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(NBC News)   By the time you read this, over half the states will have early voting active. If you've made up your mind, get up, get dressed, get a ballot filled out and let's get this over with   ( divider line
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2012-09-22 05:24:09 PM  

BMulligan: 404 page not found: BMulligan: 404 page not found: Just moved to Greenwood.

Have you been to Chuck's Hop Shop? If not, run - don't walk! - to the corner of 85th and 8th immediately.

Hey man, if they are handing out free beer, let me know! But if it's just a place I need to patronize, I'll get there eventually. Mrs. 404 has me working on the honey-do list. Starting clinical rotations on Monday (surgery). I won't be around much for the next year.

It's the beer snob Mecca. Maybe not free beer, exactly, but Chuck prefers not to sell you anything until you've had at least two or three samples. Also, at least one night a week (usually Friday) he has a tasting function, where a particular brewer shows off their new beers - you buy a cup for a dollar and you're good to go for the night. And the best part is that it's not a tavern. You can take your kid with you.

Sold! Thanks buddy!
2012-09-22 05:38:58 PM  

BMulligan: Serious question here...what's to keep me from collecting ballots from people that don't feel like voting and mailing them all in filled out the way I want them, or worse yet following the mailman when they're being delivered and taking the ballots from an entire neighborhood and mailing those in?

I'm sure there's some sort of safeguard, I'm just curious as to how all of that works.

You have to sign the envelope, and the signature has to match the one on your registration.

Plus, the ballot distribution process is pretty transparent. Every household receives the Voter's Handbook a few days before ballots are mailed and mailing day is announced in the media. It wouldn't take many people in a neighborhood complaining their ballots hadn't arrived for election officials to realize something was amiss.
2012-09-22 05:54:26 PM  

YoungSwedishBlonde: You guys are going to be soooo pissed.

Statisticals or GTFO.
2012-09-22 07:51:30 PM  
Anyone know if democrat counties in Ohio will be counted in early voting or not yet?
2012-09-22 07:57:34 PM  

Hobodeluxe: theknuckler_33: Bill Frist: DamnYankees: I don't like early or absentee voting. For myself, I mean. I like waking up at 5 AM on election day and getting to the polls right when they open and participating in the event. Makes me feel all civic-y.

I think I've only ever voted in person once. Just move around too much.

I'm the polar opposite. I've been in the same district (indeed, same house) since 2000, my polling place is about a mile away from home and I have been working from home on Tuesday's since at least 2004. I go at lunch, walk there, vote in 2 minutes because hardly anyone is there that time of day, and am back in time to make a sandwich. It's beautiful.

you must not live in a big city. they have to wait in line for hours. especially the black neighborhoods in GOP controlled states. in 2004 they had to wait all day in Cleveland,,in the cold vote.

[ image 297x223]

Last presidential election my husband and I lived in San Diego. We got up early and even brought snacks because we thought we would have to wait in long lines. We walked right in and almost no one was there. Maybe the fact that San Diego has a large population of illegals who can't vote has something to do with it. We did have a lot of voting places close together. So not all large cities have long lines. We are in Missouri now. Not sure how that will go. Our county was for Obama last time and we want to do our part to make sure it stays that way.
2012-09-22 09:10:41 PM  

Snarfangel: I rather like voting with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other. And the voter pamphlet in my other left hand.

Voting from home is wonderful for all those things, including the ability to work the Googles if you run into a candidate or issue you're not completely knowledgeable about. And of course, you can confab with members of your household about the candidates or issues.
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Caturday at the polls?
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