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(   Norwegian PM's new car is bomb-proof. However, it's too heavy for use on roads   ( divider line
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8551 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Nov 2003 at 2:16 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-24 11:17:43 AM  
But it's not a Maybach.
2003-11-24 11:22:38 AM  
Why doesn't he just make a law that allows him to use the car?

He's the prime minister for christ's sake!
2003-11-24 11:27:12 AM  
Bulletproof cars are heavy as shiat. When I was little I got to see the inside of Reagan's limo (he wasn't in it) and I had to have soomeone else open the door because it weighed so much.
2003-11-24 11:37:10 AM  
Just pull out the amplifier and those 2 15 inch subwoofers in the trunk. Kids these days...
2003-11-24 11:39:47 AM  
Ninja_Pancakes, I suspect vehicles with that much weight would chew their roads up but good, and they'd be spending a fortune in road maintenance. Mind you, that doesn't explain why fully-loaded tractor trailers are allowed on the roads, unless it has something to do with the load distribution.
2003-11-24 12:01:15 PM  
I'd smuggle it to my Hyman Condo garage. But just why would the Norwegian PM need that kind of protection? I don't remember any disputes going on up there, besides maybe the deadly Nokia-Ikea wars of the 1980s...
2003-11-24 12:13:40 PM  
Who the fark wants to kill the Norweigan prime minister?
2003-11-24 12:52:51 PM  
I can't even find Norwegia on the map.
2003-11-24 01:06:38 PM  

It's right by Dane.
2003-11-24 02:14:36 PM  
They should get him a Lotus Esprit instead. He could outrun any bullets or bombs!

Although, it'd be a tough call to get a Lotus or a BMW 760.

Wait, I just realized that it's 760. All the 7-series BMWs you see on the road are the $80K 745s. The 760 is the ber-leet absolute flagship of the BMW line. It's starting prices is over $130K.

Dang . . .
2003-11-24 02:21:33 PM  

Will it be 4?
2003-11-24 02:22:07 PM  
3 Aftenpostens in a row... Weird.
2003-11-24 02:22:21 PM  
2003-11-24 02:22:29 PM  
I for one welcome our Aftenposten trifecta overlords.
2003-11-24 02:22:47 PM  
So it can be used, but it cannot be approved to carry four passengers?

As above, can't he just fix the laws to allow it.

That is a nice looking car. I wish I had a bulletproof car. I would shoot it for kicks to show people that it really was bulletproof.

Unless I just tell people that my car is bulletproof and not let them shoot it. That's just crazy enough to work.
2003-11-24 02:23:04 PM  
... by completing the trifecta post trifecta!!!
2003-11-24 02:25:34 PM  
A trifecta of unifectas!!!!!!!
2003-11-24 02:25:49 PM  
"Ma'am, we'd like to take you, but you're too heavy; the roads wouldn't be able to take it."
2003-11-24 02:29:27 PM  
He's probably afraid of all those black metal guys.

/Keep music evil
2003-11-24 02:31:21 PM  
He can't just 'change the law' as some suggest because if he tried, he wouldn't be primeminister for very long. And even if he is better than most politicans, he is still gready for power and would much prefer driving around in a less safe car than not to be primeminister... Besides, we're a representative democracy, and any changes in the laws must be recomended by the parliment and signed into law by His Majesty King Harald V

...another interesting fact; members of the norwegian goverment didn't care much about bodyguards, much less bombproof cars, until someone stabbed that swedish minister. Sometimes it's good to live in a quiet and relatively safe corner of the world
2003-11-24 02:31:25 PM  
"These gates are bullet-proof, bomb-proof, and battering ram-resistant."

"Then what happened to Johnny D?"

"He forgot to lock them."
2003-11-24 02:33:39 PM  
Have You Met Miss Jones & micah476

This comes courtesy of the Reuters article:

In May, a leader of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network urged Muslims to attack the interests of the United States, Britain, Australia and Norway. It was unclear why Norway, which did not take part in the war in Iraq, was singled out.
2003-11-24 02:38:50 PM  
Three articles in a row, great work mods!
2003-11-24 02:47:32 PM  

Who the fark wants to kill the Norweigan prime minister?

