-10-10 09:00:04 AM  
Vic Chesnutt ~ Coward

That song blows me away everytime I hear it.
2012-10-10 09:04:31 AM  

SilentStrider: Oh, and Comfortably Numb should have been in there.

Pretty much anything by Pink Floyd before Waters left would do, really. Well, maybe not 'Young Lust.'

One Floyd track that comes to mind instantly when considering 'goosebumps' would probably be 'One of These Days,' or 'Careful With That Axe Eugene.'
2012-10-10 09:10:17 AM  
Sometimes you need to go back past the 70s. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee
2012-10-10 09:11:00 AM  
Nina Simone, Strange Fruit
Peak goosebump moment (for me): 2:25
2012-10-10 09:11:07 AM  

keygrip: Worst.



So glad this is the first reaction I had too. And also so glad this is the Weeners.

I got angrier and angrier as I read it thinking "Give's me goosebumps? Now that's just stupid."
2012-10-10 09:12:12 AM  
Prayers for Rain by the Cure
2012-10-10 09:13:20 AM  
I decided to give the playlist a listen. First song to come up was some indie dance number by the Friendly Fires. That's not goosebump inducing at all. Douche chills maybe.

I've seen some Peter Gabriel mentioned on here. I would nominate "Sky Blue" personally. When that ending with the Blind Boys of Alabama kicks in, oh man.
2012-10-10 09:13:54 AM  
Blue October - Hate me
2012-10-10 09:15:15 AM  
"It'll be 40 songs from the past decade, multiple Radiohead picks, with some token selections from the 60s and 70s."

Dammit, I hate when hipster douches are this easily predictable.
2012-10-10 09:16:07 AM  
No Barber's Adagio for Strings?

If we're going to keep it to more contemporary stuff, I'll nominate:

Allison Krauss & Union Station - Ghost in this House or Let Me Touch You For a While (or really anything from their live album)
Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe in the Sun
The Tallest Man on Earth - The Gardener

...and lots of others. I don't really see the point of a list like this, seeing as everyone is going to be particularly moved to the point of chills by different things.
2012-10-10 09:16:36 AM  
Diggin' my grave by William Elliot Whitmore nails it for me every time...
2012-10-10 09:19:38 AM  

SilentStrider: keygrip: Worst.



Holy crap its keygrip!

Oh, and the list... i think I've heard maybe 10 of those songs.

11 for me. That list was compiled by people who really, really, really REAAAALLY like Radiohead. And of those 11, I'm not sure how any of the 11 I know would give anyone goosebumps. Hell, "Creep" gives me a sad because it shows that they would've been an incredible mainstream band had they chosen that route.

Short list, with the disclaimer that I like a lot of different kinds of music:
SRV - Little Wing (best when listened to in the darkness with good headphones)
Barber - Adagio for Strings (you have no soul if you don't feel something listening to it)
Dvorak - New World Symphony, 2nd Movement
Ellington - Come Sunday (from Black, Brown & Beige)
Miles Davis - Blue on Green
Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game (first heard in the IRA hit scene in Patriot Games)
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, My Melancholy Blues & The Show Must Go On
Most versions of Danny Boy & Eternal Father, Strong to Save
Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus
Johnny Cash - Hurt
2012-10-10 09:29:58 AM  
I'm actually surprised Last Kiss wasn't on the list. That song is so powerful that it always gives me goosebumps.
2012-10-10 09:30:20 AM  
I'm kinda old school, and old so here goes:

Louie Armstrong - What a wonderful world
Leon Russell - Back to the island
The Black seeds - coming back home
Bob Marley - Redemption song
Pink Floyd - The gunners dream, and too many others to list
Yes - Awaken
Van Morrison - Into the mystic
2012-10-10 09:31:35 AM  
ive only heard a few of those songs, but paul simon - graceland? really?
2012-10-10 09:41:38 AM  
Probably too hipster (and not really my taste in music) but...

Snow Patrol - Run

Dunno why, but gives me goosebumps every time.

