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2001-11-19 12:01:34 AM  
Adam Sandler = never funny.
2001-11-19 12:03:56 AM  
beat me to it. lovitz and mcdonald are ok but they wear thin really quick
2001-11-19 12:04:33 AM  
2001-11-19 12:04:52 AM  
adam sandler is a friggin genius.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-19 12:05:23 AM  
Adam Sandler rocks!
2001-11-19 12:05:37 AM  
Sandler used to be a genius. now he's a moron in movies. opera man is cool
2001-11-19 12:05:56 AM  
All three of those guys are funny IMO.
2001-11-19 12:11:37 AM  
Put my vote in the "those three guys are often very funny" column too.
2001-11-19 12:12:37 AM  
I think the only one here who doesn't annoy me yet would be Norm, the other two are just "old", not really funny anymore.
2001-11-19 12:13:06 AM  
John Lovitz is severely underrated, but Norm is not that funny at all to me. I like Sandler, but as Exec. Producer, he probably won't be all that involved.

BTW, for Lovitz fans, if you haven't seen them, Shockwave has new online episodes of "The Critic." A great show in its own right.
2001-11-19 12:13:31 AM  
I hate Adam Sandler, But I think norm and lovitz can be funny. We shall see
2001-11-19 12:14:02 AM  
I love how they quote that magazine "Vareity." Spellcheck, anyone?
2001-11-19 12:14:06 AM  
I hate these biased headlines. Sandler is awesome, he's just been involved in a lot of garbage movies lately. Billy Madison = best SNL-ish comedy ever.
2001-11-19 12:20:17 AM  
MojoGobo: Speel-what?
2001-11-19 12:20:58 AM  
2001-11-19 12:21:01 AM  
Lovitz was kind of funny on SNL long ago as the liar-boy.

Sandler should quit making movies and do whatever it was he did before.

Or maybe Adam could be parachuted into Kunduz, told that "it's a tough crowd to work", and told that the locals like jokes about Islam and beastiality.
2001-11-19 12:23:00 AM  
Or he could just sing the Chanukah song...once.
2001-11-19 12:23:21 AM  
OK, Adam Sandler is awesome. I saw him when he toured in '96, we had 9th row in Detroit. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Norm MacDonald - kick ass. I don't know if his talents are best used in a sitcom though - or even in movies. I would be hard-pressed though to pick between Norm and Adam.

Jon Lovitz - don't know well enough to know one way or the other. I was resentful of his character on NewsRadio because he replaced Phil Hartman.
2001-11-19 12:31:39 AM  
Adam Sandler is awsome, in the right role. I loved him in The Wedding Singer, but I hate the movies where he plays a 'moron'. I love Norm McDonalds dry sense of humor.
2001-11-19 12:31:54 AM  
give Sandler credit - he provides the mindless escape required after another shiatty week at work!
2001-11-19 12:35:47 AM  
Gotta agree with you there. "The Critic" is a damn funny show.
2001-11-19 12:45:30 AM  
My favorite line from Happy Gilmore :

McGavin: *snarling* I eat pieces of shiat like you for breakfast.

Happy Gilmore: You eat pieces of shiat for breakfast?
2001-11-19 12:48:41 AM  
hey, it could be worse, it could be colin quin, chris kattan, or any of the women on SNL right now.

in the right roles, lovitz and mcdonald are great. but i don't see how two people as sarcastic as they are will be able to play off eachother very well.
2001-11-19 12:55:10 AM  
Adam Sandler is a genius. Yeah. If you're 17 years old, laugh at poo-poo jokes and still get a woody at the site of your mom's bra.

Be careful how you use the term, 'genius'.

Phil Hartman = genius.
Eddie Murphy = genius.
Chris Farley = fat,loud,funny.
Jon Lovitz = persistant.
Gilda Radner = eh.
Adam Sandler = lucky.
2001-11-19 01:04:00 AM  
and what's so bad about being 17 and laughing at poo poo jokes?
2001-11-19 01:07:05 AM  
The most annoying thing about this article isn't the thought of Norm McDonald and Jon Lovitz on the same show...

No...The most annoying thing about this article is the FREAKIN' HUGE POP UP AD FOR FREAKIN' OCEANS 11!!!!!
2001-11-19 01:10:31 AM  
"The Critic" was one of the most underrated shows ever. I think it's as funny as "The Simpsons" in their prime, but apparently, not enough people did when it was on the air.

The episodes on Shockwave were good at first, but you can tell they lost steam about the 6th one or so. But maybe that's just me.

Orson Wells: "Rosebud frozen peas. Full of country goodness, and green pea-ness....wait, that's terriable. I quit. Just a handful for the road...*munch munch*. Oh what luck, there's a french fry stuck in my beard!"
-The Critic
2001-11-19 01:26:56 AM  
I like them all for what they're good at so to speak, so I'd say it has good thing and bad thing potential
2001-11-19 01:32:08 AM  
The_Pied_Piper: If you haven't heard it, check this out. Scroll to the first entry, it's the original clip that the "Rosebud" clip was based on. Welles starts to lose it about a minute in, it's funny as shiat! It is a RealPlayer file, BTW.

