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(Daily Mail)   Controversial vaginal whitening wash originally sold in India now available in Thailand, with ads showing "attractive, fair-skinned young woman complaining about how tight shorts can leave skin looking darker"   ( divider line
    More: Weird, dark skin, thai people, Indians, Thailand, lotions, Like A Virgin, waltzes, creams  
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4240 clicks; posted to Business » on 26 Sep 2012 at 11:12 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-26 03:49:28 PM  
And another thing, how come pussy didn't win the best English word tournament from several days back? I can't think of a better word, and if I could, it certainly wouldn't be diphthong. It would be pussythong.
2012-09-26 04:05:11 PM  
If this was vaginal darkening cream it'd be flying off the farking shelves here in the USA
2012-09-26 04:05:52 PM  
i prefer some fur down thur
2012-09-26 04:15:53 PM  
Light skin was vogue in the US decades ago for the same reason: it meant you didn't have to toil in the fields.

As a person with mostly Irish blood, I an disappoint.
2012-09-26 04:19:05 PM  

E_Henry_Thripshaws_Disease: i prefer some fur down thur

I prefer not because if you want to have sex for a long time you don't want those fibers rubbing you raw.
2012-09-26 05:02:14 PM  
i didnt see a ttuwop comment...
2012-09-26 05:06:42 PM  

cig-mkr: Don't shave, go natural and no one could ever tell what color your vagina is.

Right. Because no one will ever see it. You'll get your undies ever so slightly down, that raging jungle will come into view, and that dude will be GONE.

/"I think I left my apartment on fire."
2012-09-26 05:40:31 PM  
i like 'em brown so i am familiar with the issue but don't see it as a problem which needs to be solved...
2012-09-26 05:41:58 PM
Hi I'm Artemis. I have a bleached asshole.
2012-09-26 05:44:40 PM  

creeto: Here are some pics of the product's spokesman.
2012-09-26 05:44:47 PM  

cig-mkr: Don't shave, go natural and no one could ever tell what color your vagina is.
/partial to peach fuzz

As a child of the 80s, I am constantly worried about STDs. Hair can hide warts and herpes and thus cannot be trusted as clean.
2012-09-26 05:48:57 PM  

yanoosh: uber humper: yanoosh: Now if they can come up with a vaginal tightener, then I think they'll have something

menthol or cayenne based?

I was thinking alum based, gives a nice pucker

Ha ha. I was about to say alum, but I didn't think anyone would get it.
2012-09-26 06:02:28 PM  
I don't get it.

What are we talking about here?

/Every girl I've seen naked in real life (not including dimly-lit smut clubs) has been white or bushy.
2012-09-26 06:25:11 PM  
But will it also have that new vagina scent?
2012-09-26 06:28:33 PM  

Dansker: FTFA: ...first of its kind vagina was launched in Thailand

I can't wait to see the new features.

Whitewalls, apparently.
2012-09-26 08:19:50 PM  
nothin wrong with a little roast beef
2012-09-26 08:23:13 PM  
of said indian ad

2012-09-26 08:30:01 PM  
well men are targeted too


and dont forget
2012-09-26 08:52:13 PM  
Wait. I thought it was all pink. What gives?
2012-09-26 09:28:57 PM  
Open offer to Thai women:
I'll be happen to make your vagina more white any time.
2012-09-26 09:57:09 PM  
pretty funny that some twats are biatching on twatter about these products preying on women's insecurities. cosmetic companies have been doing this around the world from before our grandmothers day.

women allow cosmetic companies to make them fools in war paint.

many american women gladly play the consumerist fool for excess amounts of foot wear, clothing and unneeded baubles. they are an insult to their sisters who have brains in their heads.
2012-09-26 10:01:16 PM  

2012-09-26 10:23:02 PM  

ChrisDe: I was wondering what was going on -- I've been dating a Thai girl and my teeth have never been whiter.

Yeah, but your breath ain't so hot...
2012-09-26 10:59:38 PM  

Nick Nostril: Wait. I thought it was all pink. What gives?

I assume you're kidding. But just in case no, it does not work that way. And that's for the best.

/dating an Indian
//and a Farker
///if you see this, hi!!
2012-09-27 12:47:48 AM  
Whiten, tighten and jazzle.

Three steps to guarantee finding a husband?
2012-09-27 05:38:30 AM  
If they want their vaginas to look better, ladies should just use Clitter instead:

Clitter: Glitter for your vagina!
2012-09-27 05:59:29 AM  
Open and waiting.
2012-09-27 06:33:42 AM  
No thank you!
2012-09-27 10:47:12 AM  

BSABSVR: Dansker: FTFA: ...first of its kind vagina was launched in Thailand

I can't wait to see the new features.

Whitewalls, apparently.

Hmm, I was hoping they would make it easier to turn on; I swear, half the time I can't even find the damned button.
But I'm happy, as long as it's not full of bugs.
2012-09-27 06:21:59 PM  
In college, there are a lotta paki and desi hotties with dark vaginas. I like dark vaginas
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