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( (St. Petersburg Tim)   "The folks I talk to still very much think Mitt is going to win"   ( divider line 19
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2012-09-19 02:25:04 PM  
4 votes:

MurphyMurphy: However,

-Every "intelligent" person I know will concede that Obama is the better man... they also frequently talk about how "it doesn't matter" and "both sides suck" and I'm betting most of them probably won't even show up to vote.

-Meanwhile, every mouthbreather I know rants about how the mooselim communist wants to destroy 'Merica and every single one of those retards will be filling out their practice ballots and planning their whole day around voting and watching the map light up.

That's exactly the problem. By polls, when no real effort is required, Obama would crush Romney. When election day comes around, which side is actually going to get out and vote? The one that is terrified of the Muslim usurper taking away their guns or the side that figures they've got it in the bag so no big deal.

Seriously, Romney would destroy the middle class in this country. You think there's a wealth gap now, 4 years of Romney and we wouldn't even have a middle class anymore.
2012-09-19 10:54:51 AM  
4 votes:
This is more a referendum on Obama than on Mitt - he just happens to be the guy who will pick up what Obama lost by being Obama. Romney's made this about economic policy and foreign policy, to court independent voters - his base of 30-40% is solid if unsure about actually going to the polls. He's not going to win hispanics or blacks. He's not going to win over many women who disapprove of his party platform. The rest of the GOP platform is frankly an unpopular abyss for independents, many of whom are socially liberal.

Winning the election in 2012 comes down to economic and foreign policy. Well, the tax part of his economic policy really isn't all that popular, except with a few rich folks and probably the majority of small business owners who can pretend they will become rich.

His foreign policy is also not very popular - people can remember as far back as getting into two wars, and no one wants that. He wants to make Obama look like Jimmy Carter on foreign policy, when the truth is that it isn't 1979 anymore. That's why he loved what happened to the Libyan ambassador, and it backfired on him. But make no mistake the event did make Obama look weak, at least to some people. It's unfortunate because the foreign policy has been in many ways the highlight of Obama's presidency. The recent attacks in Afghanistan have not been good either.

It's going to come down to the economy. Right now both of these favor Obama. The stock market is nearing its highs from 2007. It was just announced that US home sales are up. I'm better off financially in every way from 2009. I'm pretty sure Europe has started a slow recovery. And his is anecdotal, but two of my relatives who have been jobless for over half a year just got hired. I think jobs are beginning to recover, still slowly but they might pick up steam.

The GOP is scared. If Dems win the House and Senate and Obama is re-elected, Reid (or whoever is put in charge) has said he will eliminate the filibuster rule and we can actually start to get things done for a couple more years. And the results will start showing themselves. I would however like to see both Reid and Pelosi replaced with Democrats who will work with Republicans and compromise even as they are in charge of the House and Senate. Big cuts in spending have to occur. I think if that happens and employment recovers, we'll see the deficit shrink considerably over the next four years.

That's my hope, at least.
2012-09-19 10:52:17 AM  
3 votes:

basemetal: The folks I talk to are slowly realizing we'll have 4 more Obama years and it scares the crap out of them. They wonder what he'll do without having to worry about re-election.

I'm hoping for a rescheduling of cannabis to at least Schedule III.
vpb [TotalFark]
2012-09-19 10:40:14 AM  
3 votes:

basemetal: The folks I talk to are slowly realizing we'll have 4 more Obama years and it scares the crap out of them. They wonder what he'll do without having to worry about re-election.

I hear that from the ignorant rednecks I deal with too.
2012-09-19 01:36:17 PM  
2 votes:
Obama has an edge, because he narrowly leads Romney in all of the nine main battleground states and has more paths to winning than Romney.

As far as edges go, that's a doozy.
2012-09-19 01:28:48 PM  
2 votes:
The GOP has one last move:

So, another foreign trip?
2012-09-19 01:20:42 PM  
2 votes:
From what i've seen from the rants of the GOP folks I know on facebook, they don't hate Obama, the president, they hate the echo chamber marxist Obama who only exists in gop propaganda. Most can't give you a real policy they hate, or a policy of Romney's they actually like.
2012-09-19 10:55:09 AM  
2 votes:

MacEnvy: basemetal: The folks I talk to are slowly realizing we'll have 4 more Obama years and it scares the crap out of them. They wonder what he'll do without having to worry about re-election.

I'm hoping for a rescheduling of cannabis to at least Schedule III.

I still think the bureaucracy of the drug war will keep that from happening.