OH, and Anberlin - Fin
2012-10-10 09:43:35 AM  
Rough list, but to each his own on what moves you. A few that move me like that:

Cygnet Committee- David Bowie
Blackbird- Beatles
I Hear Them All- Old Crow Medicine Show
Father and Son- Cat Stevens
All Apologies- Nirvana
Tom Petty- Wildflowers
Don't Follow- Alice in Chains
Head Full of Doubt- Road Full of Promise- Avett Brothers
Celluloid Heroes- The Kinks
Sitting in my Hotel- The Kinks
Isabella- Mason Jennings
Paul Simon- Only Living Boy in New York

Lots of others. It's awesome when music physically touches you. If I could bottle that feeling, I'd be a millionaire.
2012-10-10 09:46:21 AM  
one good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain

thousands of songs have given me goosebumps, but not always every time...but BB King, Pink Floyd, and SRV quickly come to mind.
2012-10-10 09:49:02 AM

Wow! I thought Billy Corgan just flipped off and cursed the audience at the two shows I saw them at. I didn't know it was part of his regular act.
2012-10-10 10:04:39 AM  
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald??
2012-10-10 10:05:39 AM  

ShawnDoc: No Ballad of the Alamo? No Reuben James?

No Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
2012-10-10 10:06:32 AM  

HeathenHealer: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald??

/Shakes tiny little fist in impotent rage.
2012-10-10 10:06:34 AM  
it is kinda weird . . . I've heard about a 1/3 of those songs and about 3/4 of the bands. Upon listening to some of them, I could easily come up with other songs from the same groups that were more goosebumpish.

Perhaps this sort of list is silly as everyone gets goosebumps for different reasons.

For instance, I like Fleetwood Mac's Chain, but I get goosebumps from Tusk. No reason I can think of, just something from listening to late night AM radio from when I was but a lad . . .

\\and Pink Floyd really is beyond this list, they have whole albums of goosebumps.
\heck, even this gives me goosebumps, (no, not a rickroll, but probably as disturbing)
2012-10-10 10:07:37 AM  
Midnight in Montgomery gives me chills. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.
2012-10-10 10:10:17 AM  
Pink Napkins - Frank Zappa

I will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie, but only the version with the long intro
2012-10-10 10:18:32 AM  
It Makes No Difference-The Band

That ol boy is hurtin.
2012-10-10 10:21:41 AM  

SilentStrider: Oh, and Comfortably Numb should have been in there.

Wish You Were Here > Comfortably Numb, assuming NME will only allow one song from non-hipster bands at a time.
2012-10-10 10:21:45 AM  

youfoundthekingbaby: ive only heard a few of those songs, but paul simon - graceland? really?

Yes, really. Fantastic song (and album).
2012-10-10 10:21:58 AM  
2012-10-10 10:24:17 AM  

fruitloop: 4 Radiohead songs?
Nothing from Tool?
fark off...

Seeing them perform the "Wings" tracks live was the closest I have come to having a religious experience.

Personally, that first little chord change in Faure's Requiem gets me every time.

As does Ahab's Divinity of Oceans.
2012-10-10 10:28:44 AM  

FishyFred: They put the wrong Pink Floyd song on there. Should have been "Echoes."

They even got the wrong song from DSotM. Time is a great song, but if your criteria is "goosebumps" how is your choice not Great Gig in the Sky?
2012-10-10 10:38:14 AM  

"George Jones"

My work is halfway done here.


"Keith Whitley"

Oh what the fark. Don't Close Your Eyes is ridiculously haunting... as is everything. The man literally drank himself to death.

(also Jamey Johnson's "Cover Your Eyes" and "That's How I Don't Love You Anymore" if you want more recent)
2012-10-10 10:44:50 AM  
2012-10-10 10:51:04 AM  
"When the Tigers Broke Free," Pink Floyd

/That is all.
2012-10-10 10:57:42 AM  

Tom_Slick: Sometimes you need to go back past the 70s. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee

Or even I Only Have Eyes for You - The Flamingos
2012-10-10 10:58:03 AM  
They seemed to make a big deal about lyrics in a lot of their picks. To me, good lyrics are a nice bonus but usually the least important part of the song. (Probably why I also hate most country music). My goosebumps come from music that builds to a big crescendo or takes you on a journey.
2012-10-10 10:59:53 AM  
List fails without Beethoven's ninth

/only heard of 7 of those songs
/I'm old
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