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(SFGate)   Debbie Harry announces 2012 Peroxide and Punk tour   ( divider line
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2315 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 09 Sep 2012 at 9:11 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-09 06:55:23 AM  
wow, I had not heard they had gotten the band back together. You SF folks are lucky sods.Devo and Blondie ? dammit.

One of my fav songs of all time Union City Blue
2012-09-09 09:07:13 AM  
Heh... the paparazzi mistook her for LiLo

/and she thinks that's flattering
2012-09-09 09:20:16 AM  
Saw Blondie for free maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Blood bank was giving tix for blood donations.

Debby Harry was face-farking worthy then, but damn, she's aarp these days.
2012-09-09 09:28:37 AM  
Deborah is awesome - worked with her on Wiseguy. Loved chatting with her, listening to her Joisey accent.

/name droppings
2012-09-09 09:55:00 AM  
Damn she was so hot back in the day.
2012-09-09 09:56:59 AM  
Blondie: Dialysis and Stool Softener Tour 2012
2012-09-09 10:17:34 AM  
Debbie doing Ramones cover Link
2012-09-09 10:46:26 AM  
Debbie Harry made me understand why my dad threw out all his Beatles albums in the 90s. He said that he'd been listening to them for 30 years and just had enough. I feel the same way about Blondie and Morrissey. hope this contributes to your discussion.
2012-09-09 10:58:35 AM  
I saw her from the front couple rows in Cincy a couple years ago with Pat Benatar following. Suffice to say Debbie looked like the 65 year old she was and Pat Benatar was hot as hell.

It was still a thrill to see a legend in person.
2012-09-09 12:22:41 PM  
Announcing the tour? Huh -- just saw this gig Friday night in Seattle.

/are we not men?
2012-09-09 12:26:52 PM
2012-09-09 12:27:27 PM  
peroxide and geritol would be a more appropriate
2012-09-09 01:07:03 PM  
Dammit, wish I had the health and $$ to catch the show tomorrow. Devo and Blondie sounds like an absolute freakin blast!
2012-09-09 01:27:58 PM  
Saw them about 7 or 8 years ago and it was sad. They have a great catalog of their own, but for some reason they decided that they were going to do the CBGB Nostalgia Tour, covering the Ramones and Television (and Chris Stein really doesn't have the chops the latter). It was hard not to be embarrassed for Debbie -- bloated and dancing awkwardly in a silver-spangled miniskirt, like a wacky aunt at a trailer-park wedding reception.

Devo, however, were awesome when I saw them a few months ago.
2012-09-09 01:47:16 PM  
what, no SAD tag?
2012-09-09 04:07:13 PM  
2012-09-09 04:16:12 PM  

alienated: wow, I had not heard they had gotten the band back together. You SF folks are lucky sods.Devo and Blondie ? dammit.

One of my fav songs of all time Union City Blue

Yup, I'm there tomorrow night. Been listening to my DEVO colection all weekend.
2012-09-09 04:29:36 PM  
I'm leaving this here and heading back to my bunk.

2012-09-09 04:33:13 PM  
2012-09-09 04:43:17 PM  
Do they keep Clem Burke in a farking freezer between reunions? Or was he like 9 years when Blondie first got together?

And since I have no choice but to look at Tom Petty and his wife in the right column of the Fark page...they are an awesomely adorable couple, aren't they?
2012-09-09 05:14:40 PM  
First, how does someone as unattractive as Tom Petty have that for a wife?

I love Devo & Blondie. Saw 'em both separately. Devo can still put on a show.
2012-09-09 05:19:43 PM
2012-09-09 05:36:09 PM  
You know, I would still do her. I rubbed out so many to her in the 80's that I feel obligate. I mean damn, she was so farkng hot. And doesn't look bad for a 67 year old.
2012-09-09 06:10:13 PM  
She's Debbie Harry - I don't care what her age is - She could use me however she wants to.
2012-09-09 06:17:05 PM  
I love Debbies music but she has a huge head.....or as my husband would say, a skillet face.
2012-09-09 06:36:28 PM  

CaptainFatass: Devo, however, were awesome when I saw them a few months ago.

I saw them in SF a couple of years ago and they were great. Much harder live than I expected. For some reason I never put "Devo" and "blistering guitar solos" in the same category before.
2012-09-09 06:47:23 PM  
Walking downtown Friday I saw the Chicago Theatre marquis "Blondie and Devo".

No desire to see the old people on stage, but I went home and cranked "Girl U Want" and "Mongoloid"
2012-09-09 07:42:24 PM  
Go, Debs.
2012-09-09 07:46:14 PM  

davynelson: what, no SAD tag?

What about you or your favorite rockers in 30+ years?


/when you know where you're going
//you know what to wear
///GV Jeans, baby
2012-09-10 02:07:16 AM  
Okay, Since we have winnowed the thread down to folks who only love this, well, Treasures that are Blondie / Devo, I am going to post some vids.
I cant afford tickets here in los angeles, but thats okay. Im posting a few vids ( there will be ads ) .
I start with this one

I must say- those bands that were cool many years ago- they are as human as you. We all get old.
But see the Rolling Stones live now and biatch about their age. And then about the new band that cant even autotune their way through a song ...
2012-09-10 02:09:03 AM  
2012-09-10 02:13:23 AM  
2012-09-10 02:18:32 AM  
2012-09-10 02:20:39 AM  
2012-09-10 08:23:29 AM  
It's a shame her wrestling career never took off.
2012-09-10 04:09:37 PM  
60ish performer still with talent goes on tour. Younger people say, "Eww! Geritol! Depends!" 60ish performer fills houses with fans 50-70. Cries all the way to the bank.

Haters gotta hate.
2012-09-11 02:38:30 PM  
Saw them a few years ago and was sorely disappointed. they didn't play a single one of their old songs and Debbie Harry literally stood there on stage in a pair of mom jeans.
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