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(Hindustan Times)   Britney Spears may be suffering with the heartbreak of psoriasis. If only there was someone out there willing to rub the lotion in her skin. Someone kind. Someone gentle. Someone like, say... subby?   ( divider line
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2905 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 21 Sep 2012 at 7:49 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-21 06:31:36 AM  
It rubs the lotion on it's skin...
2012-09-21 06:59:56 AM
2012-09-21 07:28:22 AM  
Wow, that was creepy, creepmitter.
2012-09-21 08:01:11 AM  
I have some lotion for her. If ya know what I mean. And I think you do.
2012-09-21 08:08:21 AM  
Heartbreak of psoriasis? Subby, you don't know the meaning of the word heartbreak.

/Intersection of bedlam and chaos.
2012-09-21 08:10:18 AM  

Mugato: Wow, that was creepy, creepmitter.

must be said twice. because it's 2X creepy.
2012-09-21 08:11:11 AM  
Yeah right, psoriasis. You know what else gives you itchy skin and sores? Meth or Herp!
2012-09-21 08:11:45 AM  
Good luck with that, don't forget your HAZMAT suit.
2012-09-21 08:15:03 AM  
2012-09-21 08:28:13 AM

2012-09-21 08:38:14 AM  
Make sure you double-glove.
2012-09-21 08:47:29 AM
2012-09-21 08:54:43 AM  

I've got a fridge full of Humira and a medicine cabinet full of Vicodin.

/apparently handles heartbreak rather well.
2012-09-21 08:58:34 AM  
The heatbreak of nipplitis.
2012-09-21 09:00:22 AM  
The heartbreak of diaphanousness.
2012-09-21 09:01:29 AM  
The heartbreak of cellulite.
2012-09-21 09:02:45 AM  
The heartbreak of looking like a normal human being.
2012-09-21 09:09:25 AM  
Or she could have carpet burns..from all night banging a creepy grey haired music producer dude, who's TOTALLY not schtupping her for money or fame or anything.
2012-09-21 09:09:39 AM  
Britney is not an unattractive woman, what kills her for me is how frickin' STUPID she is!


/the Federline tracks are a dealbreaker, too...
2012-09-21 09:10:08 AM  
Oh wait... did she used to be a great big fat person?
Yeah she was a big girl for awhile, sir.
Yeah, I may've... no I read about her in the newspaper...
2012-09-21 09:26:39 AM  

Wellon Dowd: The heartbreak of looking like a normal human being.

[ image 284x600]

Forever sprung...
I want to be ...
Forever sprung...

Do you really want to fap forever...
And ever....

/The last pic was too much
2012-09-21 09:33:07 AM  
She's too stupid and crazy for me to ever think of her as hot again.
2012-09-21 09:38:35 AM  
2012-09-21 09:55:22 AM
2012-09-21 10:13:45 AM  
She is what Federline made her.
2012-09-21 10:29:48 AM  

Thorn: scabies

Eczema? Gross!
2012-09-21 10:36:26 AM  

Kurmudgeon: She is what Federline made her.

That is true. The start of her decline can me pinpointed to the day she got hooked up with him.
2012-09-21 11:35:44 AM  
Nope, Britney disgusts me. She has the cuckoo.
2012-09-21 12:30:53 PM  
Her lotion burns? Maybe she should stop picking at her scabs and then rubbing it into her open wounds.
2012-09-21 01:07:40 PM  
The hearbreak of psoriasis?!

/Junior most certainly does not
//Give Subby a pass, that headline was a blast
2012-09-21 01:24:14 PM  
There has been only one of this:

and of this:

Every other attempt is an abomination that shall not be recognized.
2012-09-21 01:25:33 PM  

Major thread fail.
2012-09-21 01:32:28 PM  

Wellon Dowd: The heatbreak of nipplitis.

[ image 317x600]

2012-09-21 03:45:25 PM  
30, 31, or whatever age she is now is still young enough to be smoking hot. But now she just looks like someone who used to be smoking hot. And considering looking hot was her only skill, I'm not sure why the entertainment industry keeps giving her work.
2012-09-21 04:51:45 PM  
Not only is she completely unattractive to me, I'm pretty sure that physical contact with that piece of work would rob you of IQ points at roughly the same rate as your life force drains while making out with Rogue from Xmen .

Not even Leslie Nielsen had a condom in his wallet big enough to make me feel comfortable touching that trollop.
2012-09-21 08:49:43 PM  

vernonFL: [ image 450x224]

Came here for this.

/it rubs the lotion on its skin. it does this whenever it is told
2012-09-21 11:19:54 PM  
I'd literally give up a limb if it meant I could get rid of my psoriasis for good.
2012-09-22 06:22:49 AM  

BioStormX: I'd literally give up a limb if it meant I could get rid of my psoriasis for good.

Leave psoriasis alone!
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