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(WWE)   Will someone else kick Mick Foley to see if a Ryberg pops out? Who will Big Show fist tonight? Will the Daniel Bryan/Kane slashfic continue? Can there be a show without John Cena and Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly? It's WWE Monday Night Raw, 8 PM on USA   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Mick Foley, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Ryberg, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels  
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191 clicks; posted to Sports » on 01 Oct 2012 at 7:00 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-01 08:15:51 PM  
Vickie and Paul Heyman could never work together.

Their combined heat would eat a hole through the Earth's crust and burn out the core.
2012-10-01 08:15:59 PM  
Yeaaaaa chucks!!!!!
2012-10-01 08:16:01 PM  
Oh, c'mon, we already heard this song 3 times!
2012-10-01 08:16:17 PM  

KellyKellyKelly: Tenor Reaper: Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I'm not sad to see Kelly go. But I'm bitter and irrational. Go be thin and bad at running the ropes elsewhere. BAH. XO

Apparently she's asking $10K per appearance on the indy circuit. How about no.

Wow, seriously?
2012-10-01 08:16:37 PM  
Double secret probation!
2012-10-01 08:17:15 PM  
2012-10-01 08:17:19 PM  
2012-10-01 08:17:22 PM  

Jeez DB
2012-10-01 08:17:24 PM  

KellyKellyKelly: Double secret probation!

AJ's cup size is 0.00

/Not that there's anything wrong with that if you're into that

2012-10-01 08:17:26 PM  
Ajs intro graphics remind me of the cartoon Jem circa 1988
2012-10-01 08:17:38 PM  
What an executive coach may look like
2012-10-01 08:17:42 PM  
2012-10-01 08:17:50 PM  
I don't even care how we got here but

2012-10-01 08:17:50 PM  
IIIIIIIII am the general manager's coaching team!
2012-10-01 08:17:50 PM  
Forget the segment.

Can we just get Ziggler, Punk, and Bryan to have a match for the next three hours?
2012-10-01 08:17:54 PM  
Oh, just NO. Never mind.
2012-10-01 08:18:15 PM  
Daniel Bryan, you should apologize for loosing that thing on us all.
2012-10-01 08:18:20 PM  
I are the tag team champions!
2012-10-01 08:18:45 PM  
Is DB twirling his mustache in the most evil fashion possible? Is he a 1920s villain.
2012-10-01 08:18:50 PM  
Daniel Bryan is the best thing going in wrestling today. NOOOOOO!
2012-10-01 08:18:54 PM  
Mustache-twirling! This is the most awesomest man ever!
2012-10-01 08:18:57 PM  
DB's beard is getting bigger than Eric Youngs
2012-10-01 08:19:12 PM
2012-10-01 08:19:16 PM  
I am good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like me
2012-10-01 08:19:29 PM  
"I'm the tag team champions" is the best line in months.
2012-10-01 08:19:34 PM  
2012-10-01 08:19:35 PM  

*fire pyro*
2012-10-01 08:19:40 PM  
Can we get any more awesome in that ring right now?

Oh wait, here comes Kane. I think that answers my question.
2012-10-01 08:19:46 PM  
Do I get a Wizard gif?
2012-10-01 08:19:59 PM
2012-10-01 08:20:00 PM  
kane/bryan vs ziggles/punk playa
2012-10-01 08:20:07 PM  
DB looks more and more homeless every week
2012-10-01 08:20:24 PM  
Please let Bryan/Kane vs. Ziggler/Punk be an hour long main event
2012-10-01 08:20:30 PM  
......on my 3 foot dong
2012-10-01 08:20:36 PM  
"She is a phenomenal kisser!"

"No, she's not!"
2012-10-01 08:20:39 PM  

oh Kane
2012-10-01 08:21:03 PM  
What number should we set to say "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"
2012-10-01 08:21:12 PM  
2012-10-01 08:21:19 PM  
Ok, I love the I'M THE GM vs. I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS vs. I'M THE BEST IN THE WORLD debates in the ring
2012-10-01 08:21:25 PM  
Ah and everyone holding their trophies!

AJ breakdown FTW
2012-10-01 08:21:25 PM  

silgryphon: DB's beard is getting bigger than Eric Youngs

/we've reached the point where Kane is probably the best thing going in the ring at this point (Ziggler and Vickie excepted)
2012-10-01 08:21:54 PM  
So.....who is the executive coach, if there is a tag match then.....HOLD ON A MINUTE PLAYA
2012-10-01 08:22:02 PM  
Tag team match playa
2012-10-01 08:22:08 PM  
A tag match?

2012-10-01 08:22:18 PM  
Aj shrieking louder than vicki? I didnt think she had it in her
2012-10-01 08:22:24 PM
2012-10-01 08:22:27 PM  
wow, they really named them Hell No, that is awesome
2012-10-01 08:22:29 PM  

TheManofPA: So.....who is the executive coach, if there is a tag match then.....HOLD ON A MINUTE PLAYA

Vince doesn't expect anyone to remember what happened 45 seconds ago.
2012-10-01 08:22:36 PM  
AJ not giving Punk any respect.
2012-10-01 08:22:46 PM  
So the main event is a heel WWE champion who is more of a face than Cena and a heel MITB who gets cheers vs. a heel tag team that everyone loves?
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