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(TMZ)   Little Pete from 'Pete and Pete' calls Lindsay Lohan a hypocrite for criticizing Amanda Bynes. No word yet on what Ferguson from 'Clarissa Explains It All' or Melody from 'Hey Dude' think of the situation   ( divider line
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3331 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 20 Sep 2012 at 7:23 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-20 05:14:25 PM  
They made me blue. No, not sad... BLUE blue. TOILET BOWL blue!
2012-09-20 06:38:19 PM

Only after you venture through the Temple of Wet T-Shirts and obtain the Lost Ben-Wa Balls of Teotehuican may you emerge with your career intact and your dignity restored. The choice. Is yours.
2012-09-20 06:47:08 PM  
I'll take the physical challenge with Bynes, Mr. Marc Summers
2012-09-20 08:24:50 PM  

nevirus: They made me blue. No, not sad... BLUE blue. TOILET BOWL blue!

The instant I read "They made me blue." I finished it in U.G... UG! U.G... UG! Lee's voice.

/Riboflavin: Secret ingredient to time-travel.
2012-09-20 09:36:29 PM  
Nickelodeon was amazing back in the day. But Amanda Bynes' troubles mirror the downward spiral that entire network has fallen into. Sponge Bob needs to be cancelled, and they have nothing else left to offer that is good or interesting.
2012-09-20 10:51:39 PM  
I'm gonna go with a physical challenge with Amanda. I won't need the full 30 seconds..
2012-09-20 11:00:04 PM  
Because of "Hey Dude," I spent the first 10 years of my life thinking that Brad was a girl's name. Since then, I've met and heard of a bunch of dudes named Brad, but very few (if any) women named Brad. So there's that.
2012-09-20 11:34:12 PM  

spman: They actually recently did a Salute Your Shorts reunion at a convention, and the girl who played ZeZe is still smoking, she appeared via video since she works in Haiti now as an administrator for something or other. The rest of the cast all looked like deadbeats that haven't worked in 2 decades. I know Donkeylips was on MTV a long time ago, and still does commercials, and Budnick and Ug do voiceover work, but I think everyone else got out of acting.

I get we're all nerds and need to set our sites on someone who we feel we have a shot at, but come on. Zeze was not the hot girl on Salute Your Shorts, that title clearly goes to Dina, who was hot then, and it hot now. Zeze had potential, but she was by no means hot.


2012-09-21 10:25:23 AM  
I am soooooooooo glad I only recognize one of those names.
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