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(BusinessWeek)   T-Mobile and Metro PCS to merge. AT&T announces new "She Was Mine First" fee (link fixed)   ( divider line
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2012-10-04 11:20:33 PM  
I would give Carly Foulkes the most disappointing 30 seconds of her life. Repeatedly.
2012-10-05 10:37:33 PM  
Here's the deal folks...

Enormous-Schwanstucker: Thats correct. As MPCS is a much smaller carrier I'd imagine they're going to convert over to GSM eventually.

No. metroPCS is already 100% LTE with shared diversity for CDMA. They are the first company worldwide to run trials for VoLTE which would eventually mean the decommissioning of CDMA. VZ is planning to do it as is ATT. Spring is lagging behind with their own plans for LTE and T-Mobile currently uses HSPA+ which is a bachaul based 4G technology.

I work in wireless and to me, it looks as though this makes perfect sense. The Technologies are not compatible but it wont matter. T-Mobile will operate as the postpaid, contract brand on GSM while allowing MetroPCS to exist as the prepaid brand on CDMA. Around 2014, Tmobile will have to shove Metro and their own customers on the legacy GSM and CDMA networks over to LTE. This transition is by all accounts going to take until at least 2015. The merger allows the new company to operate 20x20MHz LTE spectrum in post markets which is screamin fast. This play allows the new company to offer the I-Phone without raping the network. The transition takes time but it will likely mean redundancy of network assets which works out as metroPCS has a newer network. T-Mobile has also signed on with Ericsson as their LTE provider which is the same manufacturer that MetroPCS, VZ and ATT use.

So, Transfer the company, offer LTE over T-mobile's spectrum and then gracefully decomission both networks to LTE with ample spectrum to handle the demands. The fact that T-Mobile and MetroPCS have their own cell techs puts them at an advantage over Sprint, Who farms their network ops over to E///, making it effectively the laughing stock of the industry. Where I work now, we occasionally check out their ECP pages just to laugh at all the sites in red.
2012-10-05 10:41:59 PM  

MegaUngawa: As it currently sits, Metro is just leasing their connectivity from Sprint,

No they dont. metroPCS operates their own networks in Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, NYC, Boston, Philly, DFW, Houston, Detroit, Vegas, LA, and Sacramento. The gaps are filled via a roaming agreement with sprint.
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