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(Daily Mail)   Mother cat brings whole new meaning to raising kittens -- 20 feet up an oak tree in an abandoned owl box. Caturday? Ya rly   ( divider line
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2012-09-09 08:51:57 PM  
2 votes:
My friend saw Gremlin the Heffalump this week and took this beautiful picture of him
showing off his beautiful self :3
Dawwwww.... DAWWW!!!!
I miss him - but oh how much better he is and how happy he is :D
*rolls around in happy*
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2012-09-09 07:01:01 PM  
2 votes:

How did I manage my day before you came?
How did I know when to wake,
Or when to go to sleep?

How did I ever make the bed,
Without a furry lump in it?

Or fold the laundry,
Turn my back, to find you sleeping there?

How did I insist on privacy
Before you arrived?

A closed door,
No more.

And while I do just fine on my own,
It is so nice to have a purr,

A rub,
A demand for attention.

I understand.
After all, I am just sitting here!

How in heavens name did I
Mark the hours of the day?

Now I know Morning,
Noon, Night.

Oh my precious one,
You speed my Day,

Bracket me with Love.
Fill an Empty Space.

I did not know existed.

tigerose 9/9/12
2012-09-09 06:52:00 PM  
2 votes:
Why 'allo everbuddy!
Yuppers! I am concious enough and drugged enough to be up so to speak and about on
ye old laptop.
That and I am forcing myself to eat soups. Must have something in this stomach to stave
off the hurlies.

Ah yes, I hear people have heard of my latest "Don't F*** with an alien" adventures.
I am fine I fared much better with this than my health has as a whole lately hahaha.
I am pretty sure getting a good release of pent up alien rage most likely helped a bit
if anything stopped me from getting more than a cracked rib.
HAhahah idiot "humon" didn't get a thing off of me except a severe ass whooping
and extreme embarassment having arrived to seeing me sitting on him pinning him to
the ground hahahahah!!!!! I hear his broken nose might heal up fine and the head
wound will too - but hey when you turn back and punch me in the ribs after I break your
nose for attempting to pick on an already ticked off alien after a round of not so fun labwork,
serves you right for bouncing your head off the sidewalk when I said F*** this and took you
4 to the floor. >;D
This would be the 5th idiot to attempt such deeds and the one who got off the luckiest
Wish I had someone who recorded the newspaper hander-out guy who was commentating
the whole thing - he was the funniest part of the whole thing.
Anyone want to make bets said idiot will be stupid enough to be hanging around the same area by the hospital tomorrow when I go? and who wants to bet how fast he'll track it out of there once he spots me? hahahah!
mmmm kittehs!
Mrs CDK - those are some great ones! I don't remember some of them so I've quite been enjoying myself
Micromedic - will poor Carl ever be free of the cone of shame? :3
2012-09-07 11:33:06 PM  
2 votes:

leftteffticle: spinach gunk: Speaking of sherpes... How are sherpa18 and Dragon doing this week? Anxiously awaiting update on Dragon's most recent test results. Hope everything is OK. Sending hugs if needed.
Dragon let Minmin know yesterday that he's still feeling OK (though the fuzzy belly picture that she sent him might be the cause of that) and waiting on dialing down some medicines to test again (in case that was messing with the results). I'm sure sherpa can fill in with more details when he wanders in.
Deer Ceiling Cat: Plz use ur fuzzy benevolence to halp muh Dragons, or I will clawz u.

Hey guise ... I'm trying to play, but my internet is running at the speed of mud, and my system seems to keep coughing up a hairball. And PB is pissing me off to no end.

So if I have to settle for a text only post: Dragon continues to seem to be doing well, no changes that I can see, he continues to be his normal self ... I found out that my beloved vet took this past week off (and when I spoke to her partner, it seems that it is her first one in about six years, so i can't complain) and she actually called my vet to discuss my issues with her. Naturally, I could not ask all the questions I wanted to, but it is agreed that we will wait for further tests until the white boy has finished his step down of his thyroid medication, just in case that it may be skewing the results (that is the one high point of the previous blood work, his thyroid levels are actually a bit low - which means the pills are working, or it could also be a side effect of CRF). ... which means Tuesday at the earliest.

Meanwhile, I still have no idea what this going to cost, and since it seems that a lot of you want to help him (and since payment is expected when services are rendered), the Dragon Fund is now open. I asked you all to wait, since I did not want to receive extra funds that were not necessary, but CooperDaKat suggested an absolutely awesome solution - so, any money that I receive that is not needed will remain in the Dragon Fund to pass on to anyone else who might find themselves in a similar situation. If for some reason it is not needed in the foreseeable future (and I sincerely hope it is not), I will donate the entire unused amount to littlemews.

