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537662 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Nov 2003 at 9:24 PM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-26 05:59:11 PM  
Holy fark... nice garbanzos.
2003-11-26 06:31:03 PM  
Ai caramba!
2003-11-26 06:37:11 PM  
I'm not really "with" the slang of today's crazy kids there Sven but I'll assume you're expressing appreciation for the young lady's bosom.. with which I must agree.
2003-11-26 06:40:09 PM  
Feh. Cash-before-Gash site.
2003-11-26 06:42:28 PM  
She is Texan. I am Texan. Coincidence? I think not.
2003-11-26 08:12:16 PM  
Rode hard, and put up wet.

2003-11-26 08:22:40 PM  
I still prefer Angelina, no doubt ;-)
2003-11-26 09:27:07 PM

2003-11-26 09:28:12 PM  

I was thinking the same thing...
2003-11-26 09:29:15 PM  
scary left nipple, anyone?
2003-11-26 09:29:17 PM  

Rat [TotalFark]
2003-11-26 09:31:06 PM  
ummm...she needs my phone number, I'll work out that whole she's skank thing some other time, if you don't mind.

2003-11-26 09:33:32 PM  
1.21Gigawatts what? You've not been hot waxed? Yo...time to learn up. Them little drips cause lots of other little drips.

Talk about candle power.

2003-11-26 09:35:03 PM  
A Texan you say, then there's nothing on that page that her brothers haven't already seen.

2003-11-26 09:37:03 PM  

well, there are some three-syllable words
2003-11-26 09:38:35 PM  
2003-11-26 09:35:03 PM Onceler

A Texan you say, then there's nothing on that page that her brothers haven't already seen.

Should read...

that her brothers haven't already "seen."

(I was born and raised in TX, so I am qualified to speak of such things.)
2003-11-26 09:39:08 PM  
1.21, exactly.
2003-11-26 09:39:40 PM  
Uhh... Where the crap did that last picture come from?

/running to left field
2003-11-26 09:39:42 PM  
yeah, i'm doing pretty well on this thread
2003-11-26 09:40:29 PM  
Fark has outdone itself this time.
2003-11-26 09:40:55 PM  

I don't see anything wrong with that picture.

2003-11-26 09:41:37 PM  
re: I'm not really "with" the slang of today's crazy kids

ha. that slang probably existed before you did.
2003-11-26 09:43:36 PM  
I'd like to slap her Texas Toast with some of my man butter. mmmmmmm......toast.......
2003-11-26 09:45:27 PM  
More of this fine girl

Here's some more

I want everyone to say thank you to slimshaydee
2003-11-26 09:46:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

That's what I call a night light

2003-11-26 09:46:40 PM  
Zounds, those mounds!
2003-11-26 09:47:18 PM  
I think I would like to mess with this
2003-11-26 09:49:36 PM  
thank you slimshaydee
2003-11-26 09:49:52 PM  
This one has a few pink shots


Sorry about the last 1 i forgot to add NSFW
2003-11-26 09:50:34 PM  
still no box-shots.. by that I mean pictures of her on a box... of course...
2003-11-26 09:50:51 PM  
I dont know..i cant quite get past them big ol turbo nipples...things look like a Texans belt buckle only less shiny
2003-11-26 09:52:28 PM  
I'd show her the best 60 seconds of her life.
2003-11-26 09:55:18 PM  
thank you, thank you helped me get through this night....
2003-11-26 09:59:20 PM  
So she's like Angelina Jolie + Ginger Lynne, right? Hmm. Well both have better faces and bodies, but I'd hit it like a Texas tornado. A few minutes of racket and confusion and then a mess.

Oh and thank you Slimshady
2003-11-26 10:00:21 PM  
You really know you are a pervert when the pic that turns you on the most is the one with the lit candles and wax drips. lol
2003-11-26 10:02:39 PM  
Also, thank you slimshady. Very much.
2003-11-26 10:12:26 PM  
Her mom must be proud.
2003-11-26 10:12:33 PM  
There sure are a LOT of women eager to pose nude on the internet! Neverending... God bless 'em!
2003-11-26 10:14:50 PM  
Too-Tall, LMAO.

..oh, and I agree...
2003-11-26 10:21:02 PM  
So do they kill brunettes and redheads at birth in Texas to generate only blondes?
2003-11-26 10:26:34 PM  

(I was born and raised in TX, so I am qualified to speak of such things.)

So, what you're saying is you've seen your sister's garbanzos? And you're proud of this... You sick, sick, sick texan, you...

2003-11-26 10:27:03 PM  
I clicked on the link, saw she was fine, then wondered if there were any photos of her pink.

thank you, slimshaydee
2003-11-26 10:34:09 PM  
Oh... dear.
2003-11-26 10:35:28 PM  
That candle wax photo looks like she is some kind of living-dead zombie whos stomach exploded. Necrophelia!!
2003-11-26 10:52:31 PM  
Mmmmm... God(s) bless Mother Texas.

