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(The Hollywood Reporter)   The Dark Knight $1 billion   ( divider line
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2012-09-04 01:54:15 AM  
2 and 3 both had awesome baddies, up to a point, and that point sorta spoiled the image they'd built up till then.

Joker's were small points here and there, granted...
Joker supposedly did not "have a plan" but had a very evident plan, or several small ones(and in meticulous detail). Sure, flexible at times, even improvises things, but upon close examination his parts weren't written well, though a masterful performance overshadowed the contrary bits.(just watched it again today). Other little niggling annoyances:
The part where he's got the cop by the neck(while escaping custody) and the explosion behind him(from the cell phone in the fat man) only ruffles his hair a bit, but knocks the cops down completely. His psycho henchmen are all able to stick to his detailed plans a bit too well, considering they're supposed to be crazed lunatics...from...nowhere. Little things that, collectively, just don't quite jive, but you may not notice unless you're really paying attention, the massive amount of plot kind of pushes you past the small things that would normally reveal the lack of polish.

Bane wasn't some architect of a genius, he was more or less a henchman at the end and went down simply..considering the kind of reflecting genius he was at the beginning. Sure you can pretend they were equals, but you're relying on a lot of imagination. He was a simple henchman ala the trope of a monster defending the little girl(Bioshock's Big Daddy among others). Certainly fell short of the Jokers "unstoppable force meeting an immovable object" perfect balance.(again, if you look past the little niggles of bad writing / timing in TDK). Bane started as an observant and wizened genius and planner, and ended as a simple officer in someone else's army, like a lame M. Night Shamylan twist.
We'l see if that part can be somewhat restored or better balanced/explained on the DVD.
2012-09-04 01:54:43 AM  
For anyone wondering how Batman escaped The Bat at the end, look to the toy:
2012-09-04 02:16:00 AM  

Second Try: I'll never see it. Number 2 sucked and was waaaaaay overrated.

Instead of $1 billion and $11, I guess they'll just have to settle on $1 billion.
2012-09-04 06:16:48 AM  
Mugato: ....... to defend Michael Bay movies?

That's possible?
2012-09-04 08:10:50 AM  

vitamink619: For anyone wondering how Batman escaped The Bat at the end, look to the toy:

[ image 550x375]

Eject out the front of a vehicle moving forwards? That's smart.
2012-09-04 02:22:14 PM  

Mugato: Darth_Lukecash: I think Heaths Ledgers death derailed their plans. He was going to be a major part.

Did they say that? I thought the Joker thing had pretty solid closure in TDK.

I seem to recall interviews with Nolan that confirmed that the Joker would have played a major role in the third movie, hence his last line "You and I are destined to do this forever...."

I really liked TDKR. What's interesting to me is that I liked all three in different ways. I thought BB was the most fun. I thought TDK was the most interesting, and the best film of the three. I thought TDKR necessarily stretched the limits of credibility; the movie really "went big."

Plus, in TDKR, there were moments that just had me pumped up. The sequence with Bruce in the prison was awesome (I'm a sucker for training sequences), and the scene where Gordon lit the bat symbol..... hell yeah.
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