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(KMOV St. Louis)   New study indicates male genitalia is shrinking   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, male genitalia, penis sizes, air pollution  
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2012-09-22 08:05:08 PM  
See? Global Warming is false! It's getting colder out there!
2012-09-22 08:09:19 PM  
2012-09-22 08:14:34 PM  
Hey, it's a grower not a shower.
2012-09-22 08:19:24 PM  
Depends where you look

/there's bigger and bigger dicks in the politics threads every day
2012-09-22 08:22:17 PM  
Since studies can't seem to agree on what the average penis size is, I'll take this one (comparing now to the 1950s) with a grain of salt.
2012-09-22 08:22:23 PM  
discoverynews.orgView Full Size

I'm melting, I'm melting!
2012-09-22 08:24:48 PM  
Also, if I'm pretty "average" now does that mean in 50 years I'll be big? Sweet!
2012-09-22 08:28:10 PM  
this just means there are less white people.
2012-09-22 08:36:05 PM  
Speak for yourself.
2012-09-22 08:41:54 PM  
if subby's got any smaller, it would be an innie.
2012-09-22 08:53:16 PM  
Could be. I watched Ted Koppel interview Ann Counter and my testicles retracted all the way to my chest.
2012-09-22 08:54:14 PM  
Farking autocorrect.
2012-09-22 09:37:48 PM  
It's just under fat.
2012-09-22 09:46:13 PM  
Damn feminists!
2012-09-22 09:54:12 PM  
Wait, I thought that was only happening to Rush Limbaugh.
2012-09-22 10:22:29 PM  

Nina Haagen Dazs: I WAS IN THE POOL!

Since you've provided the caption....

flowtv.orgView Full Size
2012-09-22 10:40:31 PM  
Hey, my since the hernia surgery my balls are freaking HUGE. They more than make up for shrinkage.
2012-09-22 11:36:15 PM  
Well if you didn't lay there like a wooden plank on Xanax you might get some better results.
2012-09-22 11:36:52 PM  
The leaders of the study say they have genuine research that indicates the average penis size is about 10 percent smaller than it was a half-century ago.

Tarnation! Ya'all can't argue with "Jen-you-whine research"!
2012-09-22 11:37:59 PM  

fusillade762: Damn feminists!

Rush was right!
2012-09-22 11:38:17 PM  
The real truth is, my junk is so enormous that it's making scientists feel inadequate, so they're making excuses
2012-09-22 11:38:30 PM  
2012-09-22 11:39:55 PM  
I am way ahead of this trend.

/Hey mods, how do you delete a post?!
2012-09-22 11:40:21 PM  
Well, that explains me :(
Should I kill myself to bring up the average or stick around so you all look better by comparison?
2012-09-22 11:40:38 PM  
The problem is that the Biden is too big of a unit, so everything is measured in micro- or pico-Bidens.
2012-09-22 11:41:32 PM  
Rush blames feminists...also, news at 11 e minazis-for-shrinking-penis-size/
2012-09-22 11:42:08 PM  
Given how often people "sharpen the pencil" around here what would you expect?
2012-09-22 11:42:58 PM  
Italian genitalia is shrinking, maybe they didnt push their hair down to get an accurate measurement and instead measure from the brillo pad out......
2012-09-22 11:44:06 PM  
Women are evolving to be shorter and fatter. Men are evolving smaller penises.

I'm turning my Darwin Card in at the desk. This is obviously intelligent design.
2012-09-22 11:44:45 PM  

numfarvera: Rush blames feminists...also, news at 11 e minazis-for-shrinking-penis-size/

Yep that's what I heard. Somehow men always make it a women's fault..
2012-09-22 11:44:58 PM  
If I remember anything from my sluttier years, it's that men are usually pretty honest about their penis size.
2012-09-22 11:45:03 PM  
I'm sorry, but foul-mouthed women with b*tchy attitudes and muffin tops just don't turn me on, so I just don't have the incentive to swell up the way I used to.

/yeah... I said it
//go ahead... yell at me and make it shrink even more
2012-09-22 11:45:20 PM  
It is merely retracting like a scared turtle might.
2012-09-22 11:45:50 PM  
I am so small I have to part my pubic hairs to piss. And I could get a hand job from a squirrel.
2012-09-22 11:45:50 PM  
Dad Dicks were way bigger in the late 80's - Early 90's.
2012-09-22 11:46:13 PM  
Oh, it's Italian genitalia. Well, that explains why they always feel the need to get so close to you.
2012-09-22 11:47:57 PM  
Speak for yourself peewee.
2012-09-22 11:50:01 PM  

flyinghouse99: If I remember anything from my sluttier years, it's that men are usually pretty honest about their penis size.

That's why honesty is called "being frank"
2012-09-22 11:55:59 PM  
My guess is pseudoestrogen compounds in plastics and soy products causing the decrease in testosterone.
2012-09-22 11:56:17 PM  
Where's the Sad tag? Too embarrassed to come out?
2012-09-22 11:56:38 PM  
This study brought to you by the Wooden-Slit Chair Academy
2012-09-22 11:56:52 PM  
Well, not to brag, but, my dick has chipped the teeth of WNBA players while they were still standing.

I certainly wasn't part of the study in TFA.
2012-09-22 11:56:59 PM  
Clearly the work of Feminazis.
2012-09-22 11:57:14 PM  
the old wedding tackle hasn't been used in so long I honestly forgot what sex feels like. so it really doesn't matter.

/should have killed the wife years ago
//i would have been released by now
2012-09-22 11:57:26 PM  
I'm glad the article cleared this up for me. I thought it was from excessive masturbation.
2012-09-22 11:57:33 PM  
I could've told you that 20 years ago.
2012-09-22 11:58:13 PM  
Plastics containing Bisphenol A are to blame for this, and for men becoming more effeminate.
2012-09-23 12:02:27 AM  
I think they are mistaken. Mine is so large, if I laid it out on the keyboard it would stretch all the way from A to Z.

Oh, wait...
2012-09-23 12:02:48 AM  
That's OK, Brazilian trannies are taking up the slack. The penis god has an absurd sense of humor. "Here, let me attach this transcontinental oil pipeline to someone with the brain of a woman! Ah ahahahaha!"
2012-09-23 12:04:23 AM  
We get it, he's black.
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