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(CSPnet)   Heineken to change bottle for the first time since 1946. Drew left looking dazed, confused, green   ( divider line
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2012-10-09 02:53:12 PM  
4 votes:
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2012-10-09 04:11:50 PM  
3 votes:
I understand that they are giving away towels?
2012-10-09 02:47:21 PM  
3 votes:
Will Lootie still be able to recognize the bottle?
2012-10-09 04:09:22 PM  
2 votes:

Well I use Mac/Linux...: I've only tried two beers where I've taken one sip, then dumped the rest. Heineken, and Miller High Life. Heineken tastes like garbage, High Life like piss.

if you mix the two it'll taste like garbage someone pissed in
2012-10-09 09:31:34 PM  
1 vote:
Beer snobs in this thread.

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2012-10-09 05:38:56 PM  
1 vote:
I passed out drinking Busch Light and woke up with a Moosehead.
2012-10-09 05:29:37 PM  
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2012-10-09 05:27:44 PM  
1 vote:

ChipNASA: [ image 311x320]

There are some beers that just always seem to have a skunky bouquet like Molson Golden of Canada or Heineken of the Netherlands. I had just assumed that was how they were meant to be. I would be wrong. Skunkiness in beer is never a desirable feature for any brewer and is caused by light. A beer in a bottle, especially clear or green, is very susceptible to light. In particular, the bitter compounds in hops, isohumulones, break down very quickly and react with sulfur compounds in the beer. This produces MBT (3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol), which not only smells like skunk, but is chemically very similar to a skunk's spray. It only takes a matter of hours of light for a beer to go skunky.

Cans and kegs offer the best protection for beers, but to be perfectly honest, I think a canned beer tastes like aluminum. Brown bottles also protect beer fairly well. But clear or green glass leaves the beer practically defenseless. Pilsners in green glass bottles notoriously go skunky. It's best to keep beer in a dark refrigerator.

Ah, but how do you know the light goes out when you close the door?
2012-10-09 05:10:09 PM  
1 vote:
FACT: "Heineken" is the Dutch word for "urine."
2012-10-09 05:03:40 PM  
1 vote:
Red star on the label, commie beer.
2012-10-09 04:56:42 PM  
1 vote:
Hey, we have a market problem.
Let's change the package.

Not sure if any of the execs over at Heinie in a jug went to business school, but two things are standard in the beverage industry.
Tastes change, and maybe if people think your product sucks, then maybe your product sucks.
If people won't by a dog turd, don't try to sell me on it being packaged poorly.

Someone is getting burned over there.
Paying people to think like this.

I may only qualify for loading dock work in their little fantasy word, but at least I'm not being over paid to put weasel piss in a green bottle and call it amber - osia. Fark that.
I have intergity.

*swigs a Bud*
2012-10-09 04:46:51 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-10-09 04:43:07 PM  
1 vote:
But what if I prefer a short, stubby, ugly bottle?
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/hot like the Jamaican summer
2012-10-09 04:37:27 PM  
1 vote:

MikeSass: *laughs at people who say they don't like Heineken because it tastes skunky*

Why can't you losers simply admit that you just don't like beer? Fermented grain tastes like fermented grain. That pisswater Bud you drink is made with rice in order to take away all the beer flavor, so that patsies like you can still feel manly about yourselves when you say that you are a beer drinker. In reality, Bud is little more than a Zima without the citrus flavor added. It tastes nothing like beer, it hardly even looks like beer, and only qualifies as beer on a technicality.

Face just don't like beer. Which is ok, I'm not saying you should, or that you have to. Just trying to make sure you know how stupid what you are saying is.

While this isn't the dumbest thing I've ever read, it's definitely the dumbest thing I've read today.
2012-10-09 04:15:06 PM  
1 vote:

PainInTheASP: xynix: beantowndog: PainInTheASP: Personally I think that the best thing they could do would be to get rid of the stupid green bottle. Most of the time that I get Heineken these days, I find that it tastes skunky as hell. Maybe replacing the green bottle with a brown bottle will help this.

I thought that was how it was supposed to taste.

Yeah I think that's how it supposed to taste. It tasted the same exact way in Amsterdam at the brewery. Of course I was high as shiat but that just made my taste buds more attentive.

People like that shiat?!?! LOL. Then they would probably be better off just buying a case of Miller longnecks and leaving them in the sun for a month or so. Cheaper, anyway.

I have become quite accustomed to the taste now, considering its one of the only beers that I can drink that doesn't really flare up the ol gout
2012-10-09 04:12:18 PM  
1 vote:
gweilo8888: /come back when your tastebuds develop

what is this I don't even
2012-10-09 04:10:54 PM  
1 vote:
I don't always drink skunky beer, but when I do, I prefer Pabst Blue Ribbon . Stay thirsty, my friends.
2012-10-09 04:09:20 PM  
1 vote:
i used to drink. a lot. know what i found out?

you know that little empty gap at the top of a Heineken bottle where there is no beer up to the cap? you know what that is? a goddamn major farking headache the size of Texas just waiting to kick your ass the next morning when you wake up.

Heineken: because with a good marketing campaign, americans will believe anything from Europe is worth buying even if its utter pig swill.
2012-10-09 04:08:39 PM  
1 vote:
It doesn't add up to a rat's ass what the bottle looks like. The beer inside is what counts. How long has it been since Heineken has been a real beer?

And remember, folks, If face can't do it, your Heine-ken.
2012-10-09 03:08:13 PM  
1 vote:
Does the new neck break off with a satisfying crash and form into a razor sharp weapon at a moments notice? or will it render my foe unconscious as it harmlessly shatters in my ungloved hands
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