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2012-09-07 09:35:05 PM  
2 votes:
The Ice Queen:
Was just on facebook, apparently someone tried to mug Alien and she laid open a can of whoop ass on him!

All that Alien power being delivered by teeny-tiny Alien fists.
I bet it felt like being beaten with a golf ball in a basketball sock!


(Batman sound effects)

Then, when she got him down on the ground, she started pounding his head on the pavement!
I bet it looked like that scene in "A Christmas Story" where Ralphie beats the crap out of Scut Farkus.

I'm sure he was probably relieved when the police rescued him from the crazy ninja girl!

As for someone that would *even consider* mugging someone her size...

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2012-09-07 08:36:48 PM  
2 votes:
A Cat Calls

A cat calls, a tiny mew,
From one who is awfully new.

As they grow so does the call,
Listen, you will hear the tall

Tale your cat will tell.

Growing, talking,
Ever balking,

When you try to say,
"We just don't do it that way".

Oh memories of the agile,
Not old and fragile.

Voices strong though out life,
Silenced not by strife.

When the hour is near
For ones we hold so dear,

One last Mew,
Our hearts hold True.

One last sign,
A gift divine.



tigerose 9/7/12
2012-09-06 09:16:06 PM  
2 votes:
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2012-09-10 08:53:53 PM  
1 vote:

I was yelling and screaming and cheering so much last night that Juno came over and looked up at me, I swear was was thinking - "thank god, she must be seeing them too"

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2012-09-10 08:49:18 PM  
1 vote:

The Ice Queen: So I have a new group of fosters called the Stupendous Six. They were found outside of a church and some guy wanted to use them as dog food. Pretty sad when the teens are the ones with common sense. They're probably 6 weeks old now, I'll have pics next Caturday. However I wanted to share that they thanked for the generosity of my home for the next month or so by farting in the car on the way here!

Glad to hear that you are once moar in fosterage. You do wonderful things. Good on those teens. Someone brought them up right! Kudos to them. As for the fellow so uncouth..Bast will get him!
2012-09-10 08:40:17 PM  
1 vote:
So I have a new group of fosters called the Stupendous Six. They were found outside of a church and some guy wanted to use them as dog food. Pretty sad when the teens are the ones with common sense. They're probably 6 weeks old now, I'll have pics next Caturday. However I wanted to share that they thanked for the generosity of my home for the next month or so by farting in the car on the way here!
2012-09-10 06:21:55 PM  
1 vote:

predle: [ image 640x480]
/Yes, that's a blue and orange rainbow, not a very good one, but that's what it is
//I'll stop now, but it's been a long time since Bronco fans had a real reason to celebrate
///I know it's only one game but with any luck there will be many more to come

I've never been a Peyton fan ('cos of all his stupid commercials, and 'cos the League always seemed to schedule the Pats/Colts game AT Indy, and 'cos of the 18 point comeback in the '07 playoff game) but I am even more so a Steeler non-fan, so last night was cool.
2012-09-10 02:41:31 PM  
1 vote:

reigning.cats.and.dogs: Bathia_Mapes: laulaja: [ image 444x275]
*snip..cakes and stuff*.

I use butter for greasing the pan...butter and a basting brush to make sure it gets into all the little cracks and crevices in my favorite crenalllated bundt pan. Works well so far...
2012-09-10 09:45:46 AM  
1 vote:

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2012-09-10 12:07:16 AM  
1 vote:
not sure if this was posted yet but I would have so done this
2012-09-09 10:25:15 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-09-09 09:09:52 PM  
1 vote:
i.imgur.comView Full Size

OK that worked. Notes on pattern are confusing. Collar should be cut tighter for smaller cat like Carl; I was figuring maybe for Ginger who's big. 
I folded full sheet of scratch in half (printed 1 side, other side purr-fectly usable) & used frying pan for circle 1st time; too big. Used coffee cup for collar circle; also too big. Cut, try & punt.
2012-09-09 09:06:22 PM  
1 vote:
V_P - yup he sure is! all 15 freakin pounds of him!
As his father is 30 lbs and Gremlin is only just over a year old....she is going to have
quite the elegant living rug when he finally stops growing hahahaha!!!!
An elegant, warm, old man snores, louder than a semi truck purring living rug :3
...who catches hummingbirds because well - F*** logic! hahahaha!!!
2012-09-09 08:35:18 PM  
1 vote:
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Carl weighs about 9lbs or ~4kg : )  Kitty kitty and Carl = BFF
2012-09-09 08:09:30 PM  
1 vote:

micromedic: tigerose! That is a Great idea! and probably better than the plastic against his battered and scarred skin. He's a trooper!

Mrs. CDK It's so good to see the Venerable Faust! If in bittersweet rememberance. I miss him also!

I am thinking boning, sewn into channels, with velcroe fasteners on the side. They could be washed, and they would be light weight. We need Maynerdkitty, or JosMonkeys to sketch a pattern....:)
2012-09-09 07:03:44 PM  
1 vote:
Tigerose - nope they never do.
Most of the attempts I've scared the bejeebus out of them so badly and embarassed them they have
never told the cops who handed them their dignity and asses back to them :P
Although my dr caught me with the one before this - he figured it was me cause the idiot was
muttering "but she was so small..." granted that was a couple years ago haha!
Having height and weight really don't factor if all one is seeing is a red haze... funny enough it's only been these "people" who have provoked my epic wrath - thank goodness though I don't like being an angry alien.

I much prefer being a happy and trouble causing alien >;D
2012-09-09 06:36:11 PM  
1 vote:

Mrs CDK: [ image 640x480]

/credit to QJ for this one

Dawwww! oh Faust! I loved Faust so much :3
who am I kidding I still do - and watch my favorite video of him and CDK at least once
a month
2012-09-09 05:50:03 PM  
1 vote:

AlienDandelion: uuuugggghhh!
anyone else see that truck full of kittens hit me from the other day?
[ image 450x338]


Alien : 1
Predator : What the fark just hit me? 0.o

Really glad you're OK!
2012-09-09 08:25:37 AM  
1 vote:
i877.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-09-08 11:44:38 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-09-08 09:27:49 PM  
1 vote:

StranahansBarracuda: Maine Coon Owners/Servants I need suggestions please! Peep is getting little matts on her belly and it is next to impossible to get her to "give up the belly" now that she knows I want to brush it. She's brushed daily (back, face, and sides) and she loves it. She will complain if you walk past her and the grooming basket without stopping to brush her. But try to get at the belly or her sassy pants and she will give you what for. As it's the end of the summer I am hesitant to get her clipped so any suggestions would be quite welcome!

The lady in question:
[ image 640x480]

Someone on here said they had good luck getting their cat to enjoy grooming if they put a few drops of lavender oil on the brush.

Rewards when she allows her tummy to be groomed, perhaps? At the end of the session, of course.

Perhaps it is uncomfortable or painful when you groom the matts. Try working on just one or two at a time. Perhaps simply cutting them off with a pair of bandage scissors to give added protection to the skin rather than trying to brush them out. Make sure to brush to prevent new matts from forming. I know that I would be reluctant to let someone who might pull tangles comb or brush my hair, especially if they had pulled before. This approach would cut only the matts, not the entire coat.
2012-09-08 04:42:53 PM  
1 vote:
Welcomeness of raccoons may need to be negotiable.
i.imgur.comView Full Size

Saved way too early for credit or blame. Anonymous credit may be given, methinx.
2012-09-08 10:39:01 AM  
1 vote:

Mid_mo_mad_man: Catuday is a fark tradition that needs do go away. Of all the things we could have a weekly thread on why fark cats?

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out not to click on a thread you don't like.

How stupid are you?

/That was a rhetorical question
//Sorry, I probabaly shouldn't be using big words
///That means you don't have to answer the question
2012-09-08 09:15:36 AM  
1 vote:

Mid_mo_mad_man: Catuday is a fark tradition that needs do go away. Of all the things we could have a weekly thread on why fark cats?

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2012-09-08 08:41:27 AM  
1 vote:

Mid_mo_mad_man: Catuday is a fark tradition that needs do go away. Of all the things we could have a weekly thread on why fark cats?

We could have a weekly thread for retards who compulsively enter threads they have zero interest in.

/Not intended to be a slight upon actual retards.
2012-09-07 03:55:29 PM  
1 vote:

captain feedback: Sickapie: captain feedback: [ image 800x533]

Whoa. Does that cat have a star?

yesh, just found it on reddit, Weeners was PHAKE! FOTO-CHOPPED! and, they were correct.

[ image 234x310]

Urban Dictionary:


1. The word used by Mooch in Mutts to say 'Yes!'.
2. An awesome way to say 'yes.'
2012-09-07 09:34:33 AM  
1 vote:
B4 family is alive and well. No internet, so no pics this week. Wife is doing great and heavily into PT right now. We're moved in finally, and the living room and TV room are done. Waiting on OT to show up and help me figure out the kitchen and bedroom. All the animals are going insane, but seem to really enjoy the house. Kids like their new school. All in all everything is still crazy hectic, but we're all doing well. Have a great Caturweekend. everyone.
2012-09-06 10:01:36 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-09-06 09:36:29 PM  
1 vote:

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2012-09-06 09:33:36 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-09-06 09:28:31 PM  
1 vote:
reneau.smugmug.comView Full Size
2012-09-06 09:19:26 PM  
1 vote:
To quote our MIA friend, Lar Jorgen...

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