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(YouTube)   My Canadian friend swore in as an American citizen yesterday. Help me think of a funny yard sign for his house   (youtube.com) divider line 64
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2012-10-05 12:43:12 PM  
5 votes:
Any sign you make should be translated into French, then have the translation crossed out
2012-10-05 12:28:43 PM  
5 votes:
2012-10-05 11:37:22 AM  
4 votes:
Under Martin's Law, this sign is intended to inform you that the occupant of this house was, at one point, registered as a Canadian with the US Government.
2012-10-05 11:30:51 AM  
4 votes:
2012-10-05 12:28:52 PM  
3 votes:

Keigh: i feel like we need a limerick for this.

My friend is a former Canuck
Who relocated south, like a duck
His enjoyment did shorten
Cuz there's no Tim Horton's
and now he just says "Well, oh fark"
2012-10-05 12:16:03 PM  
3 votes:
I Gave Up Universal Health Care
(and all I got was this lousy yard sign)
2012-10-05 01:07:45 PM  
2 votes:
Je n'ai plus d'écrire des signes en français aussi!
2012-10-05 12:45:42 PM  
2 votes:
"I've made a huge mistake"
2012-10-05 12:44:32 PM  
2 votes:
"Now I have the right to pay $500,000 or die of a treatable disease, God Bless America"
2012-10-05 12:33:07 PM  
2 votes:
2012-10-05 12:29:24 PM  
2 votes:
2012-10-05 12:28:57 PM  
2 votes:

Goodbye ...

... Hello

2012-10-05 12:27:41 PM  
2 votes:
"Sweet, I can get NHL tickets for $20 each here"
2012-10-05 12:21:05 PM  
2 votes:
Welcome to America, home of the Stanley Cup
2012-10-05 12:10:22 PM  
2 votes:
2012-10-05 11:52:09 AM  
2 votes:
Get him in good with his neighbors-

2012-10-05 11:50:35 AM  
2 votes:

Keigh: i feel like we need a limerick for this.

My friend aced his test yesterday
Said "I'm moving down south right away,
This country is fine,
But I must speak my mind,
The beer sucks, I'm sorry to say."
2012-10-05 11:43:33 AM  
2 votes:
[Thanks First Amendment!]
2012-10-05 11:38:37 AM  
2 votes:
Just put a bunch of rocks in his yard. He'll enjoy moving them around with his broom.
2012-10-05 05:22:21 PM  
1 votes:
"Yes! I am a citizen! Now which way to the welfare office? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I work, I work."
2012-10-05 03:58:48 PM  
1 votes:
No more:




2012-10-05 02:19:47 PM  
1 votes:

rushthatspeaks: Male or female friend? Which are you? What were they doing in Canada and why are they coming here now and how did you become friends?

Now THAT is a weird sign.
2012-10-05 02:01:52 PM  
1 votes:
Go Bruins!
2012-10-05 01:51:03 PM  
1 votes:
I don't know but I'm liking all the responses with U.S.Eh. in them. Highly recommend.
2012-10-05 01:44:01 PM  
1 votes:
"I did WHAT? Ahw F*ck!"
2012-10-05 01:43:36 PM  
1 votes:
First Celine, then Justin, now this Dude?
Jeez Canada, do you hate us THAT much?
2012-10-05 01:13:22 PM  
1 votes:

or if he wishes to offend his 'new' neighbors:

2012-10-05 12:59:25 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:55:21 PM  
1 votes:
"I claim this land for Canada!"
2012-10-05 12:49:08 PM  
1 votes:

grokca: Free Geography Lessons

2012-10-05 12:47:14 PM  
1 votes:
Why, yes
Yes I have lost my farking mind
Why do you ask?
2012-10-05 12:44:38 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:44:05 PM  
1 votes:

paswa17: Any sign you make should be translated into French, then have the translation crossed out

and changed to Spanish, obviously.
2012-10-05 12:41:22 PM  
1 votes:
No longer apologizing for:

Brian Boitano, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Howie Mandel, Justin Bieber, Mike Myers, Tom Green, William Shatner, or Nickelback.
2012-10-05 12:40:51 PM  
1 votes:
Turd Sandwich/Giant Douche

/so it's bipartisan
2012-10-05 12:36:41 PM  
1 votes:

TheOther: American at Home
Canadian Abroad

Cause nothing says "please don't think I'm American and kill me, eh?" like a maple leaf patch on a back pack.
2012-10-05 12:30:43 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:25:04 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:22:37 PM  
1 votes:
I can finally watch a team that might win the Stanley Cup!
2012-10-05 12:21:55 PM  
1 votes:

E5K1M0: Dead N****r Storage

That's funny enough for a month of TF...
2012-10-05 12:20:44 PM  
1 votes:
My football fields are now 100 yards long, as God intended.
2012-10-05 12:20:19 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:19:02 PM  
1 votes:
Dead N****r Storage
2012-10-05 12:15:49 PM  
1 votes:
Goodbye Metric System
2012-10-05 12:15:07 PM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 12:13:43 PM  
1 votes:
How about a Tim Horton's sign.
2012-10-05 12:12:59 PM  
1 votes:
vpb [TotalFark]
2012-10-05 12:07:41 PM  
1 votes:
If you make a call to the right people and tell them he is a Muslim you won't even have to make the sign yourself.

2012-10-05 12:00:45 PM  
1 votes:

Endive Wombat: JerseyTim: Finally, real bacon!

I like this one

Yeah, that one is good, along with the Attention DHS: A foreigner no longer lives here.

Since this is green I'll have to forward him the link. Nothing says "Welcome to America" better than being mocked on the internet.
2012-10-05 11:56:27 AM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 11:55:47 AM  
1 votes:

Endive Wombat: JerseyTim: Finally, real bacon!

I like this one

You do realize that "Canadian Bacon" is actually just relabeled American ham. Don't get me started on California Chablis....
2012-10-05 11:52:49 AM  
1 votes:

JerseyTim: Finally, real bacon!

I like this one
2012-10-05 11:42:32 AM  
1 votes:
Make a Canadian Bacon reference.
2012-10-05 11:40:28 AM  
1 votes:
Howe/Crosby '12
It's Aboot Time
2012-10-05 11:38:00 AM  
1 votes:
I got your Loonies right here!
2012-10-05 11:37:13 AM  
1 votes:
Seeing as there will be no hockey due to the lockout
I said `F**k it, eh! I'm joining the fat ones for Armored Wank Ball'.
(Notice the absent `u' in "armour".)
2012-10-05 11:36:13 AM  
1 votes:
A midfield 50 yard line.
2012-10-05 11:35:47 AM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 11:35:46 AM  
1 votes:
Harper/Chrétien 2012.
2012-10-05 11:34:33 AM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 11:33:56 AM  
1 votes:
2012-10-05 11:31:30 AM  
1 votes:
Subbette here. My friends and I have a history of pranking each others yards, so it seems fitting that we should do something for this. My friend is turning 40 next week and he just took his Amerian citizenship test and swore in a day ago. He's a nice, nerdy engineering-type guy who probably scored one of the highest marks on the test.

I have an idea for a cake that I'm bringing to a party tomorrow, but I'm drawing a blank on any clever yard signs, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
2012-10-05 11:30:21 AM  
1 votes:
i feel like we need a limerick for this.
2012-10-05 11:28:44 AM  
1 votes:
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