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(Wikipedia)   So it's come to this; the final episode before Breaking Bad's one year mid-season break. Who will live? Who will die? What secrets will be revealed? What's for breakfast? It's the last Breaking Bad discussion thread of 2012   ( divider line
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907 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 02 Sep 2012 at 8:51 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-02 10:06:50 PM  
Walt gets a movie.

2012-09-02 10:06:54 PM  
Argo looks like it could be very good
2012-09-02 10:07:22 PM  
2012-09-02 10:07:28 PM  

res_nihil: Looks like Todd is the new Jesse

Except Todd has zero problem with a high body count. Dude's psycho.
2012-09-02 10:07:34 PM  
One of those shots had Walt and Jesse talking with the trunk framed so it was between them. Brilliant touch
2012-09-02 10:07:41 PM  
I don't know what to think of John Goodman in a non-Cohen role.
2012-09-02 10:08:13 PM  
Argo. Rated... RRRRRRgo.

/looks awesome from other vids I've seen
//like Affleck's directing
2012-09-02 10:09:20 PM  
Enjoy this final hour-long ep. Only 8,760 hours before the next one.
2012-09-02 10:09:22 PM  
Yeah, Lydia really needs coffee.
2012-09-02 10:09:32 PM  
Full. Heisenberg.
2012-09-02 10:09:55 PM  
Very... cognito, Walter.
2012-09-02 10:10:03 PM  
Full Heisenberg.
2012-09-02 10:10:21 PM  
says the twunt who ordered hot water
2012-09-02 10:11:01 PM  

CavalierEternal: Full. Heisenberg.

shakes tiny fist
2012-09-02 10:11:21 PM  

coscausticevil: VRaptor117: odinsposse: My guess is Hank gets hot onto Walt's tail. I'm sure most of those nine guys in prison are dead but I think Hank will still find a link.

This is my guess, too. hank will find some piece of evidence that will implicate Walt, but he won't make the connection just yet. Because they want to leave us craving the next season.

Just curious, what was the reason for splitting the last season? AMC's greed/desire to drag out the ratings?

i said it last thread and i'll say it again. when there is a year long break between new episodes it's not a "mid season break". IT'S TWO SEPARATE SEASONS

This drove me nuts during Battlestar Galactica. Cable executives should be required to explain their math that justifies this bullshiat.
2012-09-02 10:11:35 PM  
It would probably benefit Walt if he could make Mike's murder known to the Feds. It would be a dead-end for them. Too bad he can't.
2012-09-02 10:12:27 PM  
Season 5, Part Two: Heisenberg's European Vacation
2012-09-02 10:12:34 PM  
Damn salespeople.
2012-09-02 10:12:44 PM  
Global Domination. FTW!
2012-09-02 10:13:23 PM  
They're going to fark. A lot
2012-09-02 10:13:46 PM  
Lydia is full of shiat. That is a bad idea.
2012-09-02 10:14:35 PM  
Lydia is smart---playing to Walt's ego
2012-09-02 10:15:22 PM  
She's dead
2012-09-02 10:15:44 PM  
Oh, but "together"... Walt wants to be the kingpin, at the top, al by himself.

Oh shiat!! The ricin?!?
2012-09-02 10:15:44 PM  
oh man oh man oh man
2012-09-02 10:15:45 PM  
2012-09-02 10:15:55 PM  
Oh, Walt.
2012-09-02 10:16:05 PM  
2012-09-02 10:16:11 PM  
Wow...Lydia's six sigma buzzword schpiel saved her ass.

For now.
2012-09-02 10:16:19 PM  
Ricin in play!
2012-09-02 10:16:25 PM  
was that a little bottle?
2012-09-02 10:17:14 PM  
Well, the ricin is out and about now. Did he manage to dose her tea somehow? Or was it just in case he didn't like what he heard.
2012-09-02 10:17:15 PM  
Interpol not DEA
2012-09-02 10:17:23 PM  
Why did you have to cut me off?

Jessie is just a chem student I used to know.
2012-09-02 10:17:36 PM  
This movie is going to be epic.
2012-09-02 10:17:46 PM  
"We're going to make a lot of money together"

Tuco said the same thing.
2012-09-02 10:17:47 PM  
OMG he would have poisoned her if she hadn't made that proposal! He totally went into that cafe planning to kill her.
2012-09-02 10:18:11 PM  
How would he have ever gotten away with pouring ricin in paranoid mcgee's drink? "Look over there!"
2012-09-02 10:18:25 PM  

NeoCortex42: Well, the ricin is out and about now. Did he manage to dose her tea somehow? Or was it just in case he didn't like what he heard.

He was going to do exactly what he said. He'd get the names and then kill her right there in the diner.

It would just take a while.
2012-09-02 10:18:30 PM  

oi_piss_me_off: was that a little bottle?

The ricin in the vial that was originally intended for Fring.
2012-09-02 10:19:00 PM  
for just a second there some dude was seen watching from the back of the cafe. walt was set up.
2012-09-02 10:19:13 PM  

bojon: Global Domination. FTW!

I forgot it is the final season. My bad.
2012-09-02 10:20:11 PM  
That Memphis-BBQ burger gave me a Hardee-on
2012-09-02 10:20:42 PM  
I can't wait for CBS's next one-dimensional cliche-a-thon.
2012-09-02 10:21:22 PM  
They keep showing the Walt Whitman book...WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
2012-09-02 10:22:47 PM  
is that Mac's dad?
2012-09-02 10:22:49 PM  
These guys look familiar...
2012-09-02 10:23:01 PM  
Todd has one farked up family
2012-09-02 10:23:13 PM  
Eight stooges gonna go down at NMC tonight.
2012-09-02 10:24:22 PM  
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