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(NBC News)   High school student wears Romney/Ryan T-shirt to class. Her teacher demands that she remove the shirt, leave the classroom, and go back to her Klan meeting   ( divider line
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2012-10-07 10:34:06 PM  
8 votes:
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2012-10-07 04:24:16 PM  
4 votes:
She was then picked up by DHS and sent to the FEMA re-education camp. That filthy trollup will learn our ways!
2012-10-07 11:02:26 PM  
3 votes:
This pretty much sums it up

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Now for you libtards that want to pull out your hair and scream at me. Normally I would spend an hour poking you with a stick, but I just got home and I'm a bit tired. So I'm just going to leave this here to express what I really believe about arguing with all you really amounts to. Then I'm going to go take a shower and watch a little TV.

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Night All...
2012-10-07 05:20:21 PM  
2 votes:
Them Juggalos and their crazy fashion statements.
2012-10-07 05:18:39 PM  
2 votes:
...her teacher told her to remove a Mitt Romney T-shirt she was wearing, comparing it to "wearing a KKK shirt."

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2012-10-07 04:59:34 PM  
2 votes:
Rumor has it on a site whose name I forgot from a certain poster that the kid was sent to Guantanamo. Disgusting. We used to send terrorists there. Now we send Republicans.
2012-10-07 04:55:43 PM  
2 votes:
This concerns me as much as the War on Christmas and Obamaphones.
2012-10-08 07:39:25 AM  
1 vote:

clkeagle: Despite how much I detest the Romney/Ryan ticket... this story really bothers me.

CSB time: spent three years with a girl whose family was ultra-ultra-partisan Democrat. Like to the point that her sister called me a "baby killer" when I came home in uniform. It took an extreme turn at the '04 election, when even her 8 year old brother couldn't get through a dinner without parroting "Bush is such an idiot."

At that moment, I swore my own children would never be indoctrinated like that. Now, when my 5 year old comes out and sees us laughing at Jon Stewart, we explain to her that everyone in this country gets to vote. And we personally think the president we have now is much better than Romney, but it's okay when other people disagree with us.

Obviously she'll pick up (or specifically rebel against) many of our biases just by being around us. But I'll be damned if my child will become a blind cult follower - even if it's my cult.

Back to the story - the student may just be AWing (both by wearing the shirt and by making a big deal out of this), but the teacher handled it really poorly. If a teacher wants to meddle politically, take 15 minutes out of your curriculum and encourage your students to have a structured debate. Especially on the topic of support for public education.

I do my best not to indoctrinate the wee ones, but there are just some things you can't explain. Like the time when my son and I were walking through a shopping center parking lot (he's 6 at the time), and someone backs out in front of us, almost knocking us over. The driver, unprompted, flicks us off and drives away. Sometimes kids want to know why people are acting strangely. I looked at the rear of the car, and it was filled with NOBama and Bush stickers. I said, "don't worry about it. He's a Republican."
2012-10-07 10:51:18 PM  
1 vote:

Cymbal: rynthetyn: gingerjet: Girl From The North Country: You know how I know this is fake? Any kid who would wear a Romney t-shirt is clearly homeschooled.

I know a number of families who homeschool their kids - and its largely due to idiot teachers like this one. And they're liberals.

/and scientists in most cases
//homeschooling because local schools suck or full of fundies
///the more diverse the education options the better I say

I was homeschooled, and while my parents were conservative, their reasons for homeschooling were more to do with people like the idiot teacher my brother had who taught them that the reason the Panama Canal was dug was because they wanted to divide North and South America. Most of my homeschooled friends from high school are doing stuff in the sciences or engineering and tech stuff now, I think at least in part because we all had parents who emphasized math and science's importance as being non-negotiable.

My siblings and I did get dragged along to a lot of Republican stuff growing up on the grounds that it was "educational," which I think it was. Although I'm not anywhere near a conservative Republican now, seeing the behind the scenes part of how political parties operate was hugely useful and educational. It's why I don't really have a problem with parents bringing their kids along to political events--even tea party ones, so long as the parents aren't trotting the kids out to give speeches or something (no kid should have to live down youtube videos of their middle school political opinions). I had no illusions about how the government and democracy and elections actually work because I saw so much before I was even old enough to vote.

I know a guy at work and his kids are homeschooled. His wife is the one who made the decision though. He was completely against it but hey, she's got the pussy. Anyways, I always joke with him that if his wife is smart and knowledgeable enough to homeschool their kids, then she should be smart and ...