2003-11-26 10:56:08 PM  
A Texan you say, then there's nothing on that page that her brothers haven't already seen.


No, no, lemme handle this.

Texan, ya say? Ain't nothin' on that there page ain't none her brothers done seen, I reckon.

(fixes to run)
2003-11-26 11:10:37 PM  
thanks, i've cum
2003-11-26 11:11:33 PM  

I'll say it again in case I wasnt heard.
2003-11-26 11:11:35 PM  
is dating this NSFW

Wheres my girl?!
2003-11-26 11:13:11 PM  
2003-11-26 11:17:24 PM  

You really know you are a pervert when the pic that turns you on the most is the one with the lit candles and wax drips. lol

I already knew I was a prevert. But I guess it's nice to be validated once in a while.
2003-11-26 11:30:22 PM  
She can't be from Texas. She has teeth!

2003-11-26 11:30:59 PM  
OMG if candle wax is perverted.... uh.. nevermind
2003-11-26 11:31:31 PM  
I prefer Angelina, too! This one is strange in the face.
2003-11-26 11:33:51 PM  
holy gawd... she is so fine. great, gloriously large natural boobies, too! :D
2003-11-26 11:35:04 PM  
holy gawd... she is so fine. great, gloriously large natural boobies, too! :D
2003-11-26 11:36:26 PM  
Is it just me or does this girl look like she is carrying a bit more chub and her boobs are a bit smaller in slimshadees link? methinks she exercised and got slight implants, and tasteful i might add, to hit the internet bigtime. and her appearance on fark represents that much sought after fame. Congratulations to that fine young lady.
2003-11-26 11:37:19 PM  
LiamWake: Keep looking, you'll find her.
2003-11-26 11:38:41 PM  
I just want to say DAYUUUUUM and AYE CARUMBA!!!

Thank god I'm not wearing sweatpants or I'd be out one pair due to massive groin rippage.
2003-11-26 11:49:31 PM  
Wow, I'm shocked! Almost no gripping or complaining about her looks, her airbrushing, or her boobies! Truly a landmark day on fark!
2003-11-27 12:00:23 AM  
hell has officially frozen over
2003-11-27 12:05:52 AM  

There are a couple of shots with no makeup at all. She looks good in those.

Houston, we have no problem.
2003-11-27 12:19:51 AM  
Are you kidding? I wouldn't hit her. She's got... Ah... scary... er... ears. Uh, yeah. Totally skanky ears.
2003-11-27 12:31:41 AM  

There's been plenty of gripping. I assure you.
2003-11-27 12:34:16 AM  
Bender sez......

[image from too old to be available]

She's hot....but cash-for-gash sites can kiss my shiny metal ass!
2003-11-27 01:41:24 AM  
This is the funniest boobie thread ever. Or it should be up there on the list. Mex made me laugh the hardest, though.

Oh yeah, in the spirit of Texas, I'd hit it 'til she got back to the kitchen, then I'd fark her aunt, and our daughter, until my food was done, then I'd slap her and hit it again.
2003-11-27 02:06:04 AM  
She's white-trashalicious.
2003-11-27 02:10:12 AM  
Where's the pussy-spread-wide-open close-up at? For farks sake.
2003-11-27 02:20:29 AM  
All these accolades and not one comment about the pic in the top left with the woman looking suspiciously like Fark demi-goddess Aria Giovanni.
2003-11-27 03:12:14 AM  
That is Aria Giovanni.
2003-11-27 05:23:07 AM  
20 kittens died today... Sorry about that.
2003-11-27 08:19:53 AM  
Pair '0 saggers. Be beavertails in a couple years.

2003-11-27 09:18:49 AM  
oh... my... god...
2003-11-27 09:47:53 AM  
Looks like a couple of fried eggs hangin' off a nail if ya ask me.
2003-11-27 10:59:56 AM  
I like her freckles. And some other things, too.
2003-11-27 03:02:02 PM  
shes a thick blanca ...I like it more women are lookin kinda thick to me likeie...yay for evolution.
2003-11-27 04:14:30 PM  
Mmm, stretch marks. I wonder how she looks with a bag on her head and a bag bouncing against...uh...never mind.
2003-11-27 10:36:18 PM  
She's no Mia Kirshner
2003-11-28 04:08:05 PM  
HAHA! I love reading what you guys wrote about me! BTW, where are my stretch marks??
2003-11-28 06:35:28 PM  
This one, Ginger.

But just baaarely.
2003-11-29 02:20:30 PM  
LOL. Well, if you had two 5 pound bags hanging off of your chest, I think it'd stretch your skin too! All girls with big breasts have those right there. It's really inevitable. Anyway, howdy to everyone! Hope you had a great Turkey Day! :)
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