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(ACLU)   Warrantless surveillance: obvious Orwellian fascist evil under Bush, insignificant nit-picking nonissue under Obama...despite quadrupling   ( divider line
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2012-09-29 01:17:24 AM  
At least when a Republican is in office you can count on the media to operate as a watchdog. When it's a Democrat, all you hear is *crickets*
2012-09-29 05:22:05 PM  
HotWingConspiracy: No you weren't. Everyone was warned. Everyone knew.

Everyone knew that the Democrats fully intended to increase the evil Bush warrentless surveillance that amounted to "Bush wiping his ass with the Constitution"?

Obama promised to do more of it in two years than Bush did in all eight?

Citation Needed

Come on... Are you trying to tell me you don't remember Obama's campaign:

He'll Be Bushier
than Bush!

Like Bush? You'll LOVE Obama!

Obama 2008 - Four More Years of Bush

I'll sign an extension of the PATRIOT Act,
and increase domestic surveillance.
And debt? You ain't seen NOTHING yet!
*** OBAMA 2008 ***

Bush wiped his feet on the Constitution,
but I will take a dump on it.
OBAMA 2008

It was in all the papers.
2012-09-29 09:04:38 PM  
Mitt Romneys Tax Return: I'm extremely unhappy with the administration's stance on domestic surveillance, but I certainly won't be voting Republican because of it. Past history has shown that Republicans would be just as bad, if not worse.

TFA shows that Obama has done more in two years than Bush did in eight.

Yeah, well maybe, but at least he cut the deficit....

Oh. Whoops. Well, at least Obama got the country back to work...

Goddamit. But, Obama's Mideast policy is promoting peace in... never mind.

At least he's the first black... What? He's only about an eighth African? GODAMMIT!

Oh, fark it. Look, I can't spin it any more. This guy just sucks.

The best I can say is that he's the first non-white President, and he got a preemptive Nobel Prize.
2012-09-29 09:13:24 PM  
BullBearMS: spelletrader: I do not see voting for Romney (or any GOP candidate) as a solution to this.

Then vote Green. Rewarding the Democrats with your vote after they break their word on this important issue only encourages this to continue.

Because I am sane.

The fact that you answer a question when none was asked argues strongly against that.
2012-09-29 09:32:24 PM  
... and going to war with Iran at Israel's command could set off a regional conflict and trigger an untold amount of terrorist attacks all over the world. The Middle East is a powderkeg right now, and Romney is a kid playing with matches.

PROTIP: With the Mideast going up in flames, and our Ambassador murder count at one, and threatening to rise, this is REALLY not a good time to hawk Obama's Mideast policy.

Al Quaeda has stated that the uprisings are in response to Obama's policy of drone attacks - simple revenge killing. Obama's policy on that is to claim the REAL reason is that Americans have freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and to send them more money.

Obama is the most chicken-shiat President we have EVER had. He has yet to take responsibility for ANYTHING I'm aware of. Credit? Yeah, he'll grab THAT shat any chance he gets, but anything bad that happens is somebody else's fault.

2012-09-29 09:42:59 PM  
Hypothetically if you live in a swing state, vote Gary Johnson over Obama, and Romney wins that state and the election, starts a war with Iran and starts WW3, will you still feel morally justified?

For this to make any difference, you must believe that an Obama re-election means there will be no war with Iran? Jesus.

Either Israel will take out the Iranian plants before they complete a nuclear weapon, and a war starts, or they DON'T, like Obama suggests, and Iran nukes Tel Aviv. War, either way, no option but Iranian revolution displacing the theocracy will prevent war.

/ ... which would also lose the green text...
2012-09-29 09:44:46 PM  
the joy of living in a solidly blue state - I can vote for GJ and not help Romney win ;)

Really? Well, thank you very much. Your check will be mailed tomorrow.
2012-09-29 09:55:25 PM  
The President can say "No more wiretaps!" all he wants, but if the people want it and the FBI can justify their actions in court later, then it will be done.

If the President says "no more wiretaps" and the FBI does them, the next day the FBI has a new director. That's how that would work. The new director of the FBI is not going to authorize wiretaps, and, if he does, he suffers the same fate. The President DOES have dictatorial power over the Executive Branch, as he should. The problem comes when he starts to think that his power applies to citizens.
2012-09-29 10:04:23 PM  
Sorry, but the the things the two parties we have right now are already doing are way more retarded than anything I've heard anyone else propose.

Exactly. Any time I hear "with bi-partisan support," and it's more substantive than naming a Post Office, I duck, because I'm losing some freedom, some money, or both, somewhere.
2012-09-29 10:13:52 PM  
I love the disconnect involving this topic.

Just because he can't wave his magic wand and make these disturbing Bush Era threats to our liberties, he's obviously worse. And a monster, apparently.

So, you're going with "Bush MADE me sign an extension of the PATRIOT Act.... twice."? Really?
2012-09-30 04:11:02 AM  

SineSwiper: This is a troll thread dedicated to BullBear MS. Congratulations!

A challenger has appeared, creeping in and carpet-bombing the tail end of a long-dead thread with green wharrgarbl to try stealing the troll trophy from the actual "winner"'s mom's car while nobody's looking.
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