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(Townhall)   Obama's true believers may not want to know the truth. But there are millions of other people who have simply projected their own desires for a post-racial America onto Barack Obama   ( divider line
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2012-10-09 03:45:49 PM  
[accepts head skritch graciously]
2012-10-09 05:24:35 PM  

Kittypie070: Eshman 2012-10-09 03:03:56 PM

colon_pow 2012-10-09 01:31:24 PM
(farky'd as: I got Force-choked and I can't shut up! 7067733, 7229724, 7309648, 7324451)

let's not poke fun at people's fark handles, ok?

Sure thing dude.

[ image 200x200]

To the green with you.


Mildly Perplexed Cat is Mildly Perplexed.

All I did was post a cheap shot.

It's my Rigorous and Complex Favorite Color Coding System (RCFCCS™). Green = good (KittyPie) and Red = bad (colon_pow)
2012-10-09 05:39:17 PM  

NuttierThanEver: Romney's true believers may not want to know the truth. But there are millions of other people who have simply projected their own desires for a post-racial atavistic racist fears about urban black males in America onto Barack Obama

read Pres. Obama's books. you will see in his own words he has no love for whitey. none at all. "coiled black rage" is the term, if i recall correctly. check it out for yourself. he repeatedly speaks of his personal experiences, insights and observations. he shares his opinions, his thoughts. honky is not welcome at his dinner table.
2012-10-09 05:43:32 PM  

BeesNuts: hillbillypharmacist: I didn't vote for Obama to produce a post-racial America. Maybe a nice bonus if he moves us in that direction, but it's not the reason people voted for him.

I had Hoped his election signaled a potential step forward for race relations in this country. But then some angry conservatives Changed that message to "fire the uppity darky to keep America FREE!" and I realized I was going to have to cope with the fact that ignorant people stay ignorant forever.

I was actually a bit surprised anyone gave a shiat.

/Asperger's. It's wonderful sometimes.
2012-10-09 05:54:24 PM  

THX 1138: Mugato: Their Presidential candidate belongs to a religion that didn't think blacks were human until less than 35 years ago so yeah, they might have some catching up to do when it comes to racial issues.

Not only was Mitt Romney a member of that religion while that policy was in place, he was a devout, strict follower. And he wasn't a child simply following the example of his parents, he was in his thirties. A full-grown man with the capacity for independent thought and free will who intentionally embraced such an abhorrent idea.

There's a lot of shiat no one, even apparently the President just won't call him out on. Liberal media my ass.
2012-10-09 06:13:29 PM  
2012-10-09 07:00:02 PM  
[bats green toy offered by Eshman around happily]
2012-10-09 07:56:45 PM  

Kittypie070: [bats green toy offered by Eshman around happily]

Colon_pow flips the red bird to Eshman and goes on his merry way.
2012-10-10 02:53:28 AM  
[playfully bats colon_pow around with silly little paws]
2012-10-10 01:25:44 PM  

colon_pow: BeesNuts: Basically, Obama's been very cautious about playing to his audience. And IMO, for good reason.

is that how he won the debate?

Define "won". Is it who the press *says* won? Or is it who you personally felt more persuaded by.

What do you think the point of a debate is?
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