We have people who homeschool where I work (I'm an engineer). They are also very versed in the defense of home schooling. I have heard all of it despite once never questioning their choice; they just seem naturally defensive on the subject. They are also very churchy/religious people and tend to be bothered that I do not attend a church. I have found a perfect way to troll them on the issue though. I got ordained as a minister on the internet and tell them I "Home Church". While they want to criticize it, any criticism would mirror that of a home school criticism. Now they generally avoid the subject with me.
2012-10-07 10:16:57 PM  
1 vote:

Warlordtrooper: If a liberal wore an Obama T-shirt into a conservative teachers classroom how many would bet they would do the same thing.

The difference is every conservative on the planet would be defending the teacher. Instead what we have here is liberals with the "yournothelping.jpg" and condemning the teacher for doing exactly what a conservative would do if the situation were reversed. Time for liberals to grow a spine. I for one applaud this teacher for standing up to a conservative.


A teacher criticizing the political choice of a student, at least in this particular situation, doesn't quite count as "standing up to a conservative." I sorta agree with teacher's views, but she should've either kept her mouth shut or find a more elegant way to express them.

Conservatives probably would be defending the teacher if the situation was reversed, but that's not a justification for acting exactly like them.
2012-10-07 09:13:40 PM  
1 vote:

indylaw: cman: loveblondieo: Here's another article naming the teacher and reporting on some of the backlash she's gotten.

FTA: Sophomore Samantha Pawlucy said Gaymon called her out for wearing the shirt and told her it was analogous to the teacher, who is black, wearing a KKK shirt.

Jesus, a teacher said this?

We all know that we can always take the uncorroborated word of a partisan child hack as gospel.

[ image 515x386]

Yeah it usually ends badly.
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2012-10-07 09:13:09 PM  
1 vote:

abb3w: From another article, Romney's stance on late term abortions, apparently.

Does she not wear the shirt on weeks when he is pro-choice? You can't help but wonder in situations like this. Do people scrape off and re-apply Romney bumper stickers when he changes his mind?
2012-10-07 08:59:32 PM  
1 vote:
You know how I know this is fake? Any kid who would wear a Romney t-shirt is clearly homeschooled.
2012-10-07 08:28:01 PM  
1 vote:

Lionel Mandrake: DubyaHater: I guarantee if she was wearing an Obama/Biden t-shirt, everyone in this thread would be crying racism.

I guarantee you're wrong.

So there.

I would actually be sobbing racism, not really crying it.
2012-10-07 08:10:06 PM  
1 vote:

abb3w: Here, however, the principal made the teacher apologize, and there's an investigation ongoing.

You've no evidence for the proposition that the principal made the teacher apologize. At least not from this article. It's possible the teacher sincerely felt bad about what may very well have been a genuine misunderstanding.

It isn't that difficult imagine a teacher adopting a faux over-the-top tone and saying those things in jest. I said out loud, for example, that "my son can be gay if we wants, or religious if he wants, or whatever the hell he wants. Except a Republican. I'll disown him if he's a Republican."

I obviously don't mean it. Clearly I'll disown him for being religious too.


See how that works?

I love my boy unconditionally. I wouldn't disown him under any circumstances. But I can already see the headline if some biased reporter with a right-wing agenda got ahold of those words in a story worth reporting them: "Bigoted Liberal Threatens to Disown Son for Being Religious, Republican."
2012-10-07 08:05:35 PM  
1 vote:
You, you, and you. Your clothing offends me. Remove it immediately!

/and then come to my quarters.
//After bathing, of course.
2012-10-07 07:47:58 PM  
1 vote:

Lorelle: If the kid doesn't understand the potential consequences of wearing such a shirt, perhaps she shouldn't wear it in the first place. It's quite obvious that her parents put her up to it.

I hope you're trolling. There should be no potential consequences for wearing "such a shirt" unless it defies an explicit universal dress code for everyone.

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Wore this in the 1980's to Junior High school. No issues. Wore it once to my Civics's teacher's house with some friends. And there...I ran into some problems. But that's his house, after all.
2012-10-07 07:41:13 PM  
1 vote:

tenpoundsofcheese: You are lying again.
I never said

Well, even if you can't admit it to yourself, I won't hold it against you.

Troll on, li'l buddy
2012-10-07 07:22:17 PM  
1 vote:
teacher tell student to remove shirt

Was she hot???
2012-10-07 06:12:55 PM  
1 vote:

Mike_LowELL: Rumor has it on a site whose name I forgot from a certain poster that the kid was sent to Guantanamo. Disgusting. We used to send terrorists there. Now we send Republicans.

That's redundant.
2012-10-07 04:40:56 PM  
1 vote:
Meh, I'll wait to get outraged by this in a Fw: fw: FW: Fw: Fw: fw: FW: email
2012-10-07 03:43:51 PM  
1 vote:
Dress codes. How wurk?
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