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(Sun Sentinel)   It's the kind of crime that happens in offices everyday across the nation and it's anything but victimless: Lunch theft. "Wasn't that strawberry yogurt delicious?"   ( divider line
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2012-10-06 08:47:56 PM  

Silverstaff: Bathia_Mapes: Ended up buying a lock for my bedroom & borrowed a dorm fridge from a friend of mine to keep my stuff in until the houseguest moved out. About a month after she left my roommate got his phone bill and there were over $200 in long distance charges. House guest apparently thought it was okay to call her friends & family in another state and have long, drawn out conversations.

Got a similar story about telephone problems with a roommate.

The same guy who scarfed down my entire pot roast was a huge cheapskate. When I first moved in with him, in '99, I brought my computer with me. He didn't have a computer of his own, he used the computers in the labs on campus. He was amazed to have a PC in the apartment. I had a dial-up modem, so he quickly subscribed to a local internet service.

Everquest had just come out, and I was playing it some. He was freaking addicted though. He would play it basically whenever he wasn't in class, on my computer (in the living room), on the dial-up connection.

After the first month or so of living there, we get a phone bill. It was for over $400. Apparently, in his prior attempts to be a cheapskate, he got a phone package so bare-bones it didn't even come with unlimited local calls. He said if he only made a few calls every month it actually was a little cheaper this way.

He demanded I pay him $200+ for my share of the phone bill. I pointed out to him that nobody in their right mind has a local phone plan with per-minute calling in the year 1999, that I would have not been getting online if I knew he had that, and he was on way more than I was. Basically I told him I'd pay half of a normal phone bill, but his screwed up price plan was his issue. He called the phone company and begged, lied and pleaded until they put him on an unlimited local price plan and cut the balance due in half, he still whined for as long as I would live there about how I wouldn't pay "my half" of the phone bill.

Given that he soon was thr ...

What an idiot.
2012-10-06 10:29:58 PM  

Agent Smiths Laugh: Fissile: When I was in college, I had a part time job working for a dude who would bring a pickle to lunch every day. The rest of his lunch menu varied, but he always had to have that pickle. It got to be a joke with everyone who worked there...."Steve and his farking pickle".

One day I sneaked into his office and stole that pickle, showed everyone what I had done, and then flung it onto the roof of the building. Sure enough, when lunch rolled around, Steve came out of his office in an absolute rage, demanding to know who stole his pickle. I mean the dude was red in the face. We all were laughing until I told him that his beloved pickle was on the roof. I told him that if he liked pickles, he'd really like sun-dried pickles. What happened next none of us expected: Steve fired me on the spot.

Later that day I got a call from the business owner, and was told to come back to work on my next scheduled day. When I showed up for work, I found that Steve was still POed about his pickle, and he told me that he wasn't joking about firing me, and told me to get the fark out of the building. The owner overhead the yelling and came out of his office, turned to Steve and said, "Steve, fark you and your pickle."

I wonder if you'll ever recognize how you and the owner were the assholes of this story.


Maybe, but the fact remains that no one liked Steve.
2012-10-07 03:36:17 AM  
> Maybe, but the fact remains that no one liked Steve.

Ah, so it's okay to be a middle-school bully towards someone as long as they're unpopular.
2012-10-07 10:03:00 AM  

Fnordia: > Maybe, but the fact remains that no one liked Steve.

Ah, so it's okay to be a middle-school bully towards someone as long as they're unpopular.


Actually, it was Steve who was the bully. It was a little game the business owners played. They would find a good little Nazi, like Steve, to push around the grunts, while they hid in their offices. Eventually, guys like Steve would become so unpopular that it became disruptive to the overall operation of the business. At that point the owners would pretend that they had no idea what was going on, and fire the guy who was doing the dirty work for them. So after Steve who got fired, and replaced with another Hitler Youth type. Moral of the story: Never do anyone's dirty work. That's why I didn't have any sympathy for Steve. I dislike sleazy, manipulative people, but have complete contempt for their brown-nosing enforcers.
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