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(Washington Post)   Eight questions for the upcoming Democratic National Convention. "Is this seat taken?" not included   ( divider line
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2012-09-03 02:19:52 AM  
Fark seems to have a lot more spelling and grammatical errors than usual, lately.

/Preview is your friend.
//Sorry for the thread jack.
2012-09-03 05:06:13 AM  

Dinki: You know whats funny? That someone actually spent all that time trying to be funny, and yet failed so miserably.

I rather enjoyed the Anthony Wiener line, it's not all awful. Just mostly.
2012-09-03 09:00:50 AM  

ramblinwreck: Good thing my wife is going to be out of town. I'm going to do shots every time someone on Fox News incorrectly refers to the party as the Democrat Party or the event as the Democrat National Convention. I might want to take next week off from work...

I can just imagine Mel Gibson painted up in wode yelling "You can destroy my country, enslave the minorties, but we will never let you mess up in grammar/spelling".
2012-09-03 09:44:06 AM  

The Why Not Guy: AnEvilGuest: Unforgiven is still my favorite movie and I would resent the DNC being used to belittle its director.

So instead of resenting the RNC - who actually put Eastwood on stage, apparently without vetting his speech to make sure he didn't make a fool of himself - you resent the DNC for something they might do in the future that's not even half as damaging to Eastwood?

I'll never get the "well you guys might do something bad someday" defense.

Attacking Clint is just bad politics, I think Obama is handling this correctly and he probably despise the grotesque parade of lies that made up the substance of the RNC just as much as you or I do.
2012-09-03 11:13:53 AM  

Mikey1969: That doesn't change the fact that Eastwood made himself fair game when not only did he speak at the RNC, but he looked like a total ass while doing it. You don't get to cry about politicians raking you over the coals when you go to a political convention an attempt to rake one over the coals yourself. Clint is tough enough that he knows how the rules work.

Let's not forget that Eastwood has a new movie coming out in a couple of weeks. And what is the subject of that movie? As near as I can figure from the ads that I've seen, it's about an old guy who's dealing with being on the verge of dementia. Hmmm, sounds a little familiar. Now, as with any major picture, we can expect a media tour by Clint and other members of the cast to promote the film. What do you think the number one most asked question is going to be? It might be that the only way to avoid that question will be to scrap the tour, and just rely on ads and trailers. Clint is not that far gone as to sabotage the marketing of his own movie. He will make the tour, as will his co-star(s), and we will find that he is not at all on the edge of dementia. In fact, he's still sharp as he ever was. And when will this tour begin? In another week or so, and will last for another two weeks. IOW, this is nowhere near out of the news. It will be back, and it will last longer that the convention itself. We may have to do a bit of reading between the lines to find out just what he was doing, as he won't outright state it, but it may well be that he was trolling the RNC. After all, he railed against getting involved in Afghanistan, the direct action of GWB, not Obama. He quite artfully implied the phrase "go fark yourself", that was Cheney. He lamented lawyers as President. Romney is also a lawyer. In fact there was not one single point that he made that could be laid solely at Obama's feet. No, I don't think that Eastwood is going to be moving to Alzheimersville any time soon. It's much more likely that he's now sitting somewhere with Ashton Kutcher, and telling him "That's how you punk someone, kid".
2012-09-03 11:19:47 PM  

AnEvilGuest: Attacking Clint is just bad politics,

What does that have to do with the DNC, which as far as I know, hasn't attacked Mr. Eastwood?

The RNC put Mr. Eastwood on stage without vetting his speech. I'm sure it wasn't their intention to embarrass him - they were just excited about a Hollywood Elite willing to stick it to the Libs.But intentional or not, he came off looking a bit foolish at their event. Let's wait and find out what the DNC does at its convention before you resent them for belittling the director of Unforgiven.
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