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(Gap Year) Video 101 in how to make a viral video - get a seagull to steal your camera   ( divider line
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2012-09-14 01:01:14 PM  
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Let me tell you a little story about seagulls.

Back when I was in the Navy I found myself stationed at NAS North Island in Coronado California. It's a pretty historic base and there are all kinds of relics of Naval Aviation's past to be found. One particular relic was the hangars I worked in. They were these two huge concrete arch buildings known as the Double Domes. Originally constructed to house seaplanes they easily held several H-3 and H-46 squadrons.

The flight line was right up against the seawall for San Diego bay, so you might be out there working on your helicopter and wave at the harbor tour boats going by. Now since this was all originally built for seaplanes there were these big concrete ramps leading down in to the water. Huge, heavy duty things. There may still be some videos on YouTube showing how they used to maneuver these giant seaplanes down the ramps and into the water, then some guy had to wade out and take the wheels off and bring them back up the ramp.

Well, one end of the flight line wasn't used very much because all of those helicopters still didn't take up as much room as those old seaplanes did, so a bunch of us used to go out there and eat lunch and watch the world go by.

Now back to the seagulls...

So at low tide the seagulls would get barnacles and mollusks and whatever that grew on these big ramps. Since they couldn't break the shells with their beaks, they had learned how to drop them from about thirty feet up and drop them onto the concrete flight line area to break them open. The trouble is that every other seagull wants what any particular seagull has, so to keep from getting ripped off the seagull that dropped the barnacle would immediately dive down after it so he could eat it before some other asshole seagull cut in on him.

Are you with me so far?

Anyway five or six of us are out there one day and Cosgrove, my leading petty officer, takes out a piece of white bread and kind of smooshes it up into a ball. He rolls this down the seaplane ramp and of course two or three gulls swoop in on it. One of them grabs it and chomps it on down.

Cosgrove does this again and a couple of more gulls join the fray. I'm getting a little pissed off because I don't want to get shiat on by seagulls while I'm eating my lunch but Cosgrove is usually a pretty entertaining dude so I don't say anything yet. He does the bread thing a couple more times and the gulls are ready to pounce and he turns to me and says "Now watch this".

Out of his lunch bag he pulls a white superball. This superball is almost exactly the same size and color as the bread balls he has been rolling down this old seaplane ramp, and he sets it loose. Several gulls dive in on it but one grabs it and starts running away like seagulls do but he can't chomp down on this superball. The other gulls are chasing after him so he reverts to plan B and takes to the air.

We watch as he gets up over the flight line and, just as if he had a barnacle in his beak, he drops that superball from about thirty feet up and dives down after it.


That farking superball knocks that seagull over in a midair back flip as it goes zooming up past him. Every other seagull is going nuts trying to get this bouncing superball except for the first one, who lands and kind of staggers around for a minute or so. A very entertaining lunch.

Just wanted to share my seagull story.
2012-09-14 11:24:52 AM  
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