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(Oregon Live)   Police officer accused of racism for having a stuffed gorilla on the hood of his car   ( divider line
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2003-11-25 06:48:02 PM  
mdaryl are you saying that if someone gets offended when they're called a name that means the name is valid?

2003-11-25 07:01:43 PM  
the liberal has convinced blacks that they are just monkeys who are at a disadvantage in human society. therefore, they are embarassed by gorillas and such.
2003-11-25 07:21:46 PM  
We all are a bit sensitive, I mean even if it was done as a put down , InBredNecks gotta live to.
2003-11-25 08:06:33 PM  
that's silly.

the only people offended are the ones who still think in racist terms.. and who cares if you offend them? they're offensiveness far outweighs this supposed offence.
Some people are so dumb, it's scary.
2003-11-25 09:22:37 PM  
If gorillas are a racist symbol 'cause they're from Africa, and we ban them, shouldn't we ban diamonds because they're from Africa, too? Mass wedding annulments ensue.
2003-11-25 10:09:36 PM  
Just an aside, in my town, there is this black guy (er, African-American) who routinely walks around the downtown area wearing a Confederate soldier uniform, waving a rebel flag, and preaching about "Southern Pride".... Incidently, he gets his arse kicked about every other day, usually by someone of the same race.....

2003-11-25 10:14:33 PM  
Well, concerning the African cultures...they certainly did more than live in mud huts. The Egyptian civilization was initially at least comprised of black Africans, not the Arabic culture we see today, that was a result of a later migration. There is a very famous statue of King Tut, which is black as obsidian. For years curators at the museum, loathe to admit Egypt somehow originated from Africa, said there was a chemical reaction over time that tinted the original paint black. Modern scholars cough and say *bullsh*t*. There seems to be as much input and influence from the interior of Africa on Egypt as from the Eastern region of their the arabic states in Sumeria. Scientists used to believe all civilations stemmed from there, fueled by racist views that at least they were ethnically similar to whites.
Egypt is not alone in creating massive civilizations. A great kingdom arose in the 16th century on the western coast, beneath the saharah. Unfotunately despite the massive gains they had made (a language still undeciphered, massive building projects) they had the misfortune to run against the Europeans as they ruthlessly expanded. Without gunpowder they were stressed to collapse. Similar kingdoms were develped on the eastern coast, around modern day somalia and eritrea, the swahili speaking nations. Sadly they were perhaps 2 centuries technologically behind the Europeans (their culture resembled 13th century Europe) and were wiped out. Sorry for the history lesson...but Africans did in fact give rise to awe inspiring kingdoms, complete with massive buildings, language, and internal peace.
~Sorry...history major...too many books read...theres so much more i wanted to say...but this post is getting too long...
2003-11-25 10:31:07 PM  
putting it on the front grille was a bad idea. I would have just tied a rope to it and dragged it along behind the car.
2003-11-25 10:34:33 PM  
Redneck cops? Portland is one of the largest metro areas in the country. There aren't many rednecks there... please, it's obvious that you've NEVER been to that city, so don't throw around asinine assumptions of it's people and police officers.
Trust me, you want to see redneck cops? Come to my home town.

Hell, if anything, it's one of the most anally-PC cities around. The city is almost too liberal for me.
2003-11-25 10:42:01 PM  
"It" being the city of Portland, BTW.

Tbonefence, et al.
Thanks for answering his question. It's nice to see that some people actually care to help their fellow man learn something, instead of chanting "racist!" when a serious (although very non-PC) question is brought up.
2003-11-25 10:57:24 PM  
The only racists in this story are the ones who were offended. sheesh.
2003-11-25 11:40:58 PM  
Please keep us Egyptians out of this.

By the way it has been determined that the pharos were not black. The ancient land of Nuba starts from Halaieb (border triangle between Egypt and Sudan) and there is no evidence to suggest the Pahores had any significant presence beyond Edfu, which is at least 150 KM (two hours drive) North of Halaiab.

When you look at temple wall drawings and needle carvings you will notice some figures are painted in black, these were determined to be for the most part messengers. However, when you look at drawings of the ancient Egyptian military or armies of workers, you notice some people are painted black, but the overwhelming majority is bronze in color.

Now the really ironic thing is that I currently attend graduate school in TX, and in my graduating class of approximately 200 students their in only one black student that I can think of, there is of course the custodians as well. One of whom claims to be a descendant of the Ramsis. I kind of feel cheated because before I came here I was looking forward to learning about African American culture.
2003-11-26 12:21:48 AM  
From the 2nd article...

"I didn't notice no vomit," said Fowlkes' neighbor John Austin.

So there was some vomit on the ape?

"I didn't notice nothing."

I see... So you saw something then?

//Got Nothin
2003-11-26 12:30:37 AM  
Why can't pigs just do their jobs and stop trying to be either cute or racist. Farking assclowns.
2003-11-26 01:11:07 AM  
Awwww, CherryRed, you're losing your touch too. Both you and SatansLittleHelper are having a lot of trouble trolling well these days, you both needed a whole lot of messages to get a rise out of anyone this week. When you make a career out of it, anyone who's read even a couple of threads on Fark knows the game and ignores you totally. The only people you can offend anymore are casual Farkers, and that's just not good enough around here. Consider yourselves fired.
2003-11-26 02:18:24 AM  
stupid liberals should shut the hell up
2003-11-26 09:03:48 AM  
"mdaryl are you saying that if someone gets offended when they're called a name that means the name is valid?

you IDIOT"

Err, no...that's not even close to what I said, but if you were too damn dumb to understand it the first time...let's be will remain too damn dumb to understand it.

As a rule of thumb, though...if you "read" something that seems to have an error in logic in it and there isn't an oucry from anyone else, you probably messed up somewhere and might want to either read it again or that shutting up thing before you look like a fool. Like now.
2003-11-26 10:16:38 AM  
2003-11-26 10:38:52 AM  
I dunno. I was kind of skeptical about strapping the thing to the bumber until I saw the pics. It's bigger than I thought and no, I wouldn't want that thing sitting in the back of my car, plastic seats or not. And with the bumper and brush guards on their car (in the pic) it looks pretty damn easy to bungie it on there. I think people are too sensitive.

I remember once sitting in the back seat, I saw a little Homie doll sitting on top of the computer in a cop's car. One of those little 50 cent bobble head ones. He was a young white guy listening to oldies rock. When I asked him, he said he just found it in car one day so he put it up there. I think cops are just as messed up in the head as anyone else.
2003-11-26 01:52:56 PM  
Are Homies racist? Gee, I have several on my computer right now, given to me as trinket gifts by co-workers.

I find the muscular bald ones with sunglasses particular amusing, since they kinda look like me.

-/if you like the race, then it ain't racism!
2003-11-26 01:55:43 PM  
"I wouldn't expect a person such as yourself to begin to understand 500 years of oppression."

Show me the 500 year old guy that's been oppressed that long and I'll personally do what I can to help him out.
2003-11-26 03:06:27 PM  
white people have been slaves, too. get over it everyone.
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