/for the children
2012-09-19 10:37:54 AM  
2 votes:
The folks I talk to are slowly realizing we'll have 4 more Obama years and it scares the crap out of them. They wonder what he'll do without having to worry about re-election.
2012-09-19 04:45:43 PM  
1 votes:
Only if the people who would vote for Obama stay at home because they think it's in the bag.
2012-09-19 02:57:40 PM  
1 votes:

Alphax: I've noticed very few political stickers lately.. but then I don't do much of my driving during the day.

old lady had one on her car and I told her not to do that, that it would get vandalized.

yup, vandalized while parked in an omaha shopping mall.

'told you so,' i says

'shut up.'
d23 [TotalFark]
2012-09-19 02:51:36 PM  
1 votes:

randomjsa: So basically the folks he talks to have been paying attention for the last four years and are not a bunch of hypocritical liberals who would be going absolutely insane if a Republican had the same track record as Obama on the economy.

Obama: I've accumulated 51% of all the debt this country has ever had, I have the worst jobs record of any president since WWII, these are all things I whined about my fellow liberals whined about while Bush was in office, but you're going to vote for me anyway because putting liberalism ahead of everything is all that matters to you.

I don't put liberalism ahead of anything. In fact I don't know if I will vote for Obama yet, but I am certain I am not going to vote for someone as intellectually dishonest as Romney. He's put forward his agenda, which will be to help his corporate buddies. That will be all that happens for 4 years and the tape incident goes to back that up.

I'm also not going to vote for him because of his followers like you. You're continuously spewing facts that are either misleading or have been debunked dozens of times. You also like to forget that Obama didn't start at zero when he came in. He started with dozens of messes and fires. He's also had to deal with the worst congress in history for the last two years and a Republican caucus that will filibuster ANYTHING. (Also, don't forget the GWB had a fairly good economy when he came in and he rammed it into the ground. He also drove up the deficit more than any president in history, Obama inclusive).

I know simple minds want simple solutions, but it doesn't work like that. Especially when you have a House full of people who would rather ruin the country and yell about failure instead of helping their constituents. Let me clarify... their non-Corporate constituents.
d23 [TotalFark]
2012-09-19 02:37:32 PM  
1 votes:
I'm in Indiana and I will be very happily voting against asshole Mourdock and idiot Mike Pence.

Mike Pence makes GWB look like Mensa material.
2012-09-19 02:11:12 PM  
1 votes:

Pick: So you 47%ers get ready to start paying taxes

Romney talks about entitled people but fails to include himself and every other rich motherfarker and American corporation in that discussion.
2012-09-19 01:44:19 PM  
1 votes:
To be fair, Romney hasn't shiat the bed for almost a full 24 hours. They probably have one of those workplace safety signs up at campaign headquarters, and one of the interns is in charge of updating it every hour with the time since his last public gaffe. Anyhow, the point is that if Mitt manages to stay completely out of the news and hide under his bed for the next 47 days, there's a slim chance that people will forget who he is and vote for him by accident.
2012-09-19 01:29:30 PM  
1 votes:
The folks I talk to about politics give me a weird, tolerating look for about half an hour and then they change the subject.

The "average american" doesn't particularly care for politics and barely took notice of the fact that we've got a black guy in office nowadays. After 3.5 years they're doing well if they know his name. Then, I live in the city where it's possible to find things to do with your free time that aren't starting arguments with your buddies at the bar. When I used to live out in the middle of goddamned nowhere there was a lot more political awareness of both parties and most national leaders, albeit most of the attention was cynical to a fault.

//My family swings the other way, where we often bring up relatively obscure pending regulatory changes and so on as light dinner conversation, and would consider someone to be in a bubble if they didn't know their local and national representation at minimum. Probably the hardest lesson to learn going out into the real world is that most people don't care.
2012-09-19 01:23:24 PM  
1 votes:

vpb: basemetal: The folks I talk to are slowly realizing we'll have 4 more Obama years and it scares the crap out of them. They wonder what he'll do without having to worry about re-election.

I hear that from the ignorant rednecks I deal with too.

Yeah, the Paultard twins at my work are already in "OMG gotta bury my guns in the backyard and stock up on canned food!!!" mode.

Actually one of them (if you can believe him) sounds like he has some really nice guns. I just might call in sick to work, go over to his house, dig them up and steal them.
2012-09-19 11:40:39 AM  
1 votes:

DeltaPunch: That article ruined my life. After reading it I laughed so hard I ended up pissing myself, so I went home to change my clothes, missed an important meeting at work, got fired, and now I have no way of making ends meet. My girlfriend kicked me out after learning that I lost my job, so now I'm literally broke and homeless, all because I read that stupid article.

Now you are part of the 47%. Welcome to Obama's America, here is your check!
2012-09-19 11:03:10 AM  
1 votes:
There are still plenty of weeks left to go. The campaign is volatile and anything can happen. As it often does a lot will come down to early voting, the ground game and possible shenanigans on Election Day. It would be most foolish of any campaign or its supporters to become too comfortable with its position.
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