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(The New York Times)   This just in: students prefer pizza, cookies, fries, to carrots, fruit, beans, in their school lunches. For more on this late-breaking story, here's crack reporter Ric Romero   ( divider line
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2012-10-06 01:34:14 PM  
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Fano: Vangor: Adolescents prefer foods with simpler but pronounced tastes because nuanced gustatory and olfactory perception have not developed in them. Find foods which are salty, sweet, bitter, sour, or savory and healthy, and you will shift the behaviors of the students. However, this has to start early because the assumptions influence perception of taste, and when students see healthy foods after years of junk, well the healthy foods are dismissed as disgusting or flavorless.

My girlfriend being Indian, she cooks a lot of vegetarian food that is quite healthy and tasty. As opposed to a lot of American vegetarian cuisine, which appears to be boiled veggies on a plate, or ersatz versions of meat foods (eggplant lasagna, tofu burgers) that appear ashamed to be made of plant material.

It doesn't help that all the ads for fast food seem fun, while ads for healthy eating make it clearly for squares. Especially when they try to make it "rad."

No food is more radical than pizza. That's science.
2012-10-06 01:21:56 PM  
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whistleridge: *gasp*

Surely not! Why, next you'll be telling me they prefer playing video games and making out to going to class! Whatever is our great nation coming to?

The clear answer is to cancel classes and set up a series of hidden alcoves with xboxes in them.
2012-10-06 03:33:04 PM  
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Yamaneko2: PallMall: FTA: "Courtney Rowe, a spokeswoman for the United States Department of Agriculture, which sets school food regulations, said that despite the complaints about lighter lunches, federal audits showed the average high school lunch before this year contained only 730 calories, less than the minimum number of calories they must now contain, 750."

So despite complaints about not enough calories, they've actually reduced calories even more this year.

[ image 125x150]

Reading FAIL. From TFA:

Average calories of earlier lunches, before the regulations: 730,

Minimum calories after the regulations: 750.

The lunches have at least 20 more calories now than they used to.

It's also bizarre that students throw away half their lunch and then complain that the lunch is not large enough.

"Not large enough" is kid-speak for "doesn't have enough Doritos."
2012-10-06 01:27:58 PM  
1 vote:
Is Rick Romero related to Ric Romero?
2012-10-06 01:24:13 PM  
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Am I the only one who wants to slap the shiat out this younger generation and tell them to stop their biatchin'?
2012-10-06 12:17:54 PM  
1 vote:
Newsflash: trying to drastically alter an ingrained brainwashing effect of providing the junkiest of junk foods to children for years doesn't actually work 100% from the very start, especially if those kids can still be tempted by that processed crap from outside sources (such as lazy/ignorant parents).
2012-10-06 09:00:19 AM  
1 vote:

Surely not! Why, next you'll be telling me they prefer playing video games and making out to going to class! Whatever is our great nation coming to?
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