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(Fox News)   Ahmadinejad says he needs some New World Order. Look, if the dude just wants to hear some Megadeth, I say we humor him a little   ( divider line
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2012-09-26 03:29:11 PM  

Seraphym: skullkrusher: basemetal: Here you go, subbs. Link

came here for this. Much better than that post-Rust in Peace crap

So's this:

[ image 407x405]

You just made the green list. They're one of my favorite bands, especially when I was a youngster.

Got on their bus with them after their Atlanta show on the Low tour as I'd been in the front and sang/screamed into the mike a few times and Chuck Billy recognized me... stayed on till they got to the hotel, then the driver took us back to our cars around 3 am with some swag. I was 17 at the time, a real treat for a teenage metal fan.

BTW, their new album, Dark Roots of Earth, is pretty damn good, actually really close to NWO and I'm liking it a lot. Skolnick is back on it, and he shreds mightily.


Holy wars

You are now green too - the concert for Th1rte3n a few months ago was awesome - see it if it comes to your town. Broderick also shreds mightily.

At nineteen we got to party with Slayer, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Skrape and some others backstage after a exchange for getting our females to strip for them.

Coolest thing that ever happened to me.

/Dimebag was awesome
//Enselmo was a prick
2012-09-26 05:43:46 PM  
Mustaine has more talent in one freckle than all of Ministry combined.
2012-09-26 08:13:03 PM  
Subby is a farking retard. SHOCKING.
2012-09-26 09:51:19 PM  
I'm wearing my red and black Wolfpack shirt right now, so I'm really getting a kick...

/no, seriously
camel.ethereal.netView Full Size
2012-09-26 10:04:47 PM  

Whatthefark: Holy wars


Oh, fark you. Now my neck's gonna be sore in the morning.

/getting too old for this :p
2012-09-27 11:21:59 PM  

Mouser: WizardofToast: Whenever someone brings up New World Order, people usually use Jews as the people behind its organization. And according to your bigoted mindset, Ahmadinejab, you can't have both, bub.

Actually, Iran is secretly being run by the Jews. Don't tell anyone I said so, though.

Certainly played.
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