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(USA Today)   New study shows those fish oil pills you've been taking don't do anything to protect your heart, but they do make your breath smell like a dead herring   ( divider line
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2012-09-12 04:00:48 AM  
Allow me to introduce the greatest diet plan ever - Hardee's (in many places called Carl's Jr) most every day. That has to be the least healthy fast food in America. I have only frozen bachelor chow at home that mostly all gets deep-fried and if not then microwaved. I snack all day long. This is my diet. With my diet - I am down 6 pant sizes since the beginning of the year.

Now you are wondering how the hell that works. I cut ALL soda. I have not drank one drop since late December of last year. I do drink lots of bottled water at home - for convenience to replace soda cans. I also will drink fruit juices occasionally, 2% milk frequently, Gatorade(avoid the orange flavor though - trust me), other sugary drinks that are not soda - like Sobe Lifewater coconut flavored stuff. I will even drink the high calorie Brisk sweetened tea since at work we sell it for 99 cents a 1 liter bottle. I do try to limit those.

But I prefer brewed unsweetened tea - like I get every day from Hardees. Unsweetened tea in bottles tends to universally be horrible tasting. A decent brewed tea really doesn't need the sugar added to taste good and is more refreshing that way anyhow.

I still eat candy bars when I feel like it, and drink alcohol when I feel like it. Even without those things - my diet is horrible! I don't exercise any more than ever - just what happens at work. I do nothing after work but sit on my computer or sleep. Yet I have lost tons of weight. Why...?

Because soda really is that horrible. Even diet soda. Diet soda is proven to make you more hungry. Plus even though it does not have sugar itself, there are lots of undesirable chamicals in soda that make weight loss harder and hurt your general health.

If you want fish oil, fine have at it. Take lots of supplements too. But if you give up on soda ENTIRELY, you will start to feel better and get better results than any of that stuff. For full disclosure though, I DO probably get lots of fish oil anyhow. I eat about 2-3 Subway foot long tuna subs a week. Lots of fat, but its still probably the healthiest thing I eat.

Actually I lost most of my weight in the first few months and have plateaued ever since(which is fine since I am not gaining weight either.) If I want to loose more, I suppose I need to do something more. This is a pretty good result for such a small life change though. Because its a small change, its easy to keep my willpower up and not cave in. The best diets fail because they can be too big of an adjustment.

As for heart health... well I eat lots of fats - in everything! But consider that once you drink that mountain dew - your liver rapidly gets to work turning that sugar into cholesterol as fast as possible. Why? That Mountain Dew is an instant rush of sugar all at once. Because high blood sugar is damaging (and your body is well aware of this fact) - your adrenal glands give you a shot of adrenaline to get your liver and pancreas to work(which is where the "sugar buzz" originates) ASAP.

So your liver - for its part - rapidly changes those sugars into low density cholesterol. Its fixing an emergency problem now but creating a problem down the road. Plus the constant overtaxing of the adrenal glands will probably lead to adrenal fatigue with constant soda drinking. I have more consistent energy now than when I drank soda. My message yet again - give up the soda completely.
2012-09-12 04:45:05 AM  

Hector Remarkable: Well if fish oil pills won't stave off the ice cold stinging grip of merciless death, WHAT WILL?

Snake oil
2012-09-12 07:13:48 AM  
Learned a lot more from the thread than from TFA, again. Going to stick with fish oil (both cardiologist and neurologist recommended them).
2012-09-12 10:52:23 AM  
I don't take fish oil myself, but our vet recommended giving it to our arthritic 14 year-old Golden Retriever. Since starting on it, with no other changes to diet or other behavior, she is now back to walking a couple miles a day, and running all over the place. Prior to this she was down to being able to manage at best a half mile walk per day.

May not help the heart, but it sure seems to work on arthritic joints. Though it has made her farts almost unbearable. Can clear a room of people within seconds.
2012-09-12 11:09:21 AM  
So what you are saying is that sucking down a couple pills with my milkshake in between big Macs won't improve my health? To hell with that!
2012-09-12 11:17:31 AM  
Twilight Farkle:

Thanks. This is why I come to Fark over and over again. We shoot sh*t, laugh at the world and learn all in one go. Gonna go read me some studies now.
2012-09-12 12:41:40 PM  
Mrs. Anomaly and I had been taking fish oil (on doctor's advice) to raise the HDL, though good studies do trump individual doctors. I'll eat sardines from time to time, she can't stand them.

My guess is that some of the benefit seen from adding fish to the diet comes from crowding some Taco Bell out of the diet. But since fish oil capsules don't provide any satiety, they crowd out nothing.
2012-09-12 01:22:21 PM  

RickN99: RogermcAllen: //KEEP THAT shiat IN THE REFRIGERATOR!!!!

Why do you say that? The bottle on my desk says to "store at room temperature, tightly closed".

My doctor told me to keep them in the freezer & that will prevent the fishy aftertaste & burps. It's worked, I haven't noticed any issues & my husband & I have both been taking them for a couple years now.

Also, hubby's bad cholesterol was borderline even with Zocor, so the doctor suggested trying fish oil first before adding another rx, and the fish oil has kept it low enough to avoid additional medications.
2012-09-12 08:22:20 PM  

ongbok: What brand do you use. I have been looking into taking these as a daily supplement to help with my joint pain and for my cholesterol.

Well, I've always preferred Dr. Dave's Best. He's one of the longest-standing proponents of fish oil (I think I first heard of him around 1999), but he's pricey and I've been on more of a budget so I've been taking Zone Labs instead.

Also more expensive than you might find a lot of places, but if you're going to take it in any useful amount you need to make sure it's purified to get rid of mercury, etc. that contaminates fish in the wild.
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