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(Talking Points Memo)   It's President Obama versus Mitt Romney in their first televised debate. Will Obama come out swinging? Will Romney emote? It's your official 2012 Presidential Debate discussion thread. The fun begins at 9PM Eastern   ( ) divider line
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2012-10-03 10:11:02 PM  
Good sequence by Obama on Romney's vagueness.
2012-10-03 10:11:03 PM  

kab: Death panels!

This thread needs some winterwhile.

No... it really doesn't
2012-10-03 10:11:05 PM  
Aaaw shiat. Obama finally nailed Rombot for his vagueness.
2012-10-03 10:11:06 PM  

HST's Dead Carcass: ShuyaNanahara: I'm thrilled you don't vote. I'm sure your brilliant political insights are totally swaying some undecided Farkers, though. Keep up the great work!

View Of A Centrist

So, because you're guy is not doing so well, you attack me, because it's much easier to attempt to discredit me instead of admitting Obama is coming off completely flat tonight.

It's not my fault.

If you have to preface everything with "View Of A Centrist", you might want to think about whether you're actually providing a view of a centrist, or you're just concern trolling.
2012-10-03 10:11:06 PM  

Bschott007: Damn it, Mr. President....Step it up!

This is like watching Manny Pacquiao getting an ass kicking from Peter Buckley.

Seriously, The President didn't bring his A game.


I can only agree with this.

Sure, Romney is just saying what he thinks Americans want to hear, and will do none of it, but he's coming off stronger.

Obama is doing good defending his stances, but there in lies the problem: He's on the defensive.
2012-10-03 10:11:13 PM  
the reason is the math doesn't add up
2012-10-03 10:11:14 PM  
Because they're too good?
2012-10-03 10:11:15 PM  
fark me, lehrer.
2012-10-03 10:11:16 PM  
I'm keeping it a secret because it's TOO GOOD!
2012-10-03 10:11:17 PM  

bdub77: Basically Romney doesn't have a plan.

Cleveland Clinic WAHH?

You mean the non-profit Cleveland Clinc?
2012-10-03 10:11:17 PM  
The feed I'm getting from C-Span is almost as crappy as the candidates.
2012-10-03 10:11:18 PM  
Boom went Obama. Boom.
2012-10-03 10:11:18 PM  
The more a politician campaigns by saying the government is evil, the more I know that guy has absolutely no business getting elected. That would be like me for applying for a job at Micky D's while whining about their food because I'm a vegetarian.
2012-10-03 10:11:20 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:20 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:21 PM  

GleeUnit: So Obamacare is a government takeover again? ok.

He's not going to grab the undecideds with that, I think they're smarter than that.
2012-10-03 10:11:23 PM  
And Obama drops the hammer.
2012-10-03 10:11:24 PM  

Will-Mun: coco ebert: Romney looks agitated.

Looks? The man looks like he's about to blast off he's so amped.

Its called aggression, which libtards don't understand.
2012-10-03 10:11:25 PM  
Romney over-rides Lehrer again.
2012-10-03 10:11:26 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:27 PM  
you don't always have to get the last word, you farking twirp!
2012-10-03 10:11:28 PM  

Blowmonkey: Dude, Jim Lehrehreerere is goddam awful. He can't control this debate in any meaningful way and is way overstepping in giving Romney opportunities.

Yeah, they're both pretty much disregarding him.
He needs a remote that gives them a shock.
2012-10-03 10:11:29 PM  
Good lord. Romney is such a little biatch has to have the last word on everything.
2012-10-03 10:11:30 PM  
Romney's interrupting the moderator again.
2012-10-03 10:11:31 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:32 PM  

NorCalLos: I think the topics so far are favoring Romney.

The ABC pre-game was all about how awesome Romney was going to be and how much Obama was going to lie.

Interpret as you want.

Hey, Romney! You can't make up the rules you fark!
2012-10-03 10:11:33 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:33 PM  

2012-10-03 10:11:33 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:35 PM  

eddievercetti: Oh the polls are gonna be so close after this.

Looking at the last 16 presidential debates, the most polls have ever shifted was a little over 2 points after GWB got his ass kicked in the first debate in 2004. The debates happen late enough that too many people have made up their minds, making a big shift unlikely unless there's a huge scandal. Things will tighten a bit, but expecting the race to suddenly be neck-and-neck after one debate is to ignore the history of the impact that debates have on elections.
2012-10-03 10:11:35 PM  
omg romney seriously are you a child
2012-10-03 10:11:36 PM  
Need to give Rmoney more time.... just for fairness
2012-10-03 10:11:36 PM  
Obama is dropping the BOOM now. Biatch slap, game over.
2012-10-03 10:11:36 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:39 PM  
Did Obama wait that long for that pimpslap? Ok!
2012-10-03 10:11:39 PM  
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mitt "Last Word" Romney!
2012-10-03 10:11:45 PM  
Obama uses Romney's own words to choke him, like a noose......
2012-10-03 10:11:46 PM  
2012-10-03 10:11:46 PM  

erveek: I think Obama is waiting until closing statements to call Romney on his outright lies.

Which is odd, since Jim will just give Mitt the last word like he's been doing all night.

My theory was Obama is figuring all the networks will just call out Romney out on his lies.

Fox News won't, but, anybody who watches Fox News seriously was never going to vote for Obama anyway.
2012-10-03 10:11:47 PM  
Good god, Romney's acting like a petulant child. "I GET TO RESPOND, WAAAH."
2012-10-03 10:11:49 PM  
Matt Yglesias @mattyglesias
Debate is fascinating. If you took it remotely seriously, you'd learn negative information about both candidates' policies.
2012-10-03 10:11:51 PM  
"Shut Up Jim. Now, as I was saying, I don't just steamroll over my opponents...." ~ Romney
2012-10-03 10:11:51 PM  
Ray-gun drink
2012-10-03 10:11:52 PM  
Jim needs to tell Romney to stfu.
2012-10-03 10:11:52 PM  
Last Word Mitt.
2012-10-03 10:11:53 PM  
JIm Lerer is taking it right up the ass from Romney. Get rid of this asshole moderater.
2012-10-03 10:11:53 PM  


2012-10-03 10:11:54 PM  
Romney, you cocksucker! You do not always get the last word. What a bully.
2012-10-03 10:11:54 PM  
WTF Lehrer.
2012-10-03 10:11:54 PM  
I'm beginning to wonder what Jim's price was.
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