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(USA Today)   New study shows those fish oil pills you've been taking don't do anything to protect your heart, but they do make your breath smell like a dead herring   ( divider line
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2012-09-12 12:29:59 AM  
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At the risk of completely nerding out everyone in this thread, the reported study (Rizos, 2012) is a meta-analysis of undefined-dose EPA/DHA supplementation.
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On the one hand, its results are consistent with the negative results found in Alpha Omega (Kromhout 2010) and ORIGIN (Bosch 2012). (goddammit, NEJM, why you gotta be all 403 about ORIGIN and not A-O while I'm trying to do science?)

On the other hand, earlier work in the form of the JELIS study (Yokoyama 2007) suggests EPA can reduce CV events when combined with statins, and subsequent work in the form of MARINE (Bays 2011) and ANCHOR (Brinton 2011) suggests that EPA affects lipid profiles differentially (and beneficially) when compared to a combination of EPA/DHA.

On the gripping hand, the multibillion-dollar unanswered question is whether or not those improved lipid profiles (LDL, HDL, ApoB) actually lead to decreased cardiovascular risk when EPA is combined with statins. That study, REDUCE-IT, is enrolling patients right now. JELIS provided a tantalizing hint that this might work, but the jury will still be out on REDUCE-IT for at least 2-3 years.

I have both a personal and financial interest in a positive outcome for REDUCE-IT. If it works, great, but even if it doesn't work, I am willing to wager a few bucks that I might not have to wait for the interim data to come out before I get paid.
2012-09-11 09:50:25 PM  
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I read the article, but I always come to the thread just incase there's someone here with better information.
2012-09-11 10:40:55 PM  
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Popcorn Johnny: Basily Gourt: Eat a balanced diet, and you won't need supplements.

Pills are for people who have their breakfast at dunkin donuts.

Not true for some. I actually ate healthy for a long time in an attempt to keep my cholesterol down and it just didn't work. Some people are genetically coded for high cholesterol, it's called hypercholesterolemia.

I'm wired the other way, I just can't pick up cholesterol.

Before taking 3g of Omega-3's a day I was 20 mg/dL HDL (low good cholesterol) and ~60mg/dL total. With supplimentation I am 38 mg/dL HDL (almost cracking the minimum 40 mg/dL good cholesterol) and 80 mg/dL total.

I hate fish, so I'm happy to spend ~$30 a year on tasteless fish oil pills that keeps me off drugs to raise my cholesterol.

/the burps go away after a week or so once you body has adjusted to it
//If you can, buy products with Meg-3 branded oil
///If you can't find Meg-3, at least look for a USP certification
////Watch for the sales, Walgreens has the NatureMade buy one get one free at least once a month
2012-09-11 09:51:20 PM  
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Somebody cherry picked 20 studies out of hundreds, did a meta analysis that gave them a controversial conclusion, and is now trolling for research money...
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