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(Some Guy)   One man's quest to stay in a Home Depot store in Rhode Island for 16 hours straight   ( divider line
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6296 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Nov 2001 at 8:18 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-19 08:24:10 AM  
2001-11-19 08:27:51 AM  
2001-11-19 08:30:08 AM  
I'm origninally from Rhode Island... It's so small, it's worth an article if you can spend 16 hours straight there :)
2001-11-19 08:36:06 AM  
That's a really funny page, actually. What a stupid bet.
2001-11-19 08:37:11 AM  
"My dick is like a ballcock nut toilet hose. My dick costs $3.97."
This is farking hilarious
2001-11-19 08:46:58 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-11-19 08:50:08 AM  

2001-11-19 08:50:25 AM  
I want the last 10 minutes of my life back...
2001-11-19 08:51:11 AM  
Lowe's is much better, anyway.
2001-11-19 08:51:58 AM  
I'm pretty sure I spent 16 hours at the Mall shopping with my wife this weekend.
2001-11-19 08:55:42 AM  
shiat I can't stand waiting in home depot lines for than 10 minutes.
2001-11-19 09:03:08 AM  
this is actually no problem, i do it all the time.
2001-11-19 09:03:17 AM  
I am suprised anyone said anything to him. I have spent several hours in a HD waiting for someone to help me out getting carpet off of a high up shelf - eventually I left and went to Menards, it took far less time to drive there and get what I had needed than I had spent already at HD waiting.

They (HD) are idiots.
2001-11-19 09:03:26 AM  
That was funny
2001-11-19 09:04:29 AM  
Gumpus- Are you from Minnesota? I saw a bunch of Menards there and I just kept laughing because 'hey look! It's me nards!'

Yes, I happily encourage my inner eight year old.
2001-11-19 09:07:38 AM  
16 hours? In a Home Depot? Where low prices are just the beginning? Hell, I'd go mad too...
2001-11-19 09:09:18 AM  
Interestingly enough... I recently found a website of all the underground gay hangouts in the country (please do not ask how/why I found this)... Beyond the typical adult stores and parks, the Home Depot restroom area was mentioned in more than a few areas... Tool Time?... coincidence?.. yeah, probably...
2001-11-19 09:24:40 AM  
This was beautiful.
2001-11-19 09:29:41 AM  
That took 16 hours to read. I should have kept a journal to post.
2001-11-19 09:46:39 AM  
I wasn't going to read this one, but I'm glad I clicked on it. Hilarious!

"10:05 am: Just went to the bathroom and pissed all over my own legs."
2001-11-19 09:57:44 AM  
I do that every weeked

2001-11-19 10:00:32 AM  
I wasted too much time on this one...
2001-11-19 10:14:28 AM  
Awwwwww...This is the censored version.
There is nothing in here about the guy's glue huffing escapade.
2001-11-19 10:23:03 AM  
I refuse to click on that continue button.
2001-11-19 10:41:00 AM  
I must be pathetic. I just read the whole journal, and I couldn't stop laughing.
2001-11-19 10:44:24 AM  
Funny stuff. I can't believe I read that whole thing.
2001-11-19 10:47:54 AM  
great read but when the managers caught on it ruined it
2001-11-19 11:07:09 AM  
anyone else see the Safety Tip on the page: "DO NOT stick your privates in electrical outlets. Don't learn the hard way like this guy did. "
2001-11-19 11:07:29 AM  
There is a 24Hr Home Depot here in Atlanta that is the closest Home Depot to the area of the city where the people with alternative lifestyles live (Midtown).

Eveyone calls it the Homo Depot.

Where you can buy Track Lighting 24hrs a day.
2001-11-19 11:10:28 AM  
I'm waiting for the 'Cliffs Notes' version of this article.
2001-11-19 11:14:17 AM  
It takes that long to find some clown to operate the forklift to get that item down from the top shelf. I know, I've been through it.
2001-11-19 11:26:14 AM  
I do that every weeked


Do what, Rabb?

Stay at a home depot for 16 hrs, or piss on your own legs?


See Chach post before yours...
2001-11-19 11:41:54 AM  
Sorry, hard to resist immature joke...
2001-11-19 11:48:02 AM  
Anyone who doesn't install track lighting is just uncivilized.
2001-11-19 11:54:13 AM  
yeah, when the manager came up to him.. he should have taken off running.. taking refuge in a refrigerator
2001-11-19 12:21:39 PM  
That really was entertaining, but no way I could get through the whole thing.
2001-11-19 12:23:45 PM  
that is bizarre. Funny, but not worth reading the whole thing. I wish i had that much spare time on my hands!
2001-11-19 12:46:38 PM  
Try spending 16 straight hours in a strip club and have money left when you leave.
2001-11-19 02:42:02 PM  
huzzah! my first article to be accepted by the Gods of Fark (also the first one i really thought was funny enough to be posted)
these kids are friends of mine from High school, they do this sort of crap all the time. in my old hometown, Cranston, there is this rotary in the middle of the city, and they have a "rotary day" where they camp out in the middle with a barbeque and a radio and beer..makes for some funny looks from passing motorists. i was looking at one of the BEST ska/punk fusion bands (Monty's Fan Club.. and found their site..

thanks for the comments guys :o)
2001-11-19 02:44:47 PM  
The title of this article should have been "I cannot spell the word 'aisle'".
2001-11-19 02:59:07 PM  
If a man cant stay in a Home Depot store for 16 hours, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-19 02:59:12 PM  
big deal...I had a friend, security guy at Target, worked 25 hours straight without leaving the store. Got some 15-minute breaks, but that's it.
2001-11-19 04:24:40 PM  
Hell, that's nothing; One time I spent a solid week inside a Big 5 in California to win a bet. I bought jerkey and trail mix from the camping goods section to stay alive, and when the place closed down for the night I hid inside a gun safe.
2001-11-19 04:29:40 PM  
Me and a friend used to go into the local 24 hour Wal Mart and see how long we could stay there without buying anything or getting in any sort of trouble. Our record was 3 hours. Sad, I know.
2001-11-19 04:30:28 PM  
A kids paint color called "bootie time."

Probably the color of half the guest rooms at Neverland.

2001-11-19 04:42:05 PM  
Last summer went I worked at an amusement park I use to work for 12 hours straight. Though I had stuff to do so it wasn't as boring as this guyz ordeal.
2001-11-19 06:07:42 PM  
Where's the LAME tag when you need it?
2001-11-19 06:19:52 PM  
funny as hell.
2001-11-19 07:54:32 PM  
I used to work at a warehouse and I would work from Friday afternoon till Saturday morning. That would be 20 to 22 hours of working. Alot.
2001-11-19 08:02:03 PM  
I may be alone in this but I think reading the article was time well spent!!
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