That's what I thought, too.
2003-11-24 02:49:05 PM  
Many comments here make sense.

1. Change the law to allow for specific cars to be heavier then others (namely yours)
2. Start using it now. If the weight of the forth person is all that stops you from being over the limit, you need to hang out with smaller people.
3. Who would want to kill this guy/gal?

Funny story - I know an SS agent who drove Reagan around. On one trip to Camp David, for some reason traffic on both sides of I-270 was stopped. When they got to Frederick, MD, everyone was out on the hoods of their cars tring to see what the problem was. The caravan came flying through and everyone started the give Ronnie the figer as he drove by. Nancy saw this and said "Oh Ronnie, they are giving you the finger!"

His response - "Naw Mommie, They are just telling me I'm number one!"

I love that man!
2003-11-24 02:58:19 PM  
If you have to ride around in the country you run with the fear of bullets, bombs and grenades, then you have more problems on your hands than an overweight BMW.
2003-11-24 03:02:35 PM  

Such is the world we have lived in for decades. Get used to it, it's not going to get better anytime soon.
2003-11-24 03:09:50 PM  
If you're going to drive a bomb-proof car, why not go all out and drive a tank?
2003-11-24 03:13:18 PM  
Apparently Al Qeda (or however the heck you spell it) threatend norway along with the US, Britian and Austrailia.
2003-11-24 03:15:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

...always gets the green light on Fark.
2003-11-24 03:16:39 PM  
It's not like we *all* don't know that these politico's are all driving around in armored vehicles? Why not just give up the pretense of trying to "look" like they drive in normal cars, and just go around in a tank or an APC, for christ sakes! That way, if anyone DID want to try and take said politico out, they could point a nice ol' 110mm cannon at them to help make them change their mind.

Anyway, I bet the tank would get better gas milage.
2003-11-24 03:31:44 PM  
This story made it, but the bus bashing beaver story didn't? Time to sic the Alaskan girlscouts on the Mods.
2003-11-24 03:40:58 PM  
Isn't a bombproof car a bit like an "unsinkable" ship?
2003-11-24 04:02:51 PM  
Whoo! Frederick got mentioned in a post. We're famous for something. We got a college where the Gov's wife said she'd beat up Britney, and we have the Presidents personal campground (although by car its a biatch to get to)
2003-11-24 04:28:51 PM  
Now that it's been announced to the world that the prime minister of Norway has this car, how long do you think it'll take for any terrorist plots to kill him to adapt, changing to something with either more explosive power, alternate timing of an attack, or the like? I mean, this car only does any good if people don't know that they have it...
2003-11-24 04:41:16 PM  
The norwegian prime minister is a priest. Priests like to surround themselves with nice things (particularly gold and silver). So because he couldn't find a car made of gold, he bought the next most expensive thing.

And this guy, Bondevik is his name, seems to think he's the most important guy in the world, though he's just a pathetic loser trying to seem important. His political party now has 8.? % of the votes. He only got to be prime minister because Labours messed up, and by allying with lots of other small parties that a few % voted for. The only things they get done, is what the others have agreed on for a long time. Hopefully he gets a nervous breakdown and needs to go on medications to make him happy again (at least we got rid of him for a while last time).
2003-11-24 04:44:07 PM  
I didn't know Norway was the next target in the War on Terror.

/I have nothing! Absolutely noooothing!
2003-11-24 05:41:18 PM  
But is it a beaver-proof car?
2003-11-24 07:42:34 PM  
Meh, at least their PM isn't above the law
2003-11-24 07:49:45 PM  
I bet i could catch it thru the twisties.. on my bicycle
2003-11-24 09:56:23 PM  
A little note of interest...
The company that builds the Presidential Limos ,puts armor into Humvees, Suburbans and Range Rovers for the government is 'Ogara-Hess' in my hometown of Fairfield, OH. The trucks that haul the finished products are forbiden to go through scales since the weight of the armored vehicles is classified.
2003-11-25 06:54:17 AM  
What if they lightened the car and it was cleared for 4 people, but one of them was really fat?
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