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(Fark)   In the spirit of Random McErics already classic "Dynamite Monkey", photoshop other "more lethal" animals   (fark.com) divider line 113
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2003-11-26 05:07:54 PM
Oh my god. Wow. I feel so honored. I'm really overwhelmed by the response that silly little picture has gotten me. Thank you.

Obviously, I'll have to be just a spectator for this contest.
2003-11-26 05:08:55 PM
Oh no you don't. Get cracking, lazy boy!
2003-11-26 06:25:31 PM
What Peteykins just said! Break out the pixel wrench, Adobe Boy! :o)
2003-11-26 06:35:40 PM

My first ever photoshop entry. Please forgive the basic ugliness of it.
2003-11-26 06:38:20 PM
2003-11-26 06:43:57 PM
2003-11-26 06:58:30 PM
Presenting...the houndeye snow owl.

They're even kinda cute in Half-Life
2003-11-26 07:04:24 PM

The ever-deadly Claymore Coyote.
2003-11-26 07:14:27 PM

Beware the dogs of war
2003-11-26 08:37:05 PM

Fear the PMSin' Bushbaby.
2003-11-26 10:28:24 PM
2003-11-26 11:18:23 PM
2003-11-26 11:28:02 PM

Hyper Intelligent Orenthal Gorilla!!!!
2003-11-27 12:02:05 AM
2003-11-27 01:04:25 AM
Hopefully this isn't too small! I promise they will get better and funnier!
2003-11-27 04:50:40 AM
Oh dear... first it was dynamite monkeys, now urinal weasels...

Good job, Dr.
2003-11-27 04:52:46 AM

Don't mess with Samurai Iguanas -- the spines aren't the only things that are sharp.
2003-11-27 06:18:04 AM
2003-11-27 07:13:05 AM
Urinal weasels-HA! Love it! Great work Dr.
Looks like there's some serious taunting of the D.M. here. We're waiting...
2003-11-27 08:10:38 AM
2003-11-27 09:03:06 AM
Aww that's precious, reallystupid. In a disturbing way.
2003-11-27 11:03:39 AM
Cola finally likes one of my Photoshops, yippee ;)
Thank you
2003-11-27 11:52:55 AM
Dr. Mengele - The urinal weasels are farking priceless! I love them. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

PurityControl - Like I said at the top, I'm staying out of this one. Dynamite Monkey was a fluke. No way could I repeat that one, and if I tried to force something I'm sure it would be very disappointing.
2003-11-27 01:41:19 PM

2003-11-27 03:56:57 PM

At no time were dog and gun actually together during creation of this image.
2003-11-27 04:15:46 PM
2003-11-27 08:20:47 PM
2003-11-27 09:06:44 PM
2003-11-27 10:16:21 PM
Curious george... lol
2003-11-27 11:41:13 PM
Thanks! As a PS hack (and I don't even use Photoshop), I appreciate the compliments... especially when I see some of the talent displayed here.

Without naming names, I can see I have a lot to learn (and to motivate me).
2003-11-28 12:19:40 AM
2003-11-28 01:36:23 AM

Pete: 1,2,3,4,5 new ones. NOW can I have one?

Billy Peltzer: I don't know, Pete.

Pete: Look at this one, he has a funny stripe on his head.
2003-11-28 09:34:29 AM
2003-11-28 12:02:19 PM
The Mixed-breed Tank Buster. Too close to P_H_S's for voting
2003-11-28 05:36:15 PM
2003-11-28 06:31:37 PM

Thanks for posting the source earlier, Eeek!
2003-11-28 07:12:12 PM

You didn't happen to be listening to some classic Oingo Boingo when making that one, did you?

Good job, anyway.
2003-11-28 07:16:21 PM

Look at the fwaffy lil bunny
2003-11-28 07:16:39 PM
I prefer the X-15 Cruise Basalope

http://www.filelibrary.com:8080/cgi-bin/freedownload/Multi-Platform/h/89/basal ope.gif
2003-11-28 07:17:54 PM
Can someone post the original "dynamite monkey" please?
2003-11-28 07:27:16 PM
2003-11-28 07:28:44 PM

(A repeat, so no voting)
2003-11-28 07:32:38 PM
Can someone post the original "dynamite monkey" please?

Check the original link.
2003-11-28 07:35:24 PM
2003-11-28 07:38:55 PM
2003-11-28 07:41:34 PM

Nothings scares The Cheat like a bear holding a shark...
2003-11-28 07:42:50 PM
Gotta give the vote to Curious George. That's the funniest thing I've seen all week.
2003-11-28 07:42:56 PM
Stoatbringer that's beautiful.
2003-11-28 07:46:31 PM
2003-11-28 07:48:35 PM

(drat) Please delete previous.


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