I swear, some of you kids have always needed a good strap taken to ya, punks.
2001-11-19 02:04:45 AM  
Lovitz can be really funny. Both Norm and Lovitz can play pretty convincing scumbags (and really that's all they can play) so it might be amusing. Norm, eh, don't care one way or the other. Sandler's an absolute dolt.

Anyone see MadTV this weekend? With Bush penning in on one of the Anthrax letters that one of their demands were no more Chris Kattan movies be made. Genius, but they could also add Sandler to that list.
2001-11-19 02:10:53 AM  
Say what you will about the actors involved, but Tim Herlihy has written some of the funniest stuff ever on SNL! Back in the Hartman, Farley, Sanders days, he was one of their best writers! If he's involved, I bet it will be pretty hilarious.

Norm MacDonald used to have one of the funniest stand-up acts I have ever heard, but that was a number of years ago. Damn funny, though.
2001-11-19 02:15:19 AM  
Paul Newman's half Jewish and Goldie Hawn's half, too
Put them together, What a fine looking Jew!
2001-11-19 02:19:07 AM  
I remember when Sandler could talk correctly. What's with that little boy voice?
2001-11-19 02:34:23 AM  
Man, you guys need tocheckout the original genuises of comedy.
Marx Brothers
Victor Borge
Bill Cosby
Just to name a few.
2001-11-19 02:59:38 AM  
2001-11-19 03:15:04 AM  
could be really funny, but will Lovits kill it?.....
he is a stinker...

Norm is alright, but not very funny as an actor...
better doing the news schtick.

ZanthPrime aren't they all dead? how funny is that?
2001-11-19 03:26:17 AM  

The site of my mom's bra? What would that be,

i believe in 12 equal-tempered semitones
2001-11-19 05:06:48 AM  
Bigpeeler: "Adam sandler is a genious. Yeah. If your 17 years old etc. etc". While I don't think Sandler is a genious I did laugh my arse off while watching Little Nicky and I'm twice that age.
2001-11-19 05:14:50 AM  
Adam's life vs. my life.

he's wealthy...i'm not.
he plays guitar... i never had "time" to learn
he is relatively young... i am relatively old
chicks dig him. alot... chicks laugh at me. alot.
he prolly wakes up at noon... i wake up at 5:00am
he prolly smokes dope starting at 12:01...i have to pee test

god, i wish i was adam sandler
2001-11-19 05:37:03 AM  
go to a happy place.
2001-11-19 06:09:40 AM  
This sitcom idea is pure genius.

At least it is in comparison with all of the SNL spinoffs that weren't even funny skits (i.e., Ladie's Man, A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, It's Pat, the sad sordid list goes on and on...)
2001-11-19 06:37:19 AM  
I could do without Sandler, but I absolutely love Jon and Norm! The critic rocks!
2001-11-19 06:49:47 AM  
"We're hoping he and Tim Herlihy will bring a sensibility to this project that they bring to the feature world. There's a real male point of view here that's absent from our schedule."

real male point of view????????

reaches for remote ---->
2001-11-19 07:22:08 AM  
They all suck. Hard. I don't know why you people think that the Critic makes Lovitz amusing. He wasn't a writer, dorks.

Tell me when they finally decide to be funny.
2001-11-19 07:39:37 AM  
one more in a long line of completely retarded movies.
2001-11-19 08:01:19 AM  
George Carlin....Now he's funny
2001-11-19 08:13:03 AM  
I'll always have respect for Lovitz because he groped Jamie Lee Curtis's boobie onstage, at the podium, on television at the Golden Globes. (She's a hermaphrodite, by the way.)
2001-11-19 08:23:58 AM  
When Norm would do his news routine on SNL he would finish his joke, and then sit there looking side to side waiting for people to laugh. It was sad. He was so not funny it hurt to watch.
2001-11-19 08:44:07 AM  
i didsagree... i think Norm was one of the best ever to appear on SNL. I love Norm. I would father Norm's child. Norm is a god of comedy. All bow to Norm.

whoa, and Jon Lovitz and Adam Sandler arent too shabby either. Who would you rather see? Ellen or any of those other gay shows? Charlie Sheen? Moesha? The next Tom Arnold sitcom? Another re-hash of Seinfeld? Come on, the only funny things on TV now adays are The Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle anyway. This at least shows promise.
2001-11-19 10:05:52 AM  
I love Norm MacDonald. Best Conan O'Brien EVER was when he was busting on Courtney Thorne-Smith for being in Chairman of the Board with Carrottop. They even played it as the first clip in a retrospect of Conan's